July 18, 2018

Dawn boss: ‘Deep state’ influence on Pakistan election

July 18, 2018

Thailand cave rescue: Boy ‘shocked’ to be found

July 18, 2018

Pakistan election: Are more girls going to school?

Pakistan election: Are more girls going to school? Image copyright Getty Images As Pakistan heads to the polls, most of the parties are making campaign pledges to improve access to education for girls. One of the major players, the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, has said that it would ensure equal access for women to education as well as health and employment. Earlier this year, Nobel Prize winner and champion of female education Malala Yousafzai went back to her home town after years away from the country. Malala was shot in the head in 2012 by the Pakistani Taliban, who had begun a violent campaign to force the closure of hundreds of schools. Skip Twitter post by @Malala Proud of students especially girls from my hometown Swat showing their talent in science. Well done! @udhyaana #SwatScienceFestival pic.twitter.com/eU0Mp2KLdG — Malala (@Malala) April 17, 2018 Report End of Twitter post by @Malala Her charitable organisation, the Malala Fund, has built schools to help hundreds of y..
July 18, 2018

Hong Kong National Party: Move to ban pro-independence group ‘concerns’ UK

Hong Kong National Party: Move to ban pro-independence group 'concerns' UK Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Andy Chan, leader of the Hong Kong National Party, has 21 days to make a case against the ban The UK has said it is "concerned" after police in Hong Kong requested a ban on a small political party that campaigns for the territory's independence. Officials in Hong Kong say a request to outlaw the Hong Kong National Party is being considered on security grounds. The UK, which handed sovereignty over Hong Kong to China in 1997, says it does not support its independence, but that its freedoms must be respected. Residents of Hong Kong fear Beijing wants to water down its special status. Under the so-called "one country, two systems" formula, Hong Kong enjoys a high degree of autonomy and certain rights and freedoms not available in mainland China. It is the first time that the territory has considered banning a political party since it was returned to China. ..
July 18, 2018

Air China vaping: Pilots fired over e-cigarette emergency

Air China vaping: Pilots fired over e-cigarette emergency Image copyright Reuters Image caption Air China is the country's main carrier China has revoked the licences of two Air China pilots after a vaping incident in the cockpit forced an emergency descent last week. A passenger flight from Hong Kong to Dalian had to drop more than 6,500m (21,000ft) due to a sudden loss of cabin pressure. Investigators said it was caused by one of the pilots smoking an e-cigarette. The civil aviation body fined the airline and cut the carrier's flights with Boeing 737 models by 10%. It also ordered Air China to undertake a three-month safety review. The mid-air drama unfolded when one of the pilots, who was vaping, tried to turn off a fan to stop his smoke reaching the passenger cabin. Instead, he turned off the air-conditioning unit, causing a drop in the cabin's oxygen levels. Emergency measures were triggered, and oxygen masks dropped. The plane was forced to descend rapidly. ..
July 18, 2018

Musk apologises to diver for Twitter attack

Musk apologises to diver for Twitter attack Tech entrepreneur Elon Musk has apologised to a British cave diver he called a "pedo guy" in a row over the cave rescue in Thailand. He said he had "spoken in anger" after Vern Unsworth ridiculed a mini-submarine he had commissioned for the rescue effort as a "PR stunt". Mr Unsworth told reporters on Monday he was considering legal action. "His actions against me do not justify my actions against him, and for that I apologize," Mr Musk said.
July 18, 2018

Melanoma blood test: Scientists unveil ‘world-first’ research

Melanoma blood test: Scientists unveil 'world-first' research Image copyright BSIP/Getty Images Image caption Melanoma is the most serious form of skin cancer Australian scientists say they have developed a blood test to detect melanoma in its early stages. The test, billed as a world first, is designed to make it easier to spot the skin cancer before it becomes fatal, according to researchers. Currently, doctors rely on skin examinations and biopsies to detect melanoma, which can spread quickly. Researchers say the blood test could provide more accurate results than the human eye, and save many lives. Developed by scientists at Edith Cowan University, the test picks up melanoma by recognising auto-antibodies produced by the body to combat the cancer's early growth. In a trial involving about 200 people - half of whom had the cancer - the test was successful in 81.5% of cases. It will now undergo clinical trials, to take place within three years, in a bid to improve its..
July 18, 2018

Thai cave boys to return to ‘normal life’ after meeting media

Thai cave boys to return to 'normal life' after meeting media Image copyright Reuters Image caption The boys are due to leave the hospital and return to their normal lives Twelve boys and their football coach who were rescued from a flooded cave in northern Thailand are due to leave hospital and return home. They have been in a Chiang Rai hospital since last week, when they were pulled from the Tham Luang cave complex in a dramatic three-day operation The group will make their first public appearance at a news conference and answer questions about their ordeal. After that they will go back to their homes and families, officials say. "The reason to hold this evening press conference is so media can ask them questions and after that they can go back to live their normal lives without media bothering them," Thailand's chief government spokesman Sunsern Kaewkumnerd told news agency AFP. Chiang Rai's provincial governor Prachon Pratsukan added that it would be their "o..
July 18, 2018

MH17 victims’ father condemns Trump over Russian ‘lie’

MH17 victims' father condemns Trump over Russian 'lie' Image copyright ANTHONY MASLIN Image caption Anthony Maslin's children Evie, Mo and Otis died when MH17 was shot down The father of three Australian children killed when a Malaysia Airlines jet was shot down has delivered a scathing attack on Donald Trump over his attitude to Russia. Anthony Maslin's children were among 298 people who died when flight MH17 was downed over Ukraine in 2014. Investigators found that Russia was responsible for the missile used in the strike - a conclusion denied by Moscow. Mr Maslin has taken aim at the US president over Russia's "lie". Earlier this week, Mr Trump declined to accept US intelligence agencies' conclusion that Moscow had meddled in the 2016 presidential election. He has since reversed his remarks following widespread anger. The controversy coincided with the fourth anniversary of the MH17 tragedy. Russia 'liable' for downing airliner Empty ch..
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