August 14, 2018

India rejects patent plea for ‘immoral’ sex toy

India rejects patent plea for 'immoral' sex toy Image copyright We-Vibe India's patent office has rejected a plea by a Canadian company to patent a vibrator because sex toys violate "public order and morality". Invoking India's obscenity law, the patent office said the law "has never engaged positively with the notion of sexual pleasure". The patent office said sex toys are considered to be obscene objects and are illegal in India. But a 2011 court ruling had said sex toys could not be considered obscene. Can an orgasm a day keep my stress away? Designers shape sex toys of the future An Ontario-based company called Standard Innovation Corporation had applied for a patent in India for a new vibrator, to prevent generic local copycats being sold in the market, according to Shamnad Basheer, a visiting professor of law at India's National Law School who is working on a book about public health law. In April, the patents office rejected the plea, saying that sex..
August 14, 2018

Fukushima child statue: Residents complain about radiation suit

Fukushima child statue: Residents complain about radiation suit Image copyright AFP Image caption A symbol of hope or bad PR for Fukushima? Fukushima residents have reacted angrily to the statue of a boy in protective gear, saying it gives the impression of a city still contaminated after the 2011 nuclear disaster. Fukushima's nuclear plant was hit by a tsunami in 2011, causing the most serious such accident since Chernobyl. The statue was erected in early August and its creator said it was about hope for a world free from nuclear disaster. Artist Kenji Yanobe has since apologised for making residents uneasy. According to Japanese news agency Kyodo, angry citizens took to Twitter and called the authorities directly, demanding for the statue to be removed as it would harm the reputation of Fukushima. The statue is named "Sun Child" and can be found outside Fukushima's train station. It depicts a boy wearing a yellow hazmat suit, holding his helmet in one hand and a sun symb..
August 14, 2018

India denies China printing currency claim amid social media row

India denies China printing currency claim amid social media row Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The rupee is printed across four high-security presses in India The Indian government has denied a report that a Chinese company would be printing its currency notes, calling it "baseless" amid social media outrage. The report by the South China Morning Post claimed a Chinese company had been contracted to print international currencies, including the Indian rupee. The news spread quickly on social media, prompting outrage over how this could endanger national security. India prints all its currency in four high-security presses. "Reports about any Chinese currency printing corporation getting any orders for printing Indian currency notes are totally baseless. Indian currency notes are being and will be printed only in Indian government and the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) currency presses," an official from the Department of Economic Affairs told news agency ANI. Is India runnin..
August 14, 2018

Rainbow trout can now be called salmon in China

Rainbow trout can now be called salmon in China Image copyright iStock Image caption The rainbow trout has been labelled as the true victim of the move If you think there's something fishy about the salmon you're eating, that could be because it's not salmon. New rules introduced in China mean rainbow trout can now be labelled and sold domestically as salmon. Why? Because a media report earlier this year caused a splash by revealing that rainbow trout had for years been labelled as the similar-looking fish. Authorities decided that instead of banning the practice, the best solution would be to legitimise it. Rainbow trout are freshwater fish whereas salmon are born in freshwater but then live much of their lives in saltwater. The two species are outwardly different, but inside, both have reddish meat and closely resemble each other. They're so similar that in May, state media outlet CCTV revealed that a third of fish that had been sold as salmon in China was in fa..
August 13, 2018

Philip Wilson: Ex-archbishop in cover-up to be detained at home

Philip Wilson: Ex-archbishop in cover-up to be detained at home Image copyright Reuters Image caption Philip Wilson was convicted in May of concealing child sexual abuse A former Catholic archbishop will serve a maximum 12-month sentence in home detention for concealing child sexual abuse, an Australian court has confirmed. The decision means Philip Wilson, who resigned as archbishop of Adelaide after his conviction, will avoid jail. Wilson is the world's most senior Catholic cleric to be convicted of covering up sexual abuse. His lawyers said they would lodge an appeal on Tuesday. A magistrate in New South Wales said Wilson would serve his sentence immediately at a relative's home, where he would be monitored by a tracking device. The court had previously ordered Wilson to be assessed for home detention. He will be eligible for parole after six months. During his trial, Wilson denied knowing that paedophile priest James Patrick Fletcher had abused altar boys in the 1970s...
August 13, 2018

Melbourne no longer ‘most liveable city’

The city ranked as the most liveable in the world Image copyright Getty Images Austrian capital, Vienna, has beaten Australia's Melbourne to be named the world's most liveable city. It's the first time a European city has topped the rankings of the Economist Intelligence Unit annual global survey. The worldwide league table ranks 140 cities on a range of factors, including political and social stability, crime, education and access to healthcare. In the survey, Manchester saw the biggest improvement of any European city, rising by 16 places to rank 35th. Manchester's rise puts it ahead of London in the rankings by 13 places, the widest gap between the two cities since the survey began two decades ago. The Economist said Manchester's jump in the rankings was due to an improved security score. 'Resilience'The survey was criticised last year for demoting Manchester after the Manchester Arena attack which killed 22 victims. This year, survey editor ..
August 13, 2018

Korea talks: Moon to visit Pyongyang in September

Korea talks: Moon to visit Pyongyang in September Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Agreement on the summit was reached between Northern (left) and Southern officials at the border on Monday South Korean President Moon Jae-in is to visit the North Korean capital Pyongyang next month to meet the North's leader, Kim Jong-un. It will be the first time in more than a decade that a South Korean leader has visited Pyongyang and it comes after cultural and sporting exchanges. Mr Moon has already met Mr Kim twice this year for summits. An adviser said the South was trying to persuade the North to take concrete steps towards nuclear disarmament. North Korea's long game Did Trump and Kim really achieve anything in Singapore? "Our government is trying to play role of facilitator," said Chung-in Moon, special adviser to President Moon. The two Koreas have developed their relationship since the new year after Mr Kim promised to suspend nuclear missile tests. This rapprochemen..
August 13, 2018

South Korean woman jailed over secret nude model photo

South Korean woman jailed over secret nude model photo Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionThe use of hidden and up-skirt cameras is a huge problem in South Korea A South Korean woman has been jailed for secretly photographing a male nude model and posting the image online. The 25-year-old - who is also a nude model - was sentenced to 10 months in prison after taking the photograph at an art college in Seoul. The rare sentence sparked accusations of double standards around "spy cam porn", which usually involves men secretly filming women. More than 6,000 cases are reported each year, and 80% of the victims are women. Hidden cameras capture people going to the toilet, or undressing in clothing shops, gyms and swimming pools. The videos are then posted online on pop-up pornography sites. Only 8.7% of those caught secretly filming people in this way are jailed on their first conviction, according to government statistics. Of the 6,465 cases reported last year, only ..
August 13, 2018

China Uighurs: Beijing denies detaining one million

China Uighurs: Beijing denies detaining one million Image caption China says it is fighting separatism and Islamist militants in Xinjiang China has said reports it is holding a million Muslim Uighurs in detention in Xinjiang are "completely untrue". Uighurs enjoyed full rights but "those deceived by religious extremism... shall be assisted by resettlement and re-education", officials admitted. The rare admission from Beijing - at a UN meeting in Geneva - came in response to concerns that the region "resembles a massive internment camp". Xinjiang has seen intermittent violence - followed by crackdowns - for years. China accuses Islamist militants and separatists of orchestrating the trouble. In depth: Tensions between Beijing and the Uighurs Uighurs dig their way out of Thai jail What did China admit to?China has sent a 50-strong delegation to the two-day meeting of the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. On Friday, committee member Gay McDougall said she was conc..
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