July 10, 2018

K-pop drives boom in Korean language lessons

K-pop drives boom in Korean language lessons Image copyright Reuters Korean is rapidly growing in popularity, in a language-learning boom driven by the popularity of the country's pop stars. A desire to learn the lyrics of K-Pop hits like Gangnam Style has boosted the Korean language's popularity explode in countries like the US, Canada, Thailand and Malaysia. A report by the Modern Language Association shows that Korean uptake in US universities rose by almost 14% between 2013 and 2016, while overall language enrolment was in decline. The latest statistics show 14,000 students are learning Korean in the US, compared to only 163 two decades earlier. The language learning website Duolingo launched a Korean course last year because of rising demand. It quickly attracted more than 200,000 pupils. Rising demand in universityProfessor Andre Schmid has seen a rapid rise at the University of Toronto, where he researches Korean history. When the university introduced a Korean class ..
July 10, 2018

Is child sex abuse in India rising?

Child sex crime: Does India have a growing problem? Image caption Recent high-profile rape cases in India have led to street protests India feels like it is going through an upsurge of sexual violence against children, with reports dominating the news week after week and prompting public anger. In June, hundreds came out on to the streets in central India protesting over the rape of a seven-year-old girl. Has there been a rise in the sexual abuse of children, defined as anyone under the age of 18, or is it that more cases are coming to light? It's partly down to more reporting by India's rapidly expanding media sector, dominated by television and mobile news providers. There have also been changes to the legal definition of rape and a new requirement that makes it mandatory for the police to record complaints of sexual assault. Image caption The growth of the media has led to more reporting of sex crimes The current debate was sparked in part by the rape and murder of an ei..
July 10, 2018

Cave rescue: ‘You never know when you’ll need English’

July 10, 2018

How the Thai cave boys were rescued

July 10, 2018

Cave rescue: Elation as Thai boys and coach freed by divers

Cave rescue: Elation as Thai boys and coach freed by divers Image copyright EPA Image caption Three Thai navy divers and a medic, who stayed with the group while the rescue took place, were the last to emerge Joy and relief have greeted the rescue of 12 boys and their football coach from flooded caves in northern Thailand after divers completed a daring operation to bring them out. Seventeen days after they got trapped underground, the last five members of the group emerged on Tuesday. Their plight and the complex three-day-long operation to free them gripped the world's attention. Celebrations have swept the South East Asian nation and further afield. Cave rescue as it happened Rescue story in pictures Who are the Thai boys? How risky was the rescue? There were cheers around the Tham Luang cave system in the country's Chiang Rai province as a rescue operation involving dozens of divers and hundreds of other rescue workers came to an end on Tuesday evening. At the house jus..
July 10, 2018

Cave rescue: The divers who got the Thai boys out

Cave rescue: The divers who got the Thai boys out Image copyright AFP/Getty Image caption Foreign divers, including Ivan Karadzic (2nd left) and Erik Brown (3rd right), were part of the extensive rescue operations The rescuers who worked to save the group trapped in a Thai cave were a mix of international divers collaborating with Thai navy Seals. The 12 boys and their football coach were first found by British divers but the effort to get them out was a truly global operation. Several Thai navy divers took part in the rescue. One ex-navy diver, Saman Gunan, died in the cave last Friday. Little information has been released about exactly who was involved and how, largely because most participants have been reluctant to talk. It is thought that dozens of divers - Thai and foreign - were part of the efforts. Here are just some of them: John Volanthen and Richard StantonBriton John Volanthen's voice was the first the boys and their coach heard after nine days trapped underground. ..
July 10, 2018

Cave rescue: Celebrations as final ambulances arrive at hospital

July 10, 2018

Cave rescue: All 13 out after 17-day ordeal in Thailand

Cave rescue: All 13 out after 17-day ordeal in Thailand Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionRescue diver in Thai cave: "I was very scared" Divers in northern Thailand have rescued all 13 people trapped in a flooded cave, 17 days after they got trapped underground. The plight of the 12 boys and their football coach, and the work to free them, gripped the world's attention. The first eight boys to be rescued, on Sunday and Monday, are said to be in good mental and physical health. The group, a football team, had got stuck deep inside the cave on 23 June after heavy rains caused flooding. Latest on the cave rescue Who are the Thai boys trapped in a cave? How risky is the Thai boys rescue? After they were found by divers last week, huddled in darkness on a ledge and cut off from the outside world for nine days, the race began to get them out before the weather deteriorated even further. The boys evacuated so far have undergone X-rays and blood tests. They wil..
July 10, 2018

India policemen told to slim down or lose job

India policemen told to slim down or lose job Image copyright Getty Images Image caption It's not uncommon to see Indian policemen struggling with weight issues An Indian police force has told its officers to lose weight or face suspension from service. The chief of Karnataka State Reserve Police (KSRP) told the BBC that he was worried about the increasing number of obese personnel in the force. Bhaskar Rao added that he took the decision after more than 100 officers died in the last 18 months because of lifestyle-related illnesses. The officers will be provided help to change their lifestyle and diet. The KSRP, which has 14,000 personnel, is often called to provide security for big events, and also to control situations like riots and violent agitations. Senior officers of the KSRP have been told to identify obese policemen, and put them on an exercise routine to help them lose weight. India transgender officer rejoins duty after rare show of support India's moonwalking tr..
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