November 29, 2018

The last moments before the Lion Air crash

Lion Air JT610 crash: What the preliminary report tells us Image copyright EPA Image caption The wreckage was found 370m from the plane's last known position Indonesian investigators have released a preliminary report on the Lion Air flight JT610 that crashed on 29 October, killing 189 people. It details what is known by the authorities about the short time the Boeing 737 Max plane was in the air, but does not give a definitive cause for the accident. The full report is not expected until next year - but here's what we know so far. There were serious technical problems on previous flights The air flight maintenance log showed six problems had been identified on the plane since 26 October, including errors with its airspeed and altitude information displays. The plane's angle-of-attack sensor - that measures the angle between the wings and the flow of air - encountered problems and was replaced the day before the crash. But, according to the preliminary report, problems ..
November 29, 2018

China employees fined for walking fewer than 180,000 steps

China employees fined for walking fewer than 180,000 steps Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Staff members were penalised more the further away from the target they were A company in China has come under fire for fining employees if they don't walk at least 180,000 steps a month, it's reported. According to Information Times, employees at an unnamed real estate firm in the southern city of Guangzhou have been fined 0.01 yuan (0.1 cents; 0.1 pence) for every step that they fail to make when trying to reach their target. One employee, 'Little C', told the paper that frequent overtime made it difficult for staff to walk at least 6,000 steps a day outside of work hours. "I understand that the company wants to encourage us to get more exercise," she said, "but I don't even have enough time to sleep because I need to take walks to meet the target." Liu Fengmao, a representative from a local law firm, says that the company has no legal grounds for tracking..
November 29, 2018

Jiang Jinfu: Chinese actor held on domestic violence charge

Jiang Jinfu: Chinese actor held on domestic violence charge Image copyright VCG/Getty Images Image caption Jiang Jinfu said he was "remorseful" Popular Chinese actor Jiang Jinfu has been arrested in Japan following allegations that he had abused his former girlfriend Haruka Nakaura. Mr Jiang, star of films including A Wedding Invitation, was filmed handing himself in to the Japanese police. A warrant for his arrest was issued the day before. "Jiang Jinfu has contacted Japanese police and is co-operating with the investigation," his management company said in a statement. Image copyright Pear video Image caption Jiang Jinfu hands himself in to the Japanese police On 20 November, Ms Haruka posted on Instagram images of injuries she said she had sustained at the hands of Mr Jiang. "I am still alive," she wrote, saying that she had worried those who cared about her. She added: "Lawyers and relevant personnel have asked that I don't disclose much." Shortly afterwards Mr Jiang Mr Jian..
November 29, 2018

India outrage as mall shames woman for breastfeeding

India outrage as mall shames woman for breastfeeding Image copyright Getty Images Image caption It's not uncommon to see women breastfeeding in public There has been outrage in India after the management of a mall in the eastern city of Kolkata told a shopper wanting to breastfeed her baby to do such "home chores" at home and "not in the mall". The mall authorities' comments were made on Facebook after the woman wrote a post on their wall complaining that there was no designated feeding area. The response angered many who said it amounted to shaming the new mother. Women breastfeeding in public is a common sight in India. Abhilasha Arup DasAdhikari first shared her experience on Tuesday. She wrote on the Facebook page of the South City Mall that there was no place to breastfeed and that the staff at the mall had suggested that she feed her baby in the toilet. She described the idea as "disgusting" and gave the mall a poor rating. India policewoman praised for breastfeedi..
November 29, 2018

Katarpur corridor: A road to peace between India and Pakistan?

Pakistan and India begin work on visa-free corridor to Sikh temple Image caption Gurcharan Singh welcomes the opportunity to unite Indians and Pakistanis Seventy-five-year-old Gurcharan Singh was just a child during Partition in 1947, when his family left their home in the city of Sialkot, in modern day Pakistan, to head to India. Now on a visit to the Sikh temple in the Pakistani village of Kartarpur, he was delighted that the two countries had agreed to construct a corridor allowing visa-free access to pilgrims from India. "Since Pakistan was created our community has wanted this," he told the BBC. "Two families,­ Indians and Pakistanis,­ are meeting again." The Gurdwara Darbar Sahib Kartarpur is one of the holiest places in Sikhism. It's believed to have been built on the site where Guru Nanak, the founder of the religion, died in the 16th Century. Image caption The Gurdwara Darbar Sahib Kartarpur, close to the Pakistan-Indian border, is one of the holiest sites in Sikhism The..
November 29, 2018

Trump threatens new car tariffs after GM closures

Trump threatens new car tariffs after GM closures Image copyright Getty Images Donald Trump has renewed threats to impose tariffs on imported cars after General Motors announced job cuts and plant closures. The US President tweeted that tariffs were "being studied" and that duties could have stopped the GM closures. Separately, the Trump administration warned it may raise tariffs on Chinese car imports. The fresh trade threats come as Mr Trump prepares to meet his counterparts at the G20 summit. The US president has lashed out at GM over its plan to cut more than 14,000 jobs and close factories in North America. In his latest attack, Mr Trump pointed to the 25% duty on imported pickup trucks and commercial vans from markets outside North America as supporting the industry. A similar tariff on car imports would mean "many more cars would be built here" and "GM would not be closing their plants in Ohio, Michigan & Maryland," he tweeted. Skip Twitter post by @realDonaldTrump The rea..
November 29, 2018

Queensland bushfires: The town spared an ‘uncharted’ catastrophe

Queensland bushfires: The town spared an 'uncharted' catastrophe Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionQueensland is battling more than 100 fires across the state The first ever "catastrophic" bushfire warning in Queensland, Australia, prompted a large-scale evacuation on Wednesday. The main town under threat was spared, but the intensity of fire conditions has caused concern. As the sky blackened and her horses whinnied in the smoke, Fayleen Zemlicoff debated the "very last minute" she could remain at home. Ferocious winds were flicking embers from a bushfire towards her. The smoke was so intense it was "like a volcano had gone off", she said. But she and her adult daughter, Anja, were trying frantically to load the horses into a vehicle. Unsettled, the animals were resisting. Ultimately the pair, along with three elderly relatives, made a choice to leave. Image copyright FAYLEEN ZEMLICOFF Image caption Fayleen Zemlicoff, pictured with daughter Anja, sa..
November 29, 2018

Mitsubishi Heavy ordered to compensate forced S Korean war workers

Mitsubishi Heavy ordered to compensate forced S Korean war workers Image copyright EPA Image caption Kim Sung-joo (C) was among the victims and relatives celebrating the victory in Seoul South Korea's top court has ordered a Japanese firm to compensate Koreans it used as forced labour in World War Two. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Limited has been ordered to pay up to 150m won ($133,000; £104,000) to 28 South Korean victims or their families. The court's ruling upholds two separate damages suits against the firm. About 150,000 Koreans were conscripted to work in factories and mines in Japan in the war, and issue from the era continue to sour diplomatic relations. The latest move follows a landmark case in October that found in favour of Koreans seeking compensation from Japan's Nippon Steel and Sumitomo Metal Corp for wartime forced labour. Mitsubishi Heavy said the court's ruling was "deeply regrettable", and that it would take appropriate measures, Reuters repor..
November 28, 2018

Philippines drug war: Police found guilty of murdering Kian Delos Santos

Philippines drug war: Police found guilty of murdering Kian Delos Santos Image copyright NOEL CELIS Image caption The killing of Kian Delos Santos was one of the most high-profile deaths in the campaign Three Philippine police officers have been found guilty of the high-profile murder of a teenager, the first such convictions since President Rodrigo Duterte's "war on drugs" began. A court sentenced them to up to 40 years in prison each for the killing of 17-year-old Kian Delos Santos in 2017. President Duterte launched the anti-narcotics campaign in 2016, to deal with a rampant drug problem. Since then 5,000 dealers or users have been killed, according to police. President Duterte has been criticised by human rights groups for what is seen as sanctioning the extra-judicial killings and promising to pardon police officers convicted for "drug war" killings. "A shoot first, think later attitude can never be countenanced in a civilised society," said Thursday's ruling by Judge ..
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