August 2, 2018

Family reunited with lost portrait found 1,000 miles away

Family reunited with lost portrait found 1,000 miles away Image copyright Leisa Cearney Leisa Cearney was instantly struck by the portrait of a well-dressed couple abandoned at a rubbish dump in rural Australia. She was determined to reunite them with their family. Through the power of social media and some good luck, she did just that. "I was instantly drawn to the picture," said Ms Cearney. "I just couldn't leave the beautiful pair at the dump." Ms Cearney lives in Stanthorpe in the south of Queensland, near the border with New South Wales. She is a historian and "passionate about family history" and turned to Facebook in her hunt for relatives of the couple. "I assumed it must be a local couple, so I put it on a community page," she said. However, it was not a local relative who came forward. Image copyright Eleanor Torta Image caption Tom and Amelia Jones About 1,500km (935 miles) further north in Home Hill, near Townsville, 78-year-old Eleanor Torta was scrolling throug..
August 2, 2018

Climber ‘dug shelter’ to survive mountain ordeal in New Zealand

Climber 'dug shelter' to survive mountain ordeal in New Zealand Image copyright Getty Images Image caption A road leads towards Mt Aspiring, where the man was found in freezing conditions An Australian climber who survived nearly seven days in freezing conditions on a New Zealand mountain may have used his army training to stay alive, rescuers say. The man, 29, was reported missing on Monday after failing to return from a solo hike at Mt Aspiring, near Wanaka. Rescuers found him on Thursday, saying it was "extraordinary" that he was able to stand and wave to a helicopter. The man had endured freezing winds of up to 60km/h (37 mph) and heavy snow. "We think he dug himself a snow dug-out shelter and that's helped in his survivability over these last few days," rescue co-ordinator Geoff Lunt told Radio New Zealand. The man was found in a "reasonably good condition" and was suffering only from "minor frostbite". The Australian Army confirmed that the climber was a soldier c..
August 2, 2018

Peru’s Amazon: Where roads change lives

Peru's Amazon: Where roads change lives Image caption The new road is good news for farmer Raúl Andrés Condori Ypanki Raúl Andrés Condori Ypanki sits on the veranda of a wooden house, sipping coffee, with the television blaring in the background. He is a small-scale farmer with 15 acres of banana plants who moved to this Amazonian region of Madre de Dios 22 years ago. In the past few years, the local government has built a new road that connects this informal settlement, Puerto Shipetiari, with the nearest town, Salvación. "Thanks to the construction of this road, the lives of local people have changed," he says. Image copyright Martín López Image caption Local shops have benefitted from the road "Before they lived in extreme poverty. Now everyone who lives alongside this river can sell their agricultural products. Traders have come with their cars and they buy their goods. Tourists come and buy fruit and other things. We farmers live from agriculture and trade." Unexpected con..
August 2, 2018

South Korea’s spy cam porn epidemic

South Korea's spy cam porn epidemic Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The hidden cameras are much harder to spot that this sort of activity (posed by model) I can remember the first time I heard about South Korea's spy cameras. Just after arriving in Seoul. I was running to the public loo along the river Han while on a bike ride with a friend. "Check it doesn't have a camera in it," she shouted as I ran in. I turned around and laughed. But she wasn't kidding. Many women have told me that the first thing they do when they go to a public restroom in South Korea is check for any peepholes or cameras. Just in case. Because the country is in the grip of what's been described as a spy camera epidemic. Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Many South Korean women routinely check for cameras when using public facilities Hidden cameras capture women - and sometimes men - undressing, going to the bathroom, or even in changing rooms in clothing stores, gym..
August 2, 2018

Bangladesh teenagers demanding road safety paralyse Dhaka

Bangladesh teenagers demanding road safety paralyse Dhaka Image copyright EPA Image caption The protesters have brought major routes in Dhaka to a standstill Thousands of Bangladeshi high school students have been protesting for a fifth day after two teenagers were killed by a speeding bus. The demonstrators, demanding justice and road safety measures, have brought the capital Dhaka to a virtual standstill. A government minister has accused them of hypocrisy, triggering further anger. The education ministry has closed high schools across the country and promised to take their demands into account. However, this did not end the protests. "They should have taken our demands seriously, but they didn't," Imran Ahmed, a protesting student, told AFP. Image copyright EPA Image caption The students say they want justice and improved road safety There are reports that some of the protesters, mostly aged in their mid-teens, have been checking bus registration plates and demanding to see d..
August 2, 2018

Why people are angry at Vogue India’s cover

Why are people angry at Vogue India's cover? Image copyright Conde Nast Vogue India's decision to put the 18-year-old daughter of Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan on their cover has come in for major criticism. Many have posted angrily on social media that Suhana Khan doesn't deserve the cover because she hasn't achieved anything to warrant being there. The prestigious Vogue cover is normally reserved for top models, actresses or singers at the peak of their careers. Suhana Khan describes herself as "student, theatre lover, future star". Her father is known as the King of Bollywood and many have complained nepotism is why she is on the cover. The fashion shoot was styled by Anaita Shroff Adajania, Vogue's fashion director and long-time friend of Shah Rukh. It is her first ever photo shoot and interview. The magazine's Instagram post introduced her as the new girl on the block. It got more then 36,000 likes. Image Copyright vogueindia vogueindia Rep..
August 2, 2018

Tokyo Medical University ‘changed female exam scores’

Tokyo Medical University 'changed female exam scores' Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Japanese reports say that only 30 women were admitted to the medical school in 2018 Reports that one of Japan's most prestigious medical universities tampered with female applicants' entrance exam scores have sparked outcry on social media. Japanese paper Yomiuri Shimbun says Tokyo Medical University began altering results in 2011 to ensure under 30% of successful applicants would be women. The private university says it will investigate the discrimination reports. Users online took aim at the Japanese government over the scandal. Critics suggested the allegations were ironic given Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's stated commitment to boost female participation in the country's workforce. Yomiuri Shimbun, which is the country's biggest daily newspaper, published the report examining student admission numbers on Thursday, sparking the complaints. Has Abe'..
August 2, 2018

Three foreigners kidnapped and killed in Kabul

Three foreigners kidnapped and killed in Kabul Three foreign nationals have been kidnapped and murdered in Kabul, according to officials. "An Indian, a Malaysian and a Macedonian citizen were abducted and killed. We have found their bodies," a spokesman for Kabul's police chief said. Police are treating it as "a terrorist incident", Hashmat Stanikzai confirmed. Investigators told the BBC the trio were taken from their Toyota Corolla car on their way to the airport. Their bodies were found later in the Mussahi district of Kabul province. "They were shot dead and their bodies were found inside a car," said Nusrat Rahimi, deputy spokesman for the interior ministry. No group has so far claimed to be behind the killings. The three are believed to have worked as cooks for Sodexo, an international food company. Identity cards were also found and have been cross-checked with the firm, security officials told Reuters news agency. The Malaysian national is said to be 64, the Indian 39, and..
August 2, 2018

In pictures: Australia’s drought seen from the air

In pictures: Australia's drought seen from the air Parts of eastern Australia are suffering their worst drought in living memory as a lack of rainfall in winter hits farms badly. Reuters photographer David Gray captured the view of the dried earth from the air, finding an often surprising collage of colours. Image copyright Reuters A lone tree is the only sign of life near a water trough on a farm outside Walgett in New South Wales. Farm owner May McKeown said she had not seen much rain since 2010. Image copyright Reuters About 98% of New South Wales is drought-stricken, and two-thirds of neighbouring Queensland. As a result, farmers are having to order in food for their livestock, which raises their costs considerably. Image copyright Reuters A cow walks away from a water tank in Tamworth, New South Wales. "I cant seem to be able to do anything else apart from just feed, and keep things going," farmer Tom Wollaston said. "[The drought] seems to be one step ahead of me all the ..
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