March 27, 2019

UK man arrested fleeing Australia on jet ski, police say

UK man arrested fleeing Australia on jet ski, police say Image copyright AUSTRALIAN FEDERAL POLICE Image caption The man had left from the northern tip of Australia's mainland, police say A UK man has been arrested on a remote island in Australia while trying to flee the country on a jet ski, authorities say. The 57-year-old man was taken into custody on Saibai Island, about 4km (2.5 miles) south of Papua New Guinea. Police said he had launched his jet ski on Monday from the tip of Australia's mainland, about 150km to the south. The man, who had been wanted on drugs charges, was thought to have been carrying a crossbow, authorities said. He was found on mudflats on Saibai Island, one of a string of islands in the Torres Strait which belong to Australia. "This arrest sends a strong message to would-be fugitives - our reach across Australia is second to none," an Australian Federal Police spokesperson said on Wednesday. The man was tracked by federal and state police on an Aus..
March 27, 2019

Austrian far-right activist probed over links to Christchurch attacks

Austrian far-right activist probed over links to Christchurch attacks Image copyright AFP Image caption Martin Sellner has denied any involvement in the Christchurch attacks Austrian investigators have raided the home of the leader of a far-right group in connection with the investigation into the New Zealand mosque attacks. Martin Sellner, of the Identitarian Movement Austria (IBÖ), said in a video he had received a donation, possibly from the chief suspect in the Christchurch shootings. But he denied any involvement in the attacks. Fifty people died and dozens more wounded in the 15 March shootings. Australian Brenton Tarrant, a 28-year-old self-proclaimed white supremacist, has been charged with one murder and is expected to face further charges. Martin Sellner: The new face of the far right in Europe Anti-Islam activists refused entry to the UK In a video posted online on Monday, Mr Sellner said he had received an email containing a "disproportionally large" donation from a person..
March 26, 2019

Cathay Pacific to buy budget airline Hong Kong Express

Cathay Pacific to buy budget airline Hong Kong Express Image copyright Getty Images Cathay Pacific will buy low-cost carrier Hong Kong Express for $4.93bn Hong Kong dollars ($628m). The purchase will be made in cash and through promissory loan notes, the company said in a stock filing. Hong Kong Express, which flies to destinations across Asia, will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cathay Pacific. The transaction is expected to be completed by the end of the year. "We intend to continue to operate Hong Kong Express as a stand-alone airline using the low-cost carrier business model," a Cathay Pacific spokesperson said in a statement. Cathay Pacific had a challenging 2018 after posting its first ever back-to-back annual loss in March last year. It was the subject of a data breach in its IT systems in October, jeopardising the personal information of up to 9.4 million passengers. The airline has struggled against competition, particularly from low-cost Chinese carriers covering Hon..
March 26, 2019

Where is the Islamic State group still active around the world?

Where is the Islamic State group still active around the world? Image copyright EPA Image caption The Philippines has seen an uptick in IS attacks in recent years After months of fighting, the jihadist group Islamic State (IS) has finally lost Baghuz, a village in eastern Syria that came to represent the final chapter in its self-styled caliphate. While this is a major blow, the loss of the small enclave near the Iraqi border does not spell the end of IS as a militant group capable of mounting deadly attacks worldwide. IS and its affiliates continue to be active in various countries, claiming attacks on a daily basis through the group's online propaganda outlets. Data collected by BBC Monitoring shows that despite having lost most of its territory in Syria and Iraq at the end of 2017, IS said it was behind 3,670 attacks worldwide last year - an average of 11 attacks per day - and 502 attacks in the first two months of 2019, while Baghuz was under siege. There was a peak in IS att..
March 26, 2019

India election 2019: PM Narendra Modi’s Tamil Nadu problem

India election 2019: PM Narendra Modi's Tamil Nadu problem Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Mr Modi's BJP won no seats in Tamil Nadu at the 2014 elections, despite a huge overall victory Politicians often make strange promises on the campaign trail. But even so, a pledge relating to in-flight announcements is not quite what you would expect to hear at a large political rally. And especially in a country like India where much of the population has never seen the inside of an airport, let alone a plane. Yet that is exactly what India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke about to a large gathering in Kancheepuram in the southern state of Tamil Nadu earlier this month. "We are also seriously thinking about ensuring that flights flying to and from Tamil Nadu have in-flight announcement in Tamil language," he told the crowd in halting English with the aid of a Tamil translator. The chief minister of the state, whose AIADMK party had recently signed an alliance with ..
March 26, 2019

Canada arrest over Chinese student kidnap

Canada police make arrest in Chinese student abduction Image copyright York Regional Police Image caption Officers say the student was "taken against his will" Canadian police have made an arrest in the armed kidnapping investigation of a 22-year-old Chinese student. Three men grabbed Wanzhen Lu and forced him into a van in an underground car park in Markham, a suburb north of Toronto, on 23 March, police say. York Regional Police said on Tuesday that they had arrested a 35-year-old Toronto man believed to be involved in the kidnapping. The victim, who also goes by the name Peter, has not been located. Police say they will not release the name of the suspect in custody as he has not yet been charged. The black Dodge Caravan used in the abduction was also found in Toronto on Monday. Officers say they continue to fear for the well-being of Mr Lu. "With this new development, the suspects are once again urged to release Mr Lu unharmed," police said in a statement. "We strongly recom..
March 26, 2019

North Korea’s Madrid embassy intruder contacted FBI, judge says

North Korea's Madrid embassy intruder contacted FBI, judge says Image copyright Reuters Image caption Police were alerted after a woman jumped from an embassy window and screamed for help The leader of 10 intruders who raided North Korea's embassy in Madrid last month contacted the FBI days later, a Spanish high court judge says. Adrian Hong Chang, a Mexican citizen who lives in the US, contacted the US agency after fleeing to the US via Lisbon, Judge José de la Mata said. The assailants interrogated an embassy official and tried to persuade him - unsuccessfully - to defect, he added. The group shackled, beat up and interrogated several staff inside. According to the judge's edict, lifting the shroud of secrecy over the incident, Mr Hong Chang "contacted the FBI in New York five days after the assault, to give them his version of what happened there". It remains unclear why the embassy attack took place or why Mr Hong Chang contacted the FBI and not authorities in Spai..
March 26, 2019

Joshua Boyle: Canadian ex-hostage in court on assault charges

Joshua Boyle: Canadian ex-hostage in court on assault charges Image copyright Reuters Image caption Former Taliban hostage Joshua Boyle was arrested months after arriving back in Canada A Canadian man held hostage for five years in Afghanistan has gone on trial accused of sexual assault, unlawful confinement and other offences. Joshua Boyle, 35, has pleaded not guilty to all 19 charges against him. A court-ordered publication ban was lifted on Monday to reveal that one of the alleged victims is his estranged wife, Caitlan Coleman. Pakistani soldiers rescued Mr Boyle, Ms Coleman, and their three children in October 2017. Mr Boyle appeared in the Ontario court on Monday accompanied by his father. Ms Coleman, who is American, did not attend the hearing but is due to begin giving testimony on Wednesday, Canadian broadcaster CBC reported. The charges Mr Boyle faces include assault, sexual assault, unlawful confinement, uttering death threats and criminal harassment. The story behind the ..
March 25, 2019

How a Chinese firm fell victim to intellectual property theft

How a Chinese firm fell victim to intellectual property theft Image caption Frank Liu says his company Intco was the victim of intellectual property theft There was no break in, no hold up. No glass was smashed. But the factory on the outskirts of Shanghai was the scene of a very modern crime. Someone stole a hoard of intellectual property. "A couple of years ago one of my IT managers copied ten thousand pages of my entire company's profile," Frank Liu told me. His company Intco has been around for 25 years. He told me the stolen download included "our technology information, our customer list, our purchasing and supply information. Everything." Intco is a business that makes medical devices, skirting boards and photo frames. I visited its offices at a business park in Shanghai, and a factory that sits either side of a tree-lined road south of the city. The company recycles polystyrene waste sent to China from all over the world. Then, using heat moulding and imprinting technique..
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