August 5, 2018

Bangladesh violence: Armed men attack US envoy’s cars amid protests

Bangladesh violence: Armed men attack US envoy's cars amid protests Image copyright AFP/Getty Image caption Bangladesh police have fired tear gas on student protesters demanding better road safety Armed men attacked a convoy of cars carrying the US envoy to Bangladesh in the capital Dhaka on Saturday night, US officials said. Ambassador Marcia Bernicat and her security team were able to get away unharmed, but two cars were damaged. It comes as thousands of students and school children continue a week-long protest calling for safer roads. Police have fired tear gas to disperse the crowds. Dozens of protesters have also been injured in street attacks. The US ambassador condemned the violence against the peaceful protesters on Sunday.
August 5, 2018

Nato soldiers killed in Afghan suicide bombing

Nato soldiers killed in Afghan suicide bombing A suicide bomber has killed three Nato foreign soldiers in an attack in eastern Afghanistan. The victims, whose nationalities have not been disclosed, were on a routine foot patrol alongside Afghan forces, Nato officials said in a statement. A US soldier and two Afghan soldiers were wounded in the attack in Charikar, the capital of Parwan province, at 6:00 local time (01:30 GMT). Taliban militants have claimed they carried out the bombing. Afghanistan profile - Timeline Afghan civilian deaths 'hit record high' Nato summit tackles Afghan conflict US Army General John Nicolson said: "Their sacrifice will endure in both our hearts and history and further strengthen our resolve." Last month, a US soldier was killed and two others wounded in an "apparent insider attack" in southern Afghanistan, Nato officials said. The US-led Nato force, which comprises of soldiers from 41 countries, pulled out most of its troops after it ended its ..
August 5, 2018

China’s football future: The mountain school producing prodigies

China's football future: The mountain school producing prodigies Image caption Wang Chun (left) dreams of playing for China's national team It's just after dawn in the mountains of Gansu province, north-central China, and 40 children are beginning their first football practice of the day. One girl stands out from the rest: the girls' football captain, 12-year-old Wang Chun. She's taller than many of the other girls and looks unusually focused. The stakes are high. Wang Chun has an important audition coming up that could help her escape poverty in this remote, dusty corner of China. In two months, she'll try out at one of China's top football academies - Evergrande, in China's southern Guangdong province - more than 2,000km (1,200 miles) away. For now, Wang Chun and the others at the Zhonglianchuan primary school focus on perfecting their passes. The headmaster, Ma Anwu, stands in the middle of the neon green pitch. He doubles as the main coach. ..
August 4, 2018

Ai Weiwei Beijing studio demolished ‘without warning’

Ai Weiwei Beijing studio demolished 'without warning' Image copyright Reuters Image caption Mr Ai posted footage of the demolition on social media The dissident Chinese artist Ai Weiwei says the authorities in Beijing have demolished his studio there. In a series of clips on Instagram showing the former factory being torn down, Ai said that he had been given no notice of the decision. Another of his studios in Shanghai was destroyed in 2011. He also said at that time he had received no warning. The 66-year-old has lived in Germany since leaving China in 2015. He is a strong critic of China's government. On Instagram Ai said "farewell" to the space, which he had used since 2006. Image Copyright aiww aiww Report One of Ai's assistants, Gang Ra, told the AFP new agency that the rental contract for the building had ended last year but that it "simply wasn't possible" to move out at the time because of the amount of works still present. He said that they had been t..
August 4, 2018

Bangladesh students attacked during Dhaka protest

Bangladesh students attacked during Dhaka protest Image copyright EPA About 25 students have been injured in clashes in Bangladesh on the seventh day of an unprecedented youth protest about road safety, reports say. Thousands of pupils, many in school uniform, have been out on the roads of the capital, Dhaka, stopping traffic and checking vehicles and drivers. The authorities say unidentified groups of youths attacked them on Saturday. The protesters want improved road safety after a boy and girl were killed by a speeding bus last Sunday. Transport workers have in recent days staged their own strike, while the government has urged students to return to their classrooms. A government minister previously accused the students of hypocrisy, sparking further uproar. He later apologised. Image copyright Reuters Image caption Students chant slogans during the demonstration Police used tear gas as they tried to control the crowds on Saturday. Local journalists told the BBC they were among th..
August 4, 2018

North Korea calls US actions on nuclear programme ‘alarming’

North Korea calls US actions on nuclear programme 'alarming' Image copyright EPA Image caption The two men appeared friendly at a summit but North Korea has some strong words for the US North Korea's foreign minister has called US actions "alarming" as tensions over the North's nuclear programme again flared. Ri Yong-ho was responding to comments by the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo urging other countries to keep up sanctions pressure on Pyongyang. A landmark summit between the US and North Korea in June saw the North agree to work towards denuclearisation. But details remain vague and the UN says its nuclear programme continues. At a regional forum in Singapore, Mr Pompeo said it was important to maintain "diplomatic and economic pressure" on North Korea to achieve "the final, fully verified denuclearisation". Pyongyang is currently under a range of international and US sanctions over its nuclear programme and missile tests. Trump-Kim summit: Why did they mee..
August 4, 2018

Thai cave boys leave monastery after novice monkhood

Thai cave boys leave monastery after novice monkhood Image copyright AFP/Getty Image caption The boys ended their retreat as novice Buddhist monks following a prayer ceremony on 4 August Most of the Thai boys rescued from a flooded cave have returned home after spending time in a Buddhist monastery as novice monks. Eleven of the Wild Boars youth football team were ordained novices in memory of a diver who died during their rescue. Their 25-year-old coach, who has received monk's orders, will stay on for three months. One of the boys did not participate as he is a Christian. The group were trapped for more than two weeks before a dramatic rescue. Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionBuddhist monks cut the Thai cave boys' hair The novice monks - aged between 11 and 17 - left a temple in northern Thailand's Mae Sai district after spending nine days living in a monastery, a tradition for males in Thailand who experience adversity. The experience was s..
August 4, 2018

North Korea continuing nuclear programme – UN report

North Korea continuing nuclear programme - UN report Image copyright KCNA Image caption North Korea carried out a series of long-range missile tests in 2017 North Korea has not stopped its nuclear and missile programmes, violating UN sanctions, a report commissioned by the UN Security Council says. It also says Pyongyang has resorted to a "massive increase" of illegal ship-to-ship transfers of oil products and has been trying to sell weapons abroad. The confidential report by a panel of independent experts was submitted to the UN Security Council on Friday. North Korea has so far not commented on the document's findings. Last week, US officials said Pyongyang appeared to be building new ballistic missiles despite recent warming ties with US President Donald Trump's administration and pledges to denuclearise. Unnamed US officials told the Washington Post that spy satellites had spotted continuing activity at a site that has produced ballistic missiles. President Trump met Nor..
August 3, 2018

My Indian Life: Kalki tells stories of young India in BBC podcast

My Indian Life: Kalki tells stories of young India in BBC podcast Image caption The brand new podcast from BBC World Service will launch on Saturday Long before television brought moving images to our homes, there was radio. As a child growing up in the eastern Indian city of Kolkata (formerly Calcutta) in the 1970s, I remember my mother always had the radio playing in the background as she did the house work. It was the size of two bricks and the state-run All India Radio was her prime source of entertainment. She got her news from it and heard Bollywood songs on it. On the nights my father would be away travelling on business, my sister and I would get into her bed and the three of us would together listen to Hawa Mahal, a hugely popular programme which aired fictionalised radio dramas. Though television made its first appearance in India in 1950, it invaded our homes only in the 1980s. We huddled around TV sets watching soaps, Bollywood films and songs; and radio was relegated to t..
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