September 17, 2018

South Korea’s Moon Jae-in: Caught between Trump and Kim

South Korea's Moon Jae-in: Caught between Trump and Kim Image copyright Reuters Image caption Moon Jae-in is mediating between North Korea and the US Moon Jae-in is the man in the middle. The South Korean president has become the mediator between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un and is leading the diplomatic efforts to try to get North Korea to disarm. Mr Moon's trip to Pyongyang on Tuesday, his third meeting with Mr Kim since April, may be his toughest challenge yet. He has to make real progress in persuading the North Koreans to make concrete steps to denuclearise. Otherwise the flurry of inter-Korean summits and the much-hyped Singapore meeting this year will be seen as glossy photo-ops, and President Trump may begin to lose patience. With his approval rating dropping at home, Mr Moon needs a win. Here are some of the main obstacles he will need to overcome... Making North Korea more convincingPresident Trump declared in June, after meeting Mr Kim, that there was no longer a..
September 17, 2018

Korea talks: Moon goes North to push stalled nuclear talks

Korea talks: Moon goes North to push stalled nuclear talks Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Earlier this year, the leaders of the two Koreas met for their first historic summit The leaders of North and South Korean are set to meet for talks, with hopes centred on whether they can revive the stalled denuclearisation negotiations. Since the beginning of the year North Korea has embarked on an unprecedented path of meetings with both the South and the US. Yet talks with Washington have reached deadlock, with both sides so far agreeing only to very general goals. South Korea has taken on a key mediating role. South Korean President Moon Jae-in will arrive in Pyongyang on Tuesday for a three-day visit. It's the first trip to the North Korean capital by a leader from the South in a decade. It will be his third meeting with the North's Kim Jong-un since their historic summit at the border in April this year. The Korean War ended in 1953 with an armistice - but no forma..
September 17, 2018

Pakistan bidders flock to PM Imran Khan’s car auction

Pakistan bidders flock to PM Imran Khan's car auction Image caption Half of the 100 cars were billed as "luxury" but the Mercedes Maybach S-600s didn't sell Bullet-proof jeeps and helicopters drew hundreds of bidders to a Pakistani government "austerity-drive" auction aimed at cutting vehicle costs. But the heavily publicised sale - held on the lawns of Prime Minister House - failed to live up to its billing and even drew laughter from buyers. Auctioneers said the government hoped to net at least $16m (£12m), but just $600,000 was made from Monday's sale. Further sales will be held as the government targets a debt crisis. The bidders showed keen interest in four helicopters the government is putting up for sale. But it was announced they will be auctioned later this month. There were also many unanswered questions over eight buffaloes the government is parting with. Earlier this month, an aide to new PM Imran Khan puzzled many when he tweeted that the buffalo had bee..
September 17, 2018

Australia’s elder abuse scandal ‘beyond belief’

Australia's elder abuse scandal 'beyond belief' Image copyright ABC Image caption Corey Lyle Lucas (left) pleaded guilty to assaulting elderly resident Clarence Hausler On Sunday, Australia announced that it would hold a royal commission - its supreme form of inquiry - into the nation's scandal-hit aged care sector. Prime Minister Scott Morrison warned Australians to brace for "bruising" evidence of abuse and negligence. A hidden camera captures the chilling moment when an Australian care worker appears to try to suffocate an 89-year-old man with dementia. The image, first publicised in local news in 2016, highlighted the terror, domination and deceit of elder abuse in a country with an ageing population. The mistreatment of Clarence Hausler in a nursing home in Adelaide in 2015 was uncovered by his daughter, who had been suspicious about her father's bruises. Video from a spy camera she secretly installed revealed that a care assistant, Corey Lyle Lucas, had ..
September 17, 2018

Elon Musk sued for libel by British Thai cave rescuer

Elon Musk sued for libel by British Thai cave rescuer Image copyright AFP Image caption Mr Musk (R) alleged that British diver Mr Unsworth (L) had a "child bride" A British cave diver is suing tech billionaire Elon Musk for defamation after his repeated claims the diver is a child abuser. Vernon Unsworth helped with the rescue of 12 Thai teenagers from a flooded cave in July. Mr Musk has made several accusations against Mr Unsworth without evidence, including that he was a "child rapist". The lawsuit seeks $75,000 (£57,000) in compensation and an injunction against Mr Musk to stop further allegations. The filing also says Mr Unsworth is seeking "punitive damages" as well as the compensation, "to punish him for his wrongdoing and deter him from repeating such heinous conduct". It says Mr Musk sometimes used his Twitter account and emails to "publish to the world false and defamatory accusations" against the Briton. His account had over 22.5 million followers during this time, the fi..
September 17, 2018

Lynette Dawson: No remains found in podcast-famous mystery police dig

Lynette Dawson: No remains found in podcast-famous mystery police dig Image copyright SUPPLIED Image caption Lynette Dawson, a mother of two, was last seen in 1982 Australian police say they have found no remains or items of interest during a dig at the former home of a Sydney woman whose whereabouts have been a mystery since she disappeared in 1982. Lynette Dawson, a mother of two young children, vanished without a trace. A popular podcast on her disappearance has brought wide attention to the case. Her husband has denied murdering her, saying she left the family, perhaps for a religious group. Two inquests found she was killed by a "known person". The new search at the home involved a radar examination of the grounds, including the swimming pool where some believed her remains may be buried, reports say; police also drained the property's septic tank and brought in a blood-detection dog. They used earth-drilling machinery to break up the soil between the front of the house an..
September 17, 2018

Typhoon Mangkhut: Miners and families buried by landslide

Typhoon Mangkhut: Miners and families buried by landslide Image copyright Reuters Image caption A building used as a refuge by miners and their families was crushed by landslides Rescuers in the Philippines are digging through mud to retrieve bodies buried by a landslide that hit as Typhoon Mangkhut battered the country. At least 32 people in the mining town of Itogon, in Benguet province, were crushed in a single shelter. Teams are digging through the rubble with their bare hands, passing blocks of concrete and pieces of wood down a 50ft line to clear the area. Typhoon Mangkhut is now weakening over southern China. Four people were killed in the province of Guangdong - three by falling trees. What happened in the Philippines?The storm ploughed across the main Philippine island of Luzon over the weekend. More than 60 people have been killed, mostly in landslides triggered by heavy rains, with the majority in Benguet province. A group of artisanal goldminers in the village of Ucab, ..
September 17, 2018

Typhoon Mangkhut: Surviving the night in Tuguegarao

Typhoon Mangkhut: Surviving the night in Tuguegarao Image copyright Luke Lasam Typhoon Mangkhut has passed through the Philippines' main island of Luzon, causing landslides, flooding and deaths. The storm has damaged all the buildings in Tuguegarao City in the island's north-east, according to a government official. Deadly typhoon wreaks Philippines carnage Here's how to survive a monster storm Carmelo Lasam is a lawyer who lives in the city and saw out the storm at home with his family: "Me, my wife and my five girls, two granddaughters, all cowering with fear". The next day, they surveyed the damage. Image copyright Luke Lasam Carmelo said he is used to typhoons, but the younger members of his family are not. "I've grown up with them. There is nothing more ferocious," he told the BBC. "We didn't sleep the whole night. I kept assuring them, 'These things pass'. "It took so long hovering over us, it was really terrible. "And it did pass. We&#039..
September 16, 2018

Strawberry needle scare: Australia probe as ‘vicious crime’ widens

Strawberry needle scare: Australia probe as 'vicious crime' widens Image copyright JOSHUA GANE Image caption Sewing needles have been inserted inside strawberries in Australia Australia has ordered an investigation into the discovery of sewing needles hidden in strawberries, amid growing alarm over scares across the country. Contaminated punnets have now been reported in six states and territories. A minister called it a "vicious crime". One man was taken to hospital after eating a strawberry that held a needle. Several brands have been recalled, while a major New Zealand grocer said that it had stopped selling imported strawberries as a precaution. Australian Health Minister Greg Hunt ordered the Food Safety Authority of Australia and New Zealand to investigate the scare. "This is a very vicious crime and it's a general attack on the public," he said. Local authorities are also investigating, but no suspects have been identified. Copycat fearsCases of fruit tampering w..
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