November 16, 2018

Japan Airlines tightens alcohol rules for pilots

Japan Airlines tightens alcohol rules for pilots Image copyright Getty Images Japan Airlines will introduce a new breathalyser system at overseas airports after one of its pilots was arrested at Heathrow Airport for being drunk. Katsutoshi Jitsukawa was arrested last month after a test showed he was over nine times the legal alcohol limit. The new measures also come after a series of Japan Airlines flights were delayed due to intoxicated pilots. Japanese law does not set limits for alcohol consumption by pilots. Instead, it is up to airlines to determine alcohol limits for pilots on duty. Mr Jitsukawa was arrested after he was found to have 189mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood in his system - the legal limit for a pilot in the UK is 20mg. Drunk Japanese pilot arrested at Heathrow Pre-flight double vodkas pilot jailed Pilot suspended for failing alcohol test "The company takes this violation seriously, as safety remains our utmost priority, and sincerely apologizes to all affected by..
November 16, 2018

India tiger cubs ‘could become man-eaters’

India tiger cubs 'could become man-eaters' Image copyright AFP Image caption The two cubs' mother was shot dead in Maharashtra earlier this month India's forest officials are trying to capture two orphaned tiger cubs because they are feared to become man-eaters, authorities have told the BBC. The two cubs' mother was shot dead in Maharashtra state after a major hunt earlier this month as it is said to have killed 13 people. The six-year-old tigress had evaded capture in the jungles of India's western state for two years. Now its nearly 11-month old cubs are left wandering the forests. "They need to be rescued because they can become a potential threat to human beings in and around the area they are in now," AK Misra, Principal Chief Forest Conservator of Maharashtra state told the BBC. "The area the cubs are in now is a mosaic of forests and agricultural land," he added. "And we fear they may go for human beings as easy prey." India man-eating tigress k..
November 15, 2018

Rebel Wilson: Actress loses bid to reclaim record defamation payout

Rebel Wilson: Actress loses bid to reclaim record defamation payout Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Rebel Wilson says her case was about "standing up to a bully" Actress Rebel Wilson has lost her final bid to reclaim a record payout in Australia, despite winning a high-profile defamation case. Wilson sued magazine publisher Bauer Media over articles that she said had wrongly portrayed her as a serial liar. A court awarded her a A$4.7m (£2.6m; $3.5m) payout last year, but that sum was reduced to A$600,000 on appeal. On Friday, Wilson's last hope of reviewing the compensation was dismissed by Australia's top court. She told reporters that she was pleased the case had reached a "definitive end". "To me it was never about the money, but about standing up to a bully and I have done that successfully," she said outside the High Court of Australia. "At the end of the day that is what matters. Bauer Media were proven to have told terrible lies which were very hurtful." Wi..
November 15, 2018

North Korea ‘tests new high-tech weapon’

North Korea 'tests new high-tech weapon' Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Kim Jong-un expressed "great satisfaction" over "state-of-the-art" weapon, North Korea's media say North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has supervised the successful test of a new "high-tech" tactical weapon, state-run media say. The KCNA news agency gave no details on the type of the weapon, saying only it had been developed over a long period. But it is the first known inspection of a major weapons test in a year. In a summit in June Mr Kim and US President Donald Trump agreed the Korean peninsula should denuclearise, but a detailed plan was never set out. Discussions aimed at setting up a second summit between Mr Kim and Mr Trump did not happen as planned this week and relations between the North and the US appear to have soured since the historic meeting in Singapore. North Korean state media provided no details as to what kind of weapon this was, but it comes shortly after a report bas..
November 15, 2018

Khmer Rouge surviving leaders face genocide verdict

Khmer Rouge surviving leaders face genocide verdict Image copyright Reuters Image caption The pair are already serving life sentences The UN-backed Khmer Rouge tribunal is set to deliver its verdict on whether the last two surviving leaders of the Pol Pot regime are guilty of genocide. Nuon Chea, 92, was Pol Pot's deputy, and Khieu Samphan, 87, was the regime's head of state. They are on trial for genocide against Cambodia's Cham Muslim minority and ethnic Vietnamese. Up to two million people are thought to have died under brutal Khmer Rouge regime between 1975 and 1979. Many of them succumbed to starvation and overwork, or were executed as enemies of the state. The pair are already serving life sentences after they were found guilty of some crimes against humanity in 2014. What is genocide?But a guilty verdict on Friday would be the first official acknowledgement that what the Khmer Rouge regime did was in fact genocide as defined under international law. The pair will..
November 15, 2018

Golden Horse Awards: The Oscars of Asia

Golden Horse Awards: The Oscars of Asia Image copyright Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival The Oscar statuette is Hollywood's biggest trophy. In the world of Chinese cinema, its equivalent is a galloping Golden Horse. Come Saturday, actors, directors and cinematographers will descend upon Taiwan's capital to attend the annual Golden Horse Awards. This year marks its 55th show. With increasing investment in Chinese cinema it's likely that in just a few years time, some of those walking the red carpet on Saturday will become household names around the world. Big names from the Chinese-speaking world made their screen debut at the Golden Horse Awards. Teen actress Vicky Chen beats veterans at Golden Horse Awards'Chinese Oscars' celebrates 50 yearsChinese-French film Blind Massage sweeps Golden Horse AwardsFilmmakers Wong Kar Wai and Ang Lee and stars Maggie Cheung and Tony Leung Chiu-wai have taken home their share of horses. Image copyright Getty Images Image ..
November 15, 2018

Lion Air crash: Boeing sued by victim’s family over aircraft design

Lion Air crash: Boeing sued by victim's family over aircraft design Image copyright Reuters Image caption Investigators examine one of the engines from the doomed Lion Air flight JT 610 The family of a passenger killed when a Lion Air flight crashed into the sea near Indonesia are suing Boeing over an alleged fault with the jet's design. The lawsuit accuses the US aircraft manufacturer of failing to inform pilots and airlines of a feature with its new 737 Max plane system that could "push the nose down unexpectedly". Investigators have been looking into reported technical issues. Boeing maintains that it is "confident in the safety of the 737 Max". Lion Air flight JT 610 was carrying 189 people when it crashed on 29 October. It plummeted into the Java Sea following a request from the pilot for permission to turn back to the airport just moments after taking off from Jakarta. It was later established that the aircraft had had an airspeed indicator problem on its final four ..
November 15, 2018

Lost Disney ‘Oswald’ film found in Japan

Lost Disney 'Oswald' film found in Japan Image copyright BFI/Walt Disney Animation Studio Image caption Oswald the Lucky Rabbit was Disney's first character One of Walt Disney's earliest films has been discovered in Japan. An anime historian had the cartoon for 70 years before he realised it was one of seven lost films. The two-minute short features Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, a precursor to Mickey Mouse. Yasushi Watanabe, 84, bought the film from a toy wholesaler in Osaka when he was a teenager, paying only ¥500 (£3.45 at current exchange rates). Originally called Neck & Neck, the 16mm cartoon was tagged with the name Mickey Manga Spide (Mickey Cartoon Speedy), and remained in Mr Watanabe's personal collection for 70 years. Toy Story 4 first trailer reveals new character - meet Forky Disney reports record results as it flags up new Star Wars Tom Hiddleston to return as Loki in new TV series The significance of the film only became apparent when he read the bo..
November 15, 2018

Japan’s cyber-security minister has ‘never used a computer’

Japan's cyber-security minister has 'never used a computer' Image copyright Reuters Image caption Yoshitaka Sakurada said his lack of experience with computers should not pose a problem Japan's new cyber-security minister has dumbfounded his country by saying he has never used a computer. Yoshitaka Sakurada made the admission to a committee of lawmakers. "Since I was 25 years old and independent I have instructed my staff and secretaries. I have never used a computer in my life," he said, according to a translation by the Kyodo news agency. The 68-year-old was appointed to his post last month. His duties include overseeing cyber-defence preparations for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. Tokyo 2020: Japan debates daylight saving to avoid heat Tokyo 2020 Olympic mascots unveiled after children's vote A politician from the opposition Democratic Party, Masato Imai, whose question had prompted the admission, expressed surprise. "I find it unbelievable that someone w..
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