June 21, 2018

Mystery ape found in ancient China tomb

Mystery extinct ape found in ancient Chinese tomb Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Many gibbons are threatened with extinction An ape that is new to science has been discovered buried in an ancient tomb in China. The gibbon has already gone extinct, suggesting humans wiped out primate populations long before the modern age. Living primates are in peril, with many on the brink of extinction. The new gibbon, named Junzi imperialis, may be the first to vanish as a direct result of human actions, according to scientists led by the Zoological Society of London. "All of the world's apes - chimpanzees, gorillas, orang-utans and gibbons - are threatened with extinction today due to human activities, but no ape species were thought to have become extinct as a result of hunting or habitat loss," said lead researcher Dr Samuel Turvey. "However, the discovery of the recently extinct Junzi changes this, and highlights the vulnerability of gibbons in particular." First emperorThe par..
June 21, 2018

Two different pregnancies in power

Ardern and Bhutto: Two different pregnancies in power Image copyright AFP Image caption Benazir Bhutto was assassinated after an election rally in Rawalpindi in 2007 Now that New Zealand's Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has hit world headlines by becoming only the second elected head of government to give birth in office, attention has naturally been drawn to the first such leader - Pakistan's late two-time Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. And there are some interesting coincidences here. Ms Ardern's baby girl was delivered on 21 June - the very day Bhutto was born 65 five years earlier, in 1953. Also, Ms Ardern is 37, as was Bhutto when she gave birth to her daughter Bakhtawar Bhutto Zardari on 25 January 1990. In a tweet on Thursday, Bakhtawar Bhutto Zardari congratulated Ms Ardern. Skip Twitter post by @BakhtawarBZ Congratulations PM @jacindaardern on the birth of your daughter! Reposting this, relevant as ever, “Benazir Bhutto showed you can be a mother and prime mini..
June 21, 2018

Instagram star Daryl Aiden Yow used stock image photos

Instagram star Daryl Aiden Yow used stock image photos Image copyright Instagram Image caption Mr Yow has posted an apology to his Instagram account A popular Instagram photographer has apologised after being caught posting stock image library content and indicating it was his own work. Singapore-based Daryl Aiden Yow has more than 104,000 followers on the Facebook-owned service. His fame on the platform had led Sony, Oppo and Uniqlo - among other big brands - to work with him. Mr Yow admitted to the deception after the news site Mothership identified a dozen examples. Several had been edited to alter their colour and composition. Original versions of the images were traced to Shutterstock, CanStockPhoto and Unsplash.com among other sites. "The outrage regarding how I have conducted myself is justified and I accept full responsibility for my actions and all consequences that arise from those actions," Mr Yow posted in a message on his Instagram account. "I was wrong to have claimed th..
June 21, 2018

Indian official transferred for ‘humiliating’ Hindu-Muslim couple

Indian official transferred for 'humiliating' Hindu-Muslim couple Image copyright MOHAMMED ANAS SIDDIQUI Image caption Tanvi Seth claimed that the officer asked her to change her name A passport official in the northern Indian city of Lucknow has been transferred after a couple complained that he harassed them because they were not from the same religion. The woman, Tanvi Seth, who is a Hindu, tweeted to the foreign minister, saying the officer asked her husband, who is Muslim, to convert to Hinduism. She added their passport application was also "put on hold" and they were "humiliated" by the experience. Her tweets had sparked outrage online. Skip Twitter post by @tanvianas @SushmaSwaraj Ma’am I never ever imagined that in a place like passport office we would have a people who are moral policing the citizens. He dint just put my passport on hold he even put my husband’s @5220manas passport on hold. This is clear grudge. I was shocked at this 1/2 — Tanvi Seth (@tanvianas) ..
June 21, 2018

Indonesia ferry disaster: Lake Toba captain detained

Indonesia ferry disaster: Lake Toba captain detained Image copyright EPA Image caption Many victims are thought to have been trapped inside the vessel when it went down Indonesian police have detained the captain of a ferry that sank in Lake Toba in Sumatra leaving three people dead and at least 190 missing. The vessel went down on Monday in what is feared to be one of Indonesia's most deadly maritime disasters. It was only licensed to transport 60 passengers and was operating without an official ticket system, making it difficult to trace those on board. Police say they have yet to question the captain because he is traumatised. Lake Toba, the world's largest volcanic lake, was busy with tourists celebrating the annual Eid holiday when the ferry sank in poor weather. As many as 193 people, including children, are feared to be unaccounted for, police said on Thursday. Authorities have relied on reports from survivors and the families of missing relatives, they added. Many vi..
June 21, 2018

Why you can’t talk about John Oliver in China

Why you can't talk about John Oliver in China Image copyright Getty Images Image caption John Oliver is the latest target to be hit by Chinese censors If you're looking to post something about John Oliver on Chinese social media this week, chances are you can't. The British television host been censored on China's biggest social media site, just days after he criticised Chinese President Xi Jinping on his popular US show Last Week Tonight. In the show's latest episode, Mr Oliver highlights the political, human rights and economic issues China is currently facing, and delivers some striking criticisms of the Chinese government. Attempts by the BBC to post a status on Weibo - China's biggest social media platform - with the term "John Oliver" were blocked. Image copyright Screenshot/Weibo Image caption A pop-up message comes up when you try to key in the phrase "John Oliver" Instead an error message pops up, informing you that the post violates "relevant ..
June 21, 2018

US-China trade row: What has happened so far?

US-China trade row: What has happened so far? Image copyright Getty Images Donald Trump campaigned for election on a promise to make trade fairer for the US, and his push to do so has him fighting with some of America's oldest trading partners. He has already imposed - or threatened to impose - taxes on imports from China, Mexico, Canada and the EU, to encourage consumers to buy American products. Those countries have all promised to retaliate, sparking fears of an all-out trade war. Mr Trump's hard line on trade, which saw him withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact (TPP) last year, marks a striking change from the free trade policies that have governed the exchange of goods for decades. Here's what's gone on so far. Trump takes on ChinaIn January, the US slapped controversial tariffs on imported washing machines and solar panels, which was seen as Trump's most significant trade move since his decision to pull the US out of the TPP and renegoti..
June 21, 2018

Jacinda Ardern baby: New Zealand PM gives birth to girl

Jacinda Ardern baby: New Zealand PM gives birth to girl Image copyright @jacindaardern Image caption New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern posted a picture on Instagram of her with her new baby New Zealand's Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has given birth to her first child, a girl weighing 3.31kg (7.3lb). This makes her only the second elected leader in modern history to give birth while in office. Ms Ardern was admitted to a hospital in the city of Auckland early on Thursday morning, four days after her due date. The 37 year old will take six weeks of maternity leave, and has now passed on her duties to Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters. However, she said she would remain in charge by continuing to read cabinet papers during her time away. Ms Ardern broke news of the birth on social media, saying she felt very lucky and thanking staff at the hospital in Auckland. In a statement, she also said: "I'm sure we're going through all of the emotions new parents go th..
June 20, 2018

Daimler expects lower 2018 earnings due to new tariffs

Daimler expects lower 2018 earnings due to new tariffs Image copyright Getty Images Carmaker Daimler has said it expects lower earnings this year amid a growing trade spat between the US and China. It foresees lower-than-expected sales of Mercedes-Benz SUVs due to a tax on the import of US vehicles into China. The US plans to tax at least $50bn (£38bn) of Chinese imports in response to China's alleged intellectual copyright theft. China said it would collect levies on billions of dollars worth of US goods, including cars, from 6 July in return. The Trump administration has threatened further tariffs on another up to $400bn worth of Chinese goods if China continues to retaliate. What is a trade war and why should I worry? EU to launch tariffs against US on Friday Daimler, the owner of Mercedes-Benz, said earnings from car sales were expected to be "slightly below the previous year". "From today's perspective, the decisive factor is that, at Mercedes-Benz Cars, fewer than expe..
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