October 2, 2018

Cervical cancer: Australia ‘to be first to eliminate disease’

Cervical cancer: Australia 'to be first to eliminate disease' Image copyright CANCER COUNCIL AUSTRALIA Image caption Cervical cancer is being successfully reduced by prevention schemes Australia will become the first country to effectively eliminate cervical cancer if vaccination and screening rates are maintained, researchers say. The disease could be eradicated as a public health issue nationally within 20 years, according to new modelling. It is predicted to be classified as a "rare cancer" in Australia by 2022, when it should drop to less than six cases per 100,000 people. Scientists attribute the progress to national prevention programmes. In 2007, Australia became one of the first countries to introduce a Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccination scheme for girls. The programme was later extended to boys. It complemented a national screening programme that began in 1991. The new modelling was published by the Cancer Council New South Wales (NSW), a charity, in The Lancet..
October 2, 2018

Hayabusa 2: Japan probe to send lander to asteroid

Hayabusa 2: Japan probe to send lander to asteroid Image copyright DLR Image caption Artwork: Hayabusa-2 should release Mascot in the early hours of Wednesday Japan's space agency (Jaxa) is about to send a 10kg lander to the surface of an asteroid. The Hayabusa-2 spacecraft will release the German-French Mascot lander onto the asteroid 162173 Ryugu on Wednesday. Mascot will then analyse the asteroid's surface properties, including its mineral composition and magnetic field. Hayabusa-2 reached the asteroid Ryugu in June this year after a three-and-a-half-year journey. On 21 September, Jaxa celebrated a first, as its "mothership" deployed two robot explorers to the surface of Ryugu. Now, it's the turn of the Mobile Asteroid Surface Scout (Mascot), which has been built by the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and the French Space Agency (Cnes). Image copyright DLR Image caption Artwork: Mascot will be ejected once its "mothership", reaches an altitude of about 56m Hayabusa-2 ..
October 2, 2018

Why Sulawesi’s tsunami is puzzling scientists

Why Sulawesi's tsunami is puzzling scientists Image copyright AFP Image caption The quake was large - but not of the type normally associated with a big tsunami event Friday's catastrophic tsunami event on Sulawesi Island is a puzzle. As the emergency response gathers pace, scientists are scratching their heads to understand why it generated such big waves. The magnitude 7.5 quake was certainly large - one of the biggest recorded anywhere on the globe this year. But it was what geophysicists call a strike-slip event, where the ground breaks horizontally. In this instance, the rock to the east of the fault running up through the island moved northwards relative to the rock to the west. Strike-slip quakes can cause tsunami events but the 6m-tall waves that crashed ashore at Palu city surprised everyone. Remember that to make the series of waves you need a big displacement of the sea-floor - a vertical movement that disturbs the entire water column, which then moves away in all..
October 2, 2018

Kerala flood aftermath: Battling snakes and sewage to clean a city

Kerala flood aftermath: Battling snakes and sewage to clean a city Image copyright Reuters In the wake of devastating floods in the southern Indian state of Kerala, local volunteers played an integral part clearing the mud and debris. BBC Tamil's Pramila Krishnan spoke to one woman who spent weeks helping clean up her city. On 23 August, Sandhini Gopakumar, a 34-year-old housewife, returned to her home in the flood-ravaged city of Cochin with her husband and two children. They had been forced to spend five days in three different emergency relief camps. "On my way back home, I saw the bloated bodies of cattle floating in stagnant water," recalls Sandhini. "How were we going to clean this up? I thought. How many days would we need?" Why the Kerala floods proved so deadlyThe floods were the worst to hit Kerala in a century. Hundreds were killed and more than a million displaced. Like Sandhini and her family, many took shelter in relief camps spread across the state. By the end of ..
October 2, 2018

State TV reporter praised in China after ‘slapping Tory’

State TV reporter praised in China after ‘slapping Tory' Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionThe CCTV reporter allegedly slapped a young Tory activist A Chinese reporter has received praise in mainland China after disrupting a UK event discussing political freedoms in Hong Kong. State TV reporter Kong Linlin is alleged to have slapped a young Conservative Party activist, Enoch Lieu, at the party's annual conference in Birmingham. Tens of thousands of users have praised her for defending Chinese sovereignty over Hong Kong. However, many of these comments appear to have been left by government-paid propagandists. Ms Kong was held by West Midlands Police overnight on Sunday and they confirmed her release on Monday, as investigations continue. The BBC has contacted Ms Kong for comment on the allegations. What happened?On 1 October, a spokesperson for West Midlands police said officers were called to the party conference on Sunday afternoon "after reports ..
October 2, 2018

Afghan election rally hit by suicide bomber, killing at least 13

Afghan election rally hit by suicide bomber, killing at least 13 Image copyright Reuters Image caption Posters in Kabul. Campaigning for the 20 October election began on Friday A suicide attacker has targeted an election campaign rally in the Afghan province of Nangarhar, killing 13 people and injuring more than 30. Supporters of parliamentary candidate Abdel Naser Momand had gathered in Kama district when the blast happened. Campaigning for the 20 October parliamentary election began on Friday, and there had been threats of violence. Both the Taliban and the Islamic State group have urged people to boycott the election.
October 2, 2018

South China Sea: Chinese ship forces US destroyer off course

South China Sea: Chinese ship forces US destroyer off course Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionIn August, a BBC team flew over the disputed South China Sea islands in a US military plane A Chinese warship has forced an American destroyer to change course in the South China Sea by sailing close to it in an "unsafe and unprofessional" manner, the US Navy says. The USS Decatur was sailing past the Gaven and Johnson reefs in the disputed Spratly Islands, which China claims. The Luyang destroyer "approached within 45 yards [41m] of Decatur's bow", Commander Nat Christensen said. The US routinely angers Beijing with "freedom of navigation" missions. The sea, home to vital shipping lanes, has in recent years become a flashpoint for tensions between China and several regional nations which have overlapping claims over islands and reefs. Taiwan, the Philippines, Brunei, Malaysia and Vietnam all make claims to parts of the sea. Why is the South China Sea contentiou..
October 2, 2018

Syrian man Hassan al-Kontar removed from Malaysia airport

Syrian man Hassan al-Kontar removed from Malaysia airport Image copyright Joshua Paul Image caption Hassan al-Kontar was a regular sight at Malaysia's KLIA2 airport A Syrian man who spent months living in a Malaysian airport has been removed and placed in police custody, officials say. Hassan al-Kontar's situation made headlines earlier this year after it emerged that he had been living in Kuala Lumpur International Airport. He had left Syria to avoid mandatory military service and when war broke out, refused to go home. He had been seeking asylum in a third country. But a spokesperson told the BBC on Tuesday that Mr Kontar was "no longer" in the terminal. Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionThe story of Syrian refugee Hassan al-Kontar Malaysia's immigration chief confirmed this, telling local media that authorities were "working together with Royal Malaysia Police". "Passengers at the boarding area are supposed to get on their flights but this ..
October 2, 2018

Indonesia tsunami: Death toll rises to over 1,200

Indonesia tsunami: Death toll rises to over 1,200 Image copyright Reuters The number of people killed in Indonesia from Friday's earthquake and tsunami has risen to more than 1,200, the country's disaster response agency says. The death toll jumped on Tuesday from a previous confirmed figure of 844. The 7.5-magnitude quake struck just off the central island of Sulawesi, setting off a tsunami that hit the coastal city of Palu. People there are growing increasingly desperate for food, fuel and water. There are fears some survivors may still be trapped under the rubble of buildings. How Palu suffered a 'worst case scenario' tsunami Air traffic controller hailed as quake hero How Indonesia’s tsunami warning system failed the victims Indonesian Red Cross officials have told the BBC that 34 Indonesian students whose bodies were found under a church buried by a mudslide were among those killed. They were among a group of 86 students reported missing from a Bible camp in t..
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