July 11, 2018

Thailand cave rescue: ‘Tiny bit of hope became reality’

July 11, 2018

Cave rescue: ‘Hope became reality’ says Navy Seal chief

Cave rescue: 'Hope became reality' says Navy Seal chief Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionRear Adm. Arpakorn Yuukongkaew, head of the Thai navy seals: "There was only a tiny bit of hope" The head of the Thai Navy Seals has said "hope became reality" with the successful rescue of 12 boys and their coach from the Tham Luang cave. "We had a little bit of hope that they might still be alive but we had to do it, we just had to move forward," Rear Adm Arpakorn Yukongkaew told the BBC. "There was only a tiny bit of hope, but that's all we had to work with." The group was trapped in the cave by rising water and rescued in a dramatic operation that captivated the world. They survived underground for 17 days by drinking water dripping down the cave walls, officials have said. Authorities have been giving a health update after the rescue mission ended on Tuesday. All 13 are now in hospital and are recovering well, health officials said. Image copyright ..
July 11, 2018

Qin Yongmin: Prominent Chinese dissident jailed for 13 years

Qin Yongmin: Prominent Chinese dissident jailed for 13 years Image copyright AFP/Getty Images Image caption Chinese dissident Qin Yongmin, who is now 64, pictured in 1993 One of China's highest-profile democracy campaigners has been sentenced to 13 years in prison for "subversion of state power". Qin Yongmin, 64, has already spent a total of 22 years behind bars. Qin had "refused to cooperate with the court" and stayed silent throughout his trial, human rights lawyer Lin Qilei earlier told the AFP news agency. The guilty verdict was confirmed online by the Wuhan City Intermediate People's Court, in central China. Frances Eve, a researcher at the NGO Chinese Human Rights Defenders, said Mr Qin had been "prosecuted for his belief in a democratic China as well as his actions in advocating for human rights". "Authorities have been unable to build a case against him despite three years of investigation," she added. Qin is a co-founder of the China Democracy Party, and was hande..
July 10, 2018

The doctor who chose to stay

Cave rescue: The Australian diving doctor who stayed with the boys Image copyright OZTEK/RICHARD HARRIS Image caption Dr Richard Harris spent three days underground with the young Thais and their coach It was his rare combination of talents that led Australian doctor Richard Harris deep into the Tham Luang cave in Thailand. When the Wild Boars football team was located deep inside the cave, after being missing for a week, the Adelaide anaesthetist abandoned his holiday in Thailand and volunteered to help. He went in to assess the boys' health and stayed with them for three days. It was under his direction that the weakest boys were first led out with the others successfully following in the complex operation. Dr Harris, known as Harry, is believed to have been one of the last rescuers out of the cave. The heroes who saved the 'Wild Boars' How the operation unfolded In pictures: the story of the rescue Seventeen days in darkness But relief and celebration were suddenly..
July 10, 2018

Who were the trapped boys?

Cave rescue: Who are the 12 boys and their coach who were trapped in Thailand? Image copyright Facebook Image caption The 12 boys were all rescued and taken to hospital On 23 June, 12 boys and their football coach walked into a cave after football practice in northern Thailand. The boys, who are part of the Moo Pa - or Wild Boars - football team, became trapped when heavy rains flooded the Tham Luang cave and cut off their escape route. All 12 boys and their coach have been freed from the cave. Few details about the group have been released. Here is what we know about the boys and their coach: Image copyright Facebook Chanin Vibulrungruang (Nickname: Titan), 11 The youngest in the team. Titan started playing football at age seven before joining his school's sports club. He was later invited to join the Wild Boars football club. Image copyright Facebook Panumas Sangdee (Nickname: Mig) 13 According to Nopparat Kantawong, the head coach of the football team, Mig is bigger th..
July 10, 2018

K-pop drives boom in Korean language lessons

K-pop drives boom in Korean language lessons Image copyright Reuters Korean is rapidly growing in popularity, in a language-learning boom driven by the popularity of the country's pop stars. A desire to learn the lyrics of K-Pop hits like Gangnam Style has boosted the Korean language's popularity explode in countries like the US, Canada, Thailand and Malaysia. A report by the Modern Language Association shows that Korean uptake in US universities rose by almost 14% between 2013 and 2016, while overall language enrolment was in decline. The latest statistics show 14,000 students are learning Korean in the US, compared to only 163 two decades earlier. The language learning website Duolingo launched a Korean course last year because of rising demand. It quickly attracted more than 200,000 pupils. Rising demand in universityProfessor Andre Schmid has seen a rapid rise at the University of Toronto, where he researches Korean history. When the university introduced a Korean class ..
July 10, 2018

Is child sex abuse in India rising?

Child sex crime: Does India have a growing problem? Image caption Recent high-profile rape cases in India have led to street protests India feels like it is going through an upsurge of sexual violence against children, with reports dominating the news week after week and prompting public anger. In June, hundreds came out on to the streets in central India protesting over the rape of a seven-year-old girl. Has there been a rise in the sexual abuse of children, defined as anyone under the age of 18, or is it that more cases are coming to light? It's partly down to more reporting by India's rapidly expanding media sector, dominated by television and mobile news providers. There have also been changes to the legal definition of rape and a new requirement that makes it mandatory for the police to record complaints of sexual assault. Image caption The growth of the media has led to more reporting of sex crimes The current debate was sparked in part by the rape and murder of an ei..
July 10, 2018

Cave rescue: ‘You never know when you’ll need English’

July 10, 2018

How the Thai cave boys were rescued

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