February 4, 2019

Climate change: Warming threatens Himalayan glaciers

Climate change: Warming threatens Himalayan glaciers Image copyright Getty Images Climate change poses a growing threat to the glaciers found in the Hindu Kush and Himalayan mountain ranges, according to a new report. The study found that if CO2 emissions are not cut rapidly, two thirds of these giant ice fields could disappear. Even if the world limits the temperature rise to 1.5C this century, at least one third of the ice would go. The glaciers are a critical water source for 250 million people living across eight different countries. A Himalayan home for Buddhist nuns East Antarctica's glaciers are stirring Last four years are 'world's hottest' The towering peaks of K2 and Mount Everest are part of the frozen Hindu Kush and Himalayan ranges that contain more ice that anywhere else on Earth, apart from the polar regions. But these ice fields could turn to bare rocks in less than a century because of rising temperatures, say scientists. Over the next few d..
February 4, 2019

UK approves Vijay Mallya extradition to India

UK approves Vijay Mallya extradition to India Image copyright AFP/Getty UK Home Secretary Sajid Javid has approved the extradition of Indian business tycoon Vijay Mallya, who faces fraud charges back home. The move comes two months after a London court ruled that he should be sent back for trial. Mr Mallya, whose business empire once included Kingfisher beer, left India in March 2016 after defaulting on debts of more than $1bn (£785m). He now has 14 days to appeal against the decision. He denies "fleeing" from India and says he made an "unconditional" offer to pay back the sum in full in July last year. High-profile figureMr Mallya built his fortune from Kingfisher beer before branching out into Indian cricket and Formula 1 racing. He set up the now defunct Kingfisher Airlines in 2005. He faces a raft of charges relating to financial irregularities at Kingfisher Airlines. His monetary affairs are being investigated by India's Central Bureau of Investigation and the Enforcement D..
February 4, 2019

Denmark expels two Huawei staff after inspecting permits

Denmark expels two Huawei staff after inspecting permits Image copyright Getty Images Denmark has deported two Huawei workers after finding they had flouted work and residence permit rules. Police said it was part of a policy of regular checks on companies with large numbers of foreign workers. They said the inspection had nothing to do with the recent controversy surrounding the Chinese telecoms giant. Huawei has been at the centre of controversy, due to growing scrutiny over its ties with the Chinese government. The firm, one of the world's biggest producers of telecoms equipment, has faced resistance from foreign governments over the risk that its technology could be used for espionage. Huawei has denied claims it poses a spying risk. The company has so far failed to respond to requests for comment. A Huawei spokeswoman told Bloomberg: "These visa checks are routine, and we are co-operating with the authorities." Separately, Norway's intelligence service PST has issued a..
February 4, 2019

Bahraini footballer pleads in court against deportation

Bahraini footballer pleads in court against deportation Image copyright EPA Bahraini footballer Hakeem Al-Araibi has urged a court in Bangkok not to extradite him to his home country. Al-Araibi, who had been playing in Australia after being granted asylum there, was arrested in Thailand when he arrived with his wife on honeymoon. He is wanted in Bahrain, where he was sentenced in absentia to 10 years in jail for vandalising a police station. Al-Araibi says he is innocent and that he was tortured in Bahrain for his political opposition. The Bangkok court extended his detention by 60 days, during which he can file an objection against the extradition request. Wife seeks refugee footballer's releaseBahraini footballer case 'an emergency'The BBC's Jonathan Head in Bangkok said Al-Araibi arrived at court in leg shackles, shouting: "Please don't send me to Bahrain". He told the court he rejected the extradition request, saying he was detained and tortured for opp..
February 4, 2019

Nepal woman suffocates in banned ‘menstruation hut’

Nepal woman suffocates in banned 'menstruation hut' Image copyright AFP/Getty Images Image caption Women in Nepal are traditionally sent to sleep in outdoor huts during their periods - though the practice was banned in recent years (file picture) A 21-year-old Nepali woman died of suffocation in a windowless "menstruation hut" after she lit a fire to keep warm, say police. Parwati Bogati was found when her mother-in-law went to check on her. "She was excited about the next day as her menstruation would end. Poor child closed her eyes forever," Laxmi Bogati told the Kathmandu Post. The incident in Nepal's Doti district comes just weeks after a mother and her two sons died in a similar shed. Local police officer Lal Bahadur Dhami told AFP of the latest case: "We suspect she died due to smoke inhalation and suffocation because she closed the door of the windowless hut and lit a fire on the floor for warmth during the night." Long read: Banished for bleeding Cyclone kills..
February 3, 2019

Nissan chooses Japan over UK to build new X-Trail car

Nissan chooses Japan over UK to build new X-Trail car Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The Sunderland plant opened in 1986 Nissan has confirmed that the new X-Trail originally planned for its Sunderland plant will instead be made in Japan. In a letter to workers, it said continued Brexit uncertainty is not helping firms to "plan for the future". In 2016, the carmaker said it would build the new model in the UK after "assurances" from the government. Unions described the news as "disappointing" and said they were "seriously concerned". The government said Nissan's decision was "a blow to the sector" but that no jobs would go as a result. Nissan has made cars at Sunderland since 1986 and employs almost 7,000 people. Changing environment Commenting on its decision, Nissan also said that since 2016 "the environment for the car industry in Europe has changed dramatically", including "changing emissions regulations". In the UK, diesel cars that fail to meet the latest emissi..
February 3, 2019

A prison where the inmates have to go and find jobs

A prison where the inmates have to go and find jobs At Sanganer prison, in the Indian city of Jaipur, inmates get a roof over their head, but no money and no food. This means they must go to work and earn their living beyond the prison gates, writes Masuma Ahuja - as labourers, factory workers, drivers, even yoga teachers. Ramchand drives a school bus. His wife, Sugna, works at a garment factory. On a recent hot afternoon, I drink a cup of tea with them in their one-room house, which has yellow walls and a corrugated metal roof, a fridge and a TV, a lunchbox hanging in the corner next to photos of gods and a stack of newspapers. From their door, you can see cars zooming by on a nearby highway and beyond that, a skyline of modern high-rises. This is how they tell their story: he was lonely, her family had left her. Their neighbours wanted to set them up and arrange their marriage, so she wouldn't be a woman living alone, so he would have someone to take care of him, cook for him a..
February 3, 2019

In pictures: Rodrigo Duterte and Kim Jong-un impersonators cause a stir

In pictures: Rodrigo Duterte and Kim Jong-un impersonators cause a stir Image copyright EPA It might look like Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un have been out and about on the streets of Hong Kong, posing for pictures and toasting one another over a fried chicken dinner. But, on closer inspection, it turns out the pair are in fact a couple of impersonators. Meet the men who go by the names of Cresencio Extreme (a Mr Duterte lookalike), and Howard X (a Mr Kim double). The weird world of a Kim Jong-un impersonator Image copyright EPA Image caption The pair, brandishing fake rifles, were greeted by staff and members of the public as they arrived at the fried chicken restaurant Image copyright Getty Images Image caption They joined Sunday mass at St Joseph's Church, with Cresencio Extreme (L) dressed in the type of white shirt that has become a signature of Mr Duterte Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The Mr Duterte lookalike sparked a..
February 3, 2019

Nauru migrants: Last four children to leave island for US

Nauru migrants: Last four children to leave island for US Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Australia set up a detention centre in Nauru in 2013 Australia says the last four migrant children detained at a camp on the Pacific island of Nauru are being moved to the US. The children will be flown with their families as part of a resettlement deal agreed with Washington. Australia has held asylum seekers arriving by sea on Nauru since detentions began there in 2013. Last August it held 109 children. Australia refused to resettle them under its tough immigration policies. In a statement issued on Sunday, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said "every asylum seeker child has now been removed from Nauru... or has a clear path off the island". He said that children would no longer be detained there. Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Families attempting to reach Australia by boat have for years been taken to Nauru The organisers of a campaign to have all children r..
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