May 7, 2018

Vanilla price rise proves chilling for ice-cream makers

Vanilla price rise proves chilling for ice-cream makers The price of vanilla has soared over the last two years, sending a chill down the spine of UK ice-cream makers. At around $600 per kilo the sweet ingredient costs more than silver. Snugburys Ice Cream is run by three sisters near Nantwich in Cheshire. The business churns out around five tonnes of ice cream in a busy week from the family farm. Around a third of their 40 flavours contain vanilla in some form and they are paying their supplier 30 times more for the extract than they did in previous years. "It has really gone up, so last year we decided to buy it forward by a year's-worth," said Cleo Sadler, who manages the production side of the business. "We had to make a decision as to whether we would absorb the costs - which we did in the end." Buying ahead means the sisters have sufficient stock for the coming summer and can stick to their prices. But at least one other UK ice-cream business has stopped serving vani..
May 6, 2018

I sold all I had to go to Europe – now I’m home, and broke

I sold all I had to go to Europe - now I'm home, and broke Image copyright Colin Freeman More than 3,000 Nigerian migrants who failed to reach Europe, have been flown home by the International Organization for Migration. Many sold everything to make the trip and aren't sure how to face their families, writes Colin Freeman. Evans William tells me he sold everything but the kitchen sink to fund his dream of getting to Europe. And I mean everything - his bed, his fridge, his TV, his spare clothes and his mobile phone. After borrowing yet more cash, he finally had enough to pay a smuggling gang to take him from Nigeria across the Sahara to Libya. In all, it cost him £750 ($1,000), but he wasn't worried. Once in Europe, he figured, he could quickly earn enough to pay off his creditors, and eventually return home to start a business of his own. It didn't quite work out like that. After six miserable months in Libya, where the gang forced him to work for nothing, he finall..
May 6, 2018

Tutankhamun ‘secret chamber’ does not exist, researchers find

Tutankhamun 'secret chamber' does not exist, researchers find Image copyright Reuters Image caption A secret chamber had been thought to lie behind this wall in the boy king's tomb Egyptian authorities have finished their quest to discover a secret chamber in the tomb of Tutankhamun - concluding that it does not exist. Previously, officials said they were "90% sure" of a hidden room behind the wall of the boy king's famous 3,000-year-old tomb. One theory suggested it could have been the tomb of Queen Nefertiti - who some think was Tutankhamun's mother. New research, however, has concluded the chamber simply is not there. The search for the hidden tomb began when English archaeologist Nicholas Reeves, examining detailed scans of the chamber, discovered what looked like faint traces, or "ghosts", of doors beneath the plaster. His 2015 paper The Burial of Nefertiti, he argued that the relatively small tomb had originally been designed for Queen Nefertiti - and he..
May 6, 2018

Nigeria village attack: Scores killed in Kaduna state

Nigeria village attack: Scores killed in Kaduna state At least 27 people have been killed in northern Nigeria's Kaduna state after an armed gang attacked a village, burning down many homes. Many of the victims are reported to be members of a self-defence vigilante group, which was set up to defend villages in the area. The group was formed after a spate of attacks blamed on well-armed cattle thieves. Survivors are calling for the military to be deployed. Gunmen surrounded Gwaska village in the Birnin Gwari area in the middle of the day and then started shooting and setting fire to homes. How Trump stirred controversy over Nigeria violencePresident Muhammadu Buhari's government is again being criticised for not doing enough to stop the violence in the area, near the border with Zamfara state. Last month 14 miners were reportedly killed in an attack by gunmen in the Birnin Gwari area.
May 5, 2018

Remembering Eritrea-Ethiopia border war: Africa’s unfinished conflict

Remembering Eritrea-Ethiopia border war: Africa's unfinished conflict Image copyright AFP Image caption Ethiopian soldiers after taking control of the Eritrean town of Barentu in May 2000 Two decades have passed since two of Africa's poorest countries began the continent's deadliest border war. The conflict between Eritrea and Ethiopia left tens of thousands dead or injured in the space of just two years. But despite a peace deal signed in December 2000, the two sides remain on a war footing - their massive armies still facing off. So what happened 20 years ago to spark Africa's unfinished war - and what hope is there that it might finally come to an end? 'Two men fighting over a comb'The war began on 6 May, 1998, sparked by a battle for control of the border town of Badme - a humble, dusty market town with no apparent value. It had neither oil nor diamonds, but it did not matter: both Eritrea and Ethiopia wanted it on their side of the border. At the ti..
May 4, 2018

Why Kenya hopes blockchain can end land grabbing

Why Kenya hopes blockchain can end land grabbing Image caption People put up signs and notices on their properties to ward off land grabbers Kenya sees itself as a technology giant in Africa and has embraced the nickname "Silicon Savannah" - now it has set up a special team to look into how to take advantage of the latest technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and blockchain. "We missed the internet wave, caught up with mobile technology... blockchain is the next wave - and we must be part of it," the team's chairman, Bitange Ndemo, told the BBC. A blockchain is a shared database with a provable, auditable and verifiable record of all changes. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the use of computer systems to perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence. Information Minister Joseph Mucheru, the man who the team will report to, says that, among other uses, blockchain could help organise land records stored by the government, which are a constant source of frustration for p..
May 4, 2018

BBC journalist Laeïla Adjovi wins Dakar Biennale art prize

BBC journalist Laeïla Adjovi wins Dakar Biennale art prize The BBC's Laeïla Adjovi has won a top prize for contemporary African art with her series of photos on the theme of breaking free. She won the Leopold-Sédar-Senghor Grand Prix at the 13th Dakar Biennale of contemporary African art. Her work is intended to be a response to the way Africa is portrayed in the media. Image copyright Laeïla Adjovi The artwork is a series of photos telling the story of a fictional character named Malaïka Dotou Sankofa. She was given an androgynous look with a "drab skimpy suit". This was "to show that not everyone must fit in the costume of western modernity," says Laeïla. Image copyright Laeïla Adjovi The series of photos was taken in an old court house. Image copyright Laeïla Adjovi "I wanted to give life to a creature that would express the idea that we are still struggling to bring about real change in our relations with the rest of the world," says Laeïla. Image copyright Laeïla Adjo..
May 4, 2018

Luyanda Ntshangase: South African footballer dies after lightning strike

Luyanda Ntshangase: South African footballer dies after lightning strike Image copyright Maritzburg United Image caption Luyanda Ntshangase had enormous potential, his club said A South African footballer who was struck by lightning during a match has died in hospital, his club confirmed. Maritzburg United striker Luyanda Ntshangase, 21, had been in an induced coma since being injured in the friendly game on 1 March. In a statement on Facebook, the club described him as one its rising young stars and said the team was in mourning. Maritzburg United are currently fourth in South Africa's Premier League. "We are extremely sad about the loss of Luyanda, an exciting young player with enormous potential," said Maritzburg chairman Farook Kadodia in the statement. "On behalf of Maritzburg United Football club, we would like to extend our heartfelt condolences to the Ntshangase family." Skip Twitter post by @MaritzburgUtd Team Of Choice mourn Ntshangase passing Maritzburg United can co..
May 4, 2018

Afreximbank Urges Urgent Maritime and Logistic Infrastructure Upgrade to Grow African Trade

Cairo, 04 May 2018: – Africa must urgently upgrade its maritime and logistic infrastructure in order to successfully promote the continent’s trade, especially intra-African trade, the […]
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