October 4, 2018

Xi Jinping game show: How well do you know China’s leader?

Xi Jinping game show: How well do you know China's leader? Image copyright Hunan TV It's dinnertime in China, the evening news has just aired, and primetime TV-watchers are settling down for the real entertainment of the night. "Let's listen to President Xi's speeches and comprehend his thought," enthusiastically declares the host of a game show called, yes, "Studying Xi in the New Era". The "Xi" - in this instance - is a reference to China's leader Xi Jinping who has steadily tightened his grip over the state. Just one year ago "Xi Jinping thought" - an articulation of his political philosophy - was enshrined in the constitution of the Chinese Communist Party. Nothing like that has happened in a very long time. Now it's moved onto Hunan TV, China's most popular entertainment channel aimed at young people, which means that it's clearly time to ensure China's Generation Z and millennials are on board. Image copyright Hunan TV So is it any f..
October 4, 2018

Six rescue divers drown trying to save teen in Malaysia

Six rescue divers drown trying to save teen in Malaysia Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The divers were from Malaysia's Fire and Rescue department Six rescue divers have drowned while trying to save a teenager from a disused mining pool in Malaysia. They were searching for a 17-year-old boy who is thought to have fallen into the body of water while fishing with his friends on Wednesday. Authorities said the divers became caught in a "whirlpool" and sudden strong currents caused some of their equipment to come off. The search for the missing boy resumed on Thursday. 'A very sad day'The boy and his friends were about to start fishing at the mining pool in Sepang district in Selangor state when he fell in, reports said. The divers followed all safety procedures as they went into the pool on a search and rescue mission, according to Sepang district police chief Abdul Aziz Ali They were all wearing complete diving equipment and were tied to a single rope, he said...
October 3, 2018

Honda to invest $2.8bn in GM’s self-driving car unit

Honda to invest $2.8bn in GM's self-driving car unit Image copyright Reuters Image caption GM has done extensive testing of its Cruise robot cars in cities and on busy roads Honda will invest $2.75bn (£2.1bn) and take a stake in General Motors self-driving unit, GM Cruise, as firms continue to team up in the race to develop autonomous vehicles. The Japanese carmaker said it wants develop a self-driving car that could be manufactured at high volume. Earlier this year, Japan's Softbank invested $2.25bn in GM Cruise. Honda's shares were up 1.2% in early Tokyo trade following the announcement and GM's shares rose 2.1% in the US. Honda will contribute approximately $2bn over 12 years to self-driving vehicle initiatives, which together with a $750m equity investment in Cruise, brings its total commitment to the project to $2.75bn, the two firms said in a statement. Analysts have said that GM is among the leaders in the development of self-driving vehicles. Honda's..
October 3, 2018

Priyanka Chopra invests in dating app Bumble

Priyanka Chopra invests in dating app Bumble Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The TV and film star also invests in a US coding school Indian actress Priyanka Chopra will invest in dating app Bumble as the service prepares to expand into her native country later this year. She will also act as an adviser to the app - which requires women to make the first move - for its Indian launch. Bumble's expansion comes as firms push to make women feel safe using dating apps in India. The actress becomes the latest in a string of celebrities to take a stake in a tech venture. Bumble said Chopra will become "partner, advisor, and investor" to the tech firm. "I've always believed that investing in women is key to social transformation and economic growth," Chopra said in a statement from Bumble. "Women want love, they want friendship and they want to find a career, and that's the uniqueness of what Bumble delivers," she added. Her manager, Anjula Acharia, is also an a..
October 3, 2018

United Airlines flight lands safely after mayday call

United Airlines flight lands safely after mayday call Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The United Airlines plane (not pictured) landed safely in Sydney A United Airlines flight has landed safely at Sydney Airport after issuing a mayday call due to low fuel reserves, authorities have said. Flight UA839, carrying 194 people, had been on a 15-hour flight to the city from Los Angeles. Police said they activated a "full emergency response" shortly before the jet landed at 06:36 local time on Thursday (20:36 Wednesday GMT). United Airlines called it a mechanical issue and said all on board were safe. "The aircraft taxied to the gate and all customers disembarked normally," the airline said in a statement. The pilot of the 787-900 Dreamliner had earlier issued a mayday call due to low fuel levels, said Airservices Australia, the nation's aviation navigation authority. New South Wales police said the incident forced the brief closure of Australia's busiest airport and sur..
October 3, 2018

The Indian state where police kill with impunity

The Indian state where police kill with impunity Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The Uttar Pradesh government has said that it conducts "police encounters" to improve law and order A series of alleged extra-judicial killings by police in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh has raised serious concerns about its force. Sharat Pradhan and Nitin Srivastava report for the BBC. "I got a call from the police at around 6.30am, asking if I wanted to film a gun battle going on with two criminals," says a TV journalist from Aligarh, a city in Uttar Pradesh, who has requested anonymity. He rushed to the spot, where to his surprise he was joined by several other journalists brandishing mics and cameras. Together, they filmed a scene that could have been out of a Bollywood film. Live images beamed across most of India's national television channels showed policemen armed with sophisticated assault rifles, kneeling behind thick bushes and firing at a bungalow. It's rea..
October 3, 2018

India Ganges ‘rape video’: Two men arrested

India Ganges 'rape video': Two men arrested Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The alleged attack happened near the Ganges - a holy site for Hindus (file photo) Two men have been arrested in Patna, in north-east India, after a video allegedly showing a woman being raped next to the holy River Ganges was shared widely on social media. Police say the men took turns to assault the victim and film it. The woman was reportedly dragged from the Ganges, where she had been bathing on Sunday morning. In the video, she can be heard asking the men to consider the "sanctity" of the river, revered within Hinduism. She also refers to it as "mother" - a term of affection and respect for the site. Police said on Wednesday the mobile phone used to film the alleged assault had been seized and would be sent to a forensic laboratory for analysis, the Times of India reports. Accounts conflict on how authorities learned of the incident - with police saying they only found out about it af..
October 3, 2018

Indonesia tsunami: Authorities fight fake news

Indonesia tsunami: Authorities fight fake news Image copyright Indonesia Government Image caption The Indonesian government says that the mayor of Palu is very much alive Authorities in Indonesia say they have identified individuals spreading hoaxes following the earthquake and tsunami that devastated parts of Sulawesi and killed more than 1,400 people. The government has released a list of eight instances of fake news being spread on social media and chat platforms which it says are incorrect. Local police say that they wasted time and resources checking out one hoax which claimed that a local dam was near to collapse, and the force's chief says that officers "know the identities" of those spreading rumours. Meanwhile, the country's national disaster agency spokesman has posted messages countering rumours on his Twitter account, and his tweets have been shared thousands of times. Image copyright YUSUF WAHIL/AFP Image caption Amid the rescue efforts, the Indonesian authoriti..
October 3, 2018

Hornbill gets 3D-printed prosthetic casque after cancer

Hornbill gets 3D-printed prosthetic casque after cancer Image copyright Wildlife Reserves Singapore Jary, a captive hornbill in Singapore, has been given a 3D-printed prosthetic bill after surgery to remove cancerous tissue. In July, staff at Jurong Bird Park noticed an 8cm gash on the 22-year-old male Great Pied Hornbill's casque and suspected the bird might be suffering from cancer. Image copyright Wildlife Reserves Singapore Much of the tissue under Jary's casque had been destroyed by the disease. The outlook was bleak - of two previous hornbill cancer cases at the park, one bird died after chemotherapy while the other's cancer had progressed too far for treatment. Image copyright Wildlife Reserves Singapore Jary underwent a scan... Image copyright Wildlife Reserves Singapore ... and a biopsy of the cancer-affected tissue was taken. Analysis of the biopsy confirmed it was cancer and surgeons decided to remove all the cancerous growth. Image copyright Wil;dlife R..
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