June 13, 2018

Trump Kim summit: North Korean media celebrates meeting

Trump Kim summit: North Korean media celebrates meeting Image copyright Rodong Sinmun North Korea has celebrated the Trump-Kim summit as a great win for the country, with state media reporting that the US intends to lift sanctions. The two leaders met on Tuesday, signing a brief declaration on denuclearisation and reducing tensions. President Donald Trump said afterwards that sanctions would remain in place for now, but would be lifted once "nukes are no longer a factor". He also announced an unexpected end to US-South Korea military drills. The move - long demanded by Pyongyang - has been seen as major concession to North Korea and appeared to take US allies in the region by surprise. The Pentagon has since sought to reassure its allies of its "ironclad" security commitments. 'Meeting of the century'North Korea's media is tightly controlled by the government and only ever reports positively on officials' activities. It rarely reports on leader Kim Jong-un'..
June 13, 2018

Australia sexual abuse: PM accepts landmark inquiry proposals

Australia sexual abuse: PM accepts landmark inquiry proposals Image copyright ROYAL COMMISSION INTO CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE Image caption Messages from survivors were published by the inquiry last year The Australian government has accepted nearly all of the recommendations from a landmark inquiry into child sexual abuse. The five-year inquiry found tens of thousands of children had suffered abuse in Australian institutions. PM Malcolm Turnbull said that his government would act on 104 of 122 official recommendations. The remaining 18 had not been ruled out, he added. He said he would deliver a national apology on 22 October. "The survivors have told their stories and we must honour them," he told reporters on Wednesday. "Ensure that out of their suffering, out of that abuse, comes lasting reform so what they suffered - the wrongs that were inflicted on them - can never happen again." The royal commission inquiry, which concluded in December, heard more than 8,000 testimonies about abuse i..
June 13, 2018

‘Triumph of faith over reality’

Trump-Kim summit: Deciphering what happened in Singapore Image copyright KEVIN LIM/THE STRAITS TIMES/HANDOUT Donald Trump arrived in Singapore promising to make history. That he did by shaking Kim Jong-un's hand for the world's cameras - becoming the first sitting US leader to meet his North Korean counterpart. But what have they really achieved, what are the implications and what might happen next? We asked four experts for their take. 'A vague document but Kim might have made unwritten promises'Andrea Berger, senior research associate, James Martin Center for Non-proliferation Studies Kim Jong-un departed Singapore without putting his signature next to any more detailed or ambitious nuclear-related provisions. The language in the Singapore declaration mirrors previous agreements, and is in places even more vague. In that sense, the joint document is a present that has been elaborately wrapped and re-gifted. But it may be the thought that counts. The meeting in Si..
June 13, 2018

Australia cements Solomon Islands deal amid China influence debate

Australia cements Solomon Islands deal amid China influence debate Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Solomon Islands PM Rick Houenipwela says Australia raised "concerns" about a previous deal Australia has formally agreed to a deal to help build a 4,000km (2,500 mile) internet cable to the Solomon Islands. The Solomon Islands, a small Pacific nation, had originally given the contract to Chinese company Huawei. Prime Minister Rick Houenipwela has said the decision followed "concerns raised by Australia", which neither nation has elaborated upon. Analysts say Canberra is concerned about China's influence in the region, a subject of recent Australian debate. Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said on Wednesday: "As we step up our engagement in the Pacific, we are working as partners with Solomon Islands more closely than ever to ensure stability, security and prosperity in the region." Australia is expected to commit about A$100m (£56m;$75m) of its foreign aid bud..
June 12, 2018

China’s telco giant ZTE sees shares collapse 39%

China's telco giant ZTE sees shares collapse 39% Image copyright Reuters Shares in Chinese technology company ZTE plummeted 39% in Hong Kong as trading in the firm resumed after a two-month suspension. In April, the US Commerce Department found ZTE had violated trade bans with North Korea and Iran. A ban was placed on the firm that prevented it from buying parts from US suppliers. The ban forced ZTE to suspend major operations, and trading in its shares in were halted on 17 April. Last week, the US reached a deal with the Chinese technology giant that would remove the ban. The deal will involve ZTE paying a $1bn penalty and hiring a US-approved compliance team. It will also have to replace its management board. ZTE, which is based in Shenzhen, is China's second biggest telecoms maker. It depends on US-made components for the production of handsets. In Shenzhen, the firm's shares were down 10% in early trade, which is the maximum allowed on the mainland. The share fa..
June 12, 2018

Trump-Kim summit: The hidden messages in their gestures

June 12, 2018

Trump Kim summit: Five odd moments from the day

Trump Kim summit: Five odd moments from the day Image copyright Alamy Image caption North Korea's beaches could represent a new business opportunity, according to Mr Trump US President Donald Trump's meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in Singapore was a historic event, marking the first time that current heads of the two countries have met. From the historic handshake between the two leaders to the signing of a joint agreement, experts have analysed the meeting and its significance for future US-North Korean relations. But there were some odd moments of the day, which have got people talking. 1. The beachesBefore he became president, Donald Trump was better known for his property empire. But it was still a surprising moment to hear the US leader mention a lesser known North Korean attraction: its coastline. "They (North Korea) have great beaches. You see that whenever they're exploding their cannons into the ocean. I said, 'Boy look at that view. Wouldn&#..
June 12, 2018

Trump Kim summit: Rhetoric versus reality

Trump Kim summit: Rhetoric versus reality Image copyright Reuters Image caption Both leaders appeared pleased with the summit, despite the declaration being relatively vague Watching reactions to the Singapore summit as it unfolded became the ultimate foreign policy Rorschach test - everyone came away with a different picture of what happened. There are those who will laud it for establishing a seemingly new approach to US-North Korea relations, one that is more co-operative than confrontational. There are those who will praise it for abandoning the all-or-nothing negotiation style and opting for a more pragmatic and longer-term process, providing enough time and space to work out the details of where we're headed and how to get there. Others will see this as having accomplished nothing new or specific on the denuclearisation front and having simply given both leaders the media attention they so crave. Of course, none of these interpretations are mutually exclusive. Handshake mo..
June 12, 2018

Win-win or a Kim win?

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