August 27, 2018

UK wife killer to be repatriated to India

UK wife killer to be repatriated to India Image copyright PA Image caption Harpreet Aulakh (left) was sentenced to 28 years prison in 2009 for killing Geeta Aulakh (right). An Indian man currently serving a jail term in the UK for murdering his wife will be repatriated to India, a top prison official has told BBC Punjabi. Harpreet Aulakh was sentenced to a minimum of 28 years in a UK prison in December 2010 for ordering the murder of Geeta Aulakh. Mother-of-two Ms Aulakh, 28, had her hand severed with a machete during the attack in Greenford, London, in 2009. Aulakh ordered the murder after she asked for a divorce. IPS Sahota, a top prison official in the northern Indian state of Punjab, told BBC Punjabi's Arvind Chhabra that Aulakh would arrive in India on Tuesday and would be sent to a prison in Amritsar district. "All arrangements are in place. According to the plan, the UK authorities will bring him to Delhi from where a team of Punjab police officers will bring him to Amri..
August 27, 2018

Myanmar military leaders must face genocide charges, says UN

Myanmar military leaders must face genocide charges, says UN Image copyright Reuters Image caption At least 700,000 Rohingya have fled Myanmar in the past year - rights groups say thousands more have died A UN report has said top military figures in Myanmar must be investigated for genocide in Rakhine state and crimes against humanity in other areas. The report, based on hundreds of interviews, is the strongest condemnation from the UN so far of violence against the Rohingya. The army's tactics are "consistently and grossly disproportionate to actual security threats", it says. It names six senior military figures it believes should go on trial. It is also fiercely critical of Myanmar's de facto leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, for failing to intervene to stop the violence. The report calls for the case to be referred to the International Criminal Court of Justice. Image caption The Rakhine crackdown has led to allegations of brutality against Rohingya and destruction of entir..
August 26, 2018

North Korea grants humanitarian release to Japanese tourist

North Korea grants humanitarian release to Japanese tourist Image copyright AFP Image caption Tourists visiting North Korea are closely monitored at all times North Korea has said it is freeing a detained Japanese tourist on humanitarian grounds. There is very little information available on Tomoyuki Sugimoto, but he was known to have been arrested earlier this month. North Korea has not said why he was arrested, only that he was breaking the law. Japanese media said he could have been filming a military facility. Tourists visiting North Korea are strictly monitored at all times. The secretive country has often jailed tourists before - sometimes for arbitrary reasons - and used them as bargaining tools in its negotiations with their home states. Among the most noted recent detainees was Otto Warmbier, a US student who was jailed for stealing a hotel sign. He was also released on humanitarian grounds, but arrived home critically ill and died a few days later. Will we ever know wha..
August 26, 2018

Myanmar Reuters journalists Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo await verdict

Myanmar Reuters journalists Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo await verdict Image copyright Reuters Two Reuters journalists who documented a massacre of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar are due to hear whether they will be jailed for violating a state secrets act. Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo were arrested in December while carrying secret official documents they had just been given by police officers. The men face up to 14 years in jail if found guilty. They deny the charges. Their lawyer said they would be freed "if the judiciary is free and fair". Wa Lone has said their work followed all media ethics. "We tried to tell the truth based on the real situation," he said previously. The verdict comes a year after the long-running crisis in Rakhine state came to a head when a previously unknown Rohingya militant group staged deadly attacks on police posts. Myanmar's 'drastic' arrest of journalists Is refugee crisis 'textbook ethnic cleansing'? The military responded with a large-..
August 26, 2018

Sri Lanka mass grave: Dozens of skeletons found in Mannar

Sri Lanka mass grave: Dozens of skeletons found in Mannar Image caption Forensic archaeologists were brought in after building workers unearthed human remains Experts in northern Sri Lanka are trying to identify the remains of dozens of bodies in a mass grave in the country's former war zone. So far the skeletal remains of more than 90 people have been unearthed in the north-western town of Mannar. The mass grave is the second biggest found in the north since the end of the conflict in 2009. The 26-year war between troops and separatist Tamil rebels left at least 100,000 people dead, and many missing. A court ordered detailed excavations at the site - a former co-operative wholesale depot near the main bus terminus - after human remains were found by workers digging foundations for a new building earlier this year. "The entire area can be divided into two parts. In one segment we have a proper cemetery. In the second part, you have a collection of human skeletons which have be..
August 26, 2018

Australia: Illegal boat runs aground in Queensland crocodile swamp

Australia: Illegal boat runs aground in Queensland crocodile swamp Image copyright PA Image caption The local mayor said those on board were "putting themselves at risk in known crocodile habitat" An illegal fishing boat has run aground and been found abandoned in crocodile-infested waters in northern Queensland, Australia. Authorities have found 11 people and think more are hiding in mangroves near Daintree, north of Cairns. It is unknown if those on board were illegally fishing or if they are refugees, but border force officers are on the scene. About 40 people are thought to have been on board, reports say. The Department of Home Affairs said the first priority was to confirm all those on the boat were safe. Queensland state MP Michael Healy told ABC News that the situation was unclear but officers were at the scene. "We don't know whether these are illegal refugees or we don't know if these are fishermen who were maybe fishing illegally and have ended up in Australian w..
August 26, 2018

Afghanistan Islamic State leader ‘killed in air strike’

Afghanistan Islamic State leader 'killed in air strike' Image copyright Reuters Image caption About 150 members of the group surrendered in north-western Afghanistan this month The leader of the Islamic State (IS) group in Afghanistan was killed in an air strike on Saturday, Afghan officials say. Abu Saad Erhabi and 10 other members are said to have died in an operation in the eastern province of Nangarhar, near the border with Pakistan. He is the fourth Afghan leader of the group to be killed in recent years. The IS affiliate has been active there since 2014, claiming a number of deadly recent attacks. It is sometimes known as Islamic State Khorasan after a historic name for Afghanistan and surrounding areas. How successful has IS been in Afghanistan? Afghanistan country profile The National Directorate of Security in Kabul said the strikes that killed Erhabi were part of a joint air and ground operation conducted alongside US-led coalition forces. US officials did not con..
August 26, 2018

Didi Chuxing suspends carpool service after woman killed

Didi Chuxing suspends carpool service after woman killed Image copyright Reuters Image caption This is the latest instance of violence against Didi passengers China's ride-hailing giant Didi Chuxing has suspended its carpool service after police said a driver raped and killed a female passenger. A company statement said the incident showed there were deficiencies in its processes, and so it would suspend its Hitch system for re-evaluation. Authorities said the 20-year-old woman hailed the ride Friday in the eastern city of Wenzhou. A similar incident happened just months ago. In May the company suspended and changed Didi Hitch, which pairs car owners and passengers, after a 21-year-old flight attendant died after using the service in Zhengzhou. China car app plans change after murder Women switch gender on China taxi app after murder China's Uber says it's time to go global In the latest incident, police said the woman got into the taxi at 1300 local time (0500 GMT) an..
August 25, 2018

Julie Bishop ‘to resign as foreign minister’

Julie Bishop 'to resign as foreign minister' Image copyright Reuters Australia's Foreign Minister Julie Bishop is planning to resign, according to media reports. The reports come as new Prime Minister Scott Morrison prepares to announce his new cabinet after winning a bruising leadership contest on Friday. Ms Bishop is also expected to announce that she will not stand at the next general election, due in 2019. She had sought the prime minister's job after Malcolm Turnbull stood aside, but was eliminated in the first round. The leadership fight also ended her 11-year tenure as deputy leader of the Liberal Party. The 62-year-old from Western Australia has been a federal politician for two decades. A PM felled by revolts and revenge"Who needs Game of Thrones?" - Australians react to political chaosLast week's leadership crisis arose after Mr Turnbull came under pressure from poor polling and what he described as an "insurgency" by conservative MPs. How did Tur..
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