November 19, 2018

Nissan chief to be ousted for ‘misconduct’

Nissan plans to oust Carlos Ghosn over 'misconduct' Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Carlos Ghosn is head of the Alliance, which includes Nissan, Renault and Mitsubishi Japanese car giant Nissan has proposed removing chairman Carlos Ghosn from his post over financial misconduct claims. The firm said it had been conducting an internal investigation for several months which showed Mr Ghosn had been under-reporting his pay. "Numerous other significant acts of misconduct" including "personal use of company assets", were also found. "Nissan deeply apologises for causing great concern to our shareholders and stakeholders," the company added. The firm said it had been providing information to the Japanese Public Prosecutors Office and would continue to do so. Nissan said it also planned to oust a senior executive Greg Kelly who had been "deeply involved" in the misconduct. As well as being chairman of Nissan - which owns Britain's biggest car plant in Sunderland ..
November 19, 2018

What Gujarat attacks on migrants say about India’s economy

What Gujarat attacks on migrants say about India's economy Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Migrant families fled following the attacks that lasted more than a week Tens of thousands of migrant workers fled India's western state of Gujarat in October in the wake of attacks targeting them. The BBC's Nitin Srivastava reports from Himmatnagar town on what led to the violence. "I had to run six miles to catch a bus at midnight," said Ram Pyare, who worked in a factory in the town. The 33-year-old took the bus to the capital, Ahmedabad, and went to the train station - but all the trains were full. It was another eight hours before he had borrowed enough money to buy a ticket to go home to his village in Jaunpur district in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh. He was among the thousands of migrants - estimates range from 50,000 to 80,000 - who fled Gujarat after the attacks. The violence, which lasted for more than a week, began after a migrant labourer was arrest..
November 19, 2018

Chinese erotic novelist jailed for 10 years for gay sex scenes

Chinese erotic novelist jailed for 10 years for gay sex scenes Image copyright iStock Image caption The book featured "male homosexual behaviour... including perverted sexual acts like violation and abuse" A Chinese writer has been given a 10 year sentence for writing and selling a novel which featured gay sex scenes. The writer, identified as Liu, was jailed by a court in Anhui province last month for producing and selling "obscene material". Her novel, titled "Occupation", featured "male homosexual behaviour... including perverted sexual acts like violation and abuse." But her lengthy jail term has sparked protest across Chinese social media. According to the Beijing News, Liu - better known by her online alias Tian Yi - has now filed an appeal to the court. Pornography is illegal in China. 'Too much'On 31 October, Liu was sentenced to jail by the People's Court of Wuhu for making and selling "obscene material" for profit, according to local news site Wuhu news. Ho..
November 19, 2018

Australia’s Fairfax gets green light to merge with Nine

Australia's Fairfax gets green light to merge with Nine Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The new entity will retain the Nine name only Australia's Fairfax has got the green light from its shareholders to merge with television network Nine Entertainment in a massive shake-up of the nation's media industry. Fairfax shareholders gave "overwhelming" support for the multi-billion dollar merger. The deal was possible after Australia relaxed its media ownership laws last year. The new business will be called Nine, losing the well-known Fairfax name. Fairfax chairman Nick Falloon said the change was expected to be implemented on 7 December, subject to court approval. The deal wraps in Nine's television network, one of the nation's biggest, and Fairfax newspapers including The Sydney Morning Herald, Melbourne's The Age and The Australian Financial Review. It also includes Fairfax's many radio and digital assets, including news websites in other citi..
November 19, 2018

Hong Kong activists on trial for pioneering the ‘Umbrella’ protests

Hong Kong activists on trial for pioneering the 'Umbrella' protests Image copyright EPA Image caption The nine were met by more than a hundred supporters outside the court Nine pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong have pleaded not guilty in a trial seen as a test of judicial independence from Beijing. They have been charged with "public nuisance" over the 2014 "Umbrella" movement that demanded Hong Kong choose its own leader. Three of those accused founded the civil disobedience movement before student groups joined in. At its peak, thousands of protesters paralysed parts of the city for months. The charges carry jail terms of up to seven years. The trial has been described as "politically motivated prosecution" amounting to "an attack on free speech and peaceful assembly" by rights group Amnesty International. Image copyright Reuters Image caption The 2014 umbrella protests paralysed central Hong Kong for almost three months Beijing's struggle to win Hong Kong's..
November 18, 2018

Pamela Anderson criticises Australia PM for ‘smutty’ comment

Pamela Anderson criticises Australia PM for 'smutty' comment Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Pamela Anderson has been a vocal supporter of Julian Assange Actress Pamela Anderson has criticised Australia's prime minister for making "smutty" remarks about her, after earlier asking him to help Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. Ms Anderson had urged Scott Morrison to bring Mr Assange to Australia. Mr Morrison rejected her plea, but said he had "plenty of mates who have asked me if they can be my special envoy to sort out the issue with Pamela". A government minister defended his comment as being "light-hearted". Mr Morrison has not responded to Ms Anderson's criticism. Mr Assange, an Australian citizen, claimed asylum in Ecuador's London embassy in 2012 to avoid extradition to Sweden over sexual assault allegations - a case that has since been dropped. He has remained in the embassy over fears of extradition to the US. Last week, US media reported offic..
November 18, 2018

Viewpoint: The ‘feminist’ ruling angering Indian women

Viewpoint: The 'feminist' ruling angering Indian women Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Protesting women feel that no one cares to understand their worldview A recent Supreme Court ruling, which has been hailed as a feminist victory, has instead angered the Indian women it was meant to empower, says commentator Shyam Krishnakumar. At the Sabarimala temple in the southern Indian state of Kerala, a tense stand-off is under way between women who are determined to use a judicial verdict to enter the temple and large groups of devotees including women, making a last-ditch effort to preserve the integrity of their age-old traditions. The issue began with a recent Supreme Court verdict allowing the entry of women between the ages of 10 and 50, which was prohibited by the temple's traditions. Why has a seemingly feminist verdict caused a groundswell of protest including from the very subaltern women it was meant to empower? Sabarimala commands a massive following cut..
November 18, 2018

Karachi Press Club: Shock as police raid ‘island of freedom’

Karachi Press Club: Shock as police raid ‘island of freedom’ Image copyright BBC Sport Image caption Pioneering journalists acquired a mansion and founded the Karachi Press Club in 1958 Through decades of military coups, civil unrest and martial law, the Karachi Press Club has remained off-limits to Pakistan's powerful military and intelligence agencies. But this island of democratic resistance in a country prone to religious bigotry and militarisation has finally been violated. Late at night on 8 November, more than a dozen plainclothes men carrying guns forced their way into the club - examining rooms and shooting videos and photos of the premises. The group, who arrived at the club in half a dozen trucks led by a police van, quickly left when confronted by members. Police later said they were tracking signals from the mobile phone of a wanted man they thought was in the building. The next day, security agencies arrested a senior journalist at his home on charges of keeping Isla..
November 18, 2018

Rescued migrants refuse to leave ship taking them to Libya

Rescued migrants refuse to leave ship taking them to Libya Image copyright MSF Sea Image caption The cargo ship has been docked in Libya for eight days Dozens of increasingly desperate migrants rescued by a cargo ship in the Mediterranean have been refusing to leave after it docked in a Libyan port. Some told journalists they would rather die than be forced to disembark in Libya where they say they were held captive and tortured by smugglers. The ship brought them to Misrata on 10 November after picking them up from a boat off Libya's western coast. They are said to be from sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. Reality Check: Who is responsible for migrants at sea? EU's Med migrant crisis: Just a mess or cynical politics? Fourteen people including unaccompanied children and a mother and baby left the ship on Wednesday for official detention centres in Libya but, according to Qatar-based broadcaster al-Jazeera, 77 migrants remained on board on Sunday. Skip Twitter post by @A..
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