August 7, 2018

Australia’s population to hit 25 million for first time

Australia's population to hit 25 million for first time Image copyright Getty Images Australia's population will reach 25 million for the first time on Tuesday, according to official estimates. The milestone, driven significantly by migration, has magnified debate about the merits of a "big or little" Australia, and congestion in cities. The most contentious aspect has been migration: is it growing too fast, or will it continue to benefit the nation? As urban sprawl worsens in Sydney and Melbourne, the government wants people to look at alternative places to live. Where do Australians live?Australia's population is concentrated around its coast - Sydney and Melbourne alone account for about two-fifths of people. A majority (67%) live in state and territory capital cities, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. The only exceptions are Hobart (44% of Tasmanians) and Brisbane (49% of Queenslanders). Despite much of Australia being uninhabitable - officially 20% ..
August 6, 2018

Lombok quake: Rescuers search collapsed mosque for survivors

Lombok quake: Rescuers search collapsed mosque for survivors Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The green-domed mosque in North Lombok has now been reduced to rubble Rescue workers are searching the ruins of a mosque in Lombok, Indonesia, where it is feared people were trapped by Sunday's deadly earthquake. The 6.9 magnitude quake is now known to have killed nearly 100 people and left at least 20,000 people homeless. The mosque is one of thousands of buildings in North Lombok that were damaged. Two have already been rescued from the rubble, according to the national search and rescue agency. The spokesman for the National Disaster Mitigation Agency shared footage of one man being brought out from under the collapsed building. Image Copyright @Sutopo_PN @Sutopo_PN Report Image Copyright @Sutopo_PN @Sutopo_PN Report The official death toll from the quake now stands at 98, but officials believe that may rise. Aid agencies have said their priority now is to provide shelter..
August 6, 2018

Christopher Robin: Winnie the Pooh film denied release in China

Christopher Robin: Winnie the Pooh film denied release in China Image copyright Getty/Laurie Sparham China's film authorities have denied a release to Disney's new Winnie the Pooh film, Christopher Robin, it's reported. No reason has been given for the decision, but it's believed to be part of a nationwide clampdown on references to the beloved children's character. Chinese authorities have been blocking images of Pooh on social media since last year, after the AA Milne bear became a symbol of political dissent. It's after the Chinese leader Xi Jinping has been compared to the bear. The comparisons began in 2013 when an image of Xi walking with President Barack Obama was posted alongside a picture of Pooh walking next to Tigger. Skip Twitter post by @FT A bear, however hard he tries, Falls foul of Chinese censors' eyes — Financial Times (@FT) July 16, 2017 Report End of Twitter post by @FT Then in ..
August 6, 2018

PepsiCo’s Indra Nooyi: ‘Everybody’s watching you’

Indra Nooyi: 'Everybody's watching you' Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Pepsi Co chief executive Indra Nooyi in 2011 Indra Nooyi was an unusual presence at the top of the business world. An immigrant and a woman, she served as chief executive of PepsiCo for 12 years - a position that placed her among the world's most powerful corporate titans, overseeing a business that sells more than $1bn worth of products each year and includes 22 global brands, including Frito-Lay, Gatorade, Quaker and Tropicana. When she was named chief executive in 2006, she was one of fewer than a dozen women at the top of America's 500 largest public companies. "You're now a role model. Everybody's watching you and these jobs are very hard, so one has to be very careful that you take it all in stride," she told the BBC in 2011. "Don't let the privilege and the trappings ... go to your head. Keep your legs firmly rooted to the ground and focus on the responsibi..
August 6, 2018

Tokyo 2020 Olympics: Japan debates daylight saving to avoid heat

Tokyo 2020 Olympics: Japan debates daylight saving to avoid heat Image copyright AFP/Getty Image caption Japan has declared the current heatwave a natural disaster Japan is considering adopting daylight saving time next year so that athletes in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games can compete in cooler hours, reports say. The proposal to bring clocks forward by two hours has received major opposition on social media with many worried it would result in longer working hours. At least 120 people have died in a record heatwave since July. The government says it is yet to decide on the move but does want to limit the effect of summer heat on the athletes. Japan declares heatwave a natural disaster No squatting - Japan's 'stress-free' Olympic toilets Tokyo 2020 promises ways to combat heat "It is not true that the government has decided to aim for adopting daylight saving time," Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga told a news conference. He said such a move would have a "major" i..
August 6, 2018

Bangladesh protests: How a traffic accident stopped a city of 18 million

Bangladesh protests: How a traffic accident stopped a city of 18 million Image copyright AFP Image caption Students have defied calls to return home For more than a week, Bangladesh has been gripped by mass protests triggered by the death of two children in a traffic accident. The demonstrators, overwhelmingly young people, are demanding that the government take action to improve road safety. The movement has developed into a major standoff, and there have been scenes of violence in the streets of the capital, Dhaka, home to 18 million people. Here is how the story unfolded. What sparked the first protest?On 29 July, two schoolchildren in Dhaka - a boy and a girl - were run over and killed by a speeding bus. The driver is thought to have lost control of the vehicle while racing another bus to pick up passengers. The accident might have passed as an everyday occurrence in a city with notoriously dangerous traffic and in a country where more than 4,000 pedestrians were killed in road a..
August 6, 2018

Lombok quake: Thousands evacuated after dozens die on Indonesia island

Lombok quake: Thousands evacuated after dozens die on Indonesia island Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionMoment the quake struck caught on camera Some 10,000 people have been evacuated on the Indonesian island of Lombok after a powerful 6.9 magnitude quake on Sunday left more than 90 people dead. Witnesses spoke of chaos and terror as buildings collapsed and power and communication lines were cut. Boats have been sent to evacuate more than 1,000 tourists from the nearby Gili islands. Aid agencies said the priority was to provide shelter for residents too scared to return to their homes. The agencies said the impact was far bigger than another quake that hit Lombok last week, killing 16 people. In pictures: Damaged homes and evacuations in LombokWhat's the latest on Lombok?Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, a spokesman for the Indonesian Disaster Management Agency, said that the northern area of Lombok had suffered massive damage. Three C-130 Hercules aircraft and two h..
August 6, 2018

Lombok earthquake: Expert warns of strong aftershocks in Indonesia

August 5, 2018

Australia backlash over far-right figure’s TV interview

Australia backlash over far-right figure's TV interview Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Blair Cottrell was convicted last year of inciting contempt of Muslims An Australian TV network has said it was "wrong" to interview a far-right figure with a criminal past, after the segment set off a widespread backlash. Blair Cottrell appeared in a one-on-one studio interview on Sky News Australia on Sunday to speak about immigration. Viewers pointed out that Cottrell was last year convicted of inciting contempt of Muslims, and that he has previously called for schools to display pictures of Adolf Hitler. Sky News Australia responded on Sunday. Image Copyright @SkyNewsAust @SkyNewsAust Report Image Copyright @SkyNewsAust @SkyNewsAust Report Cottrell is the former leader of anti-immigration group United Patriots Front. He was interviewed by Adam Giles, a programme host and former chief minister of the Northern Territory. Other presenters at the network were among those to critici..
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