July 2, 2018

‘India ‘WhatsApp child abduction rumours’: Five more lynched

'India 'WhatsApp child abduction rumours': Five more lynched Image caption Dadarao Bhosale was one of the five men killed by a mob Five men have been lynched by a mob in India's western state of Maharashtra allegedly over rumours of child abduction spreading over WhatsApp. Twelve people have been arrested for the killings, which happened on Sunday, police told BBC Marathi. The victims belonged to a nomadic community and had been passing through the village, police said. Despite attempts by the police to counter them, incidents of lynchings resulting from such rumours continue. The police have imposed a curfew in the village as the situation remains tense and additional police forces have also been deployed. India WhatsApp 'child kidnap' rumours claim two more victims The people trying to fight fake news in India They said that people from this community often pass though villages begging and they had been doing that when they were attacked. One of the m..
July 1, 2018

‘Taking sides’ in the heated Taiwan debate

China warns Western firms over Taiwan Image copyright Getty Images Image caption China considers Taiwan, whose capital is Taipei, to be a Chinese territory In recent months, many multinational companies, from airlines to clothing brands, have been getting on the wrong side of Beijing. They have done so by listing Taiwan under the title "country" in their website's drop down menus, or by suggesting the island is a country on their product packaging, or designs. China's government and the Chinese people consider Taiwan - which has been ruled separately since 1895 when Japan occupied it as a colony and then by the Nationalists after the end of China's civil war in 1949 - as an errant province, to be reunified one day. Our Taipei correspondent Cindy Sui, who spent her early childhood in mainland China but grew up in the US, and has been living in Taiwan in recent years, sheds some light on why multinational companies and others now find themselves caught in the divisive issu..
July 1, 2018

Child marriage involving bride of 11 sparks outrage in Malaysia

Child marriage involving bride of 11 sparks outrage in Malaysia Image copyright EPA Image caption Islamic sharia courts can approve Muslim marriages for those under the age of 16 in Malaysia The wedding of a girl of 11 to a man of 41 has prompted outrage in Malaysia and calls for the minimum age for all marriages to be changed to 18. Her Thai parents say they consented for her to become the Malaysian's third wife if he agreed she could stay at their home until she was 16. Malaysia's government says it has no record of the marriage, which occurred in Thailand, and is investigating. The UN children's agency said it was "shocking and unacceptable". Child marriages declining, says Unicef 'I was 12 when I married a 35-year-old' Country profile "It is not in the best interest of the child," said Unicef's Malaysia representative, Marianne Clark-Hattingh. What do we know of the wedding?Photos have emerged showing the adult groom holding the girl's hand afte..
July 1, 2018

Plastic bags: Shop assistant ‘grabbed by throat’ as Australia ban starts

Plastic bags: Shop assistant 'grabbed by throat' as Australia ban starts Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionFive ways to break up with plastic Tempers flared in Australia over the weekend as retailers implemented a ban on single-use plastic bags. One customer reportedly grabbed a shop assistant by the throat, while another called staff "money-grabbing scum". The ban on single-use bags is part of a national push to reduce waste. Retailers in four of six Australian states now face fines for using them. More than 60 countries including the UK have now introduced bans or levies on single-use bags, according to the UN. The UN environment agency estimates that up to 5 trillion single-use bags are consumed worldwide each year. Australian chain Woolworths introduced a ban on the bags on 20 June, ahead of the 1 July deadline, offering reusable bags for 15 cents (£0.08; $0.11) instead. Plastic recycling: Your questions answered 50 nations 'curbing plastic ..
July 1, 2018

India rape: A victim’s two-year wait for justice

India rape: A victim's two-year wait for justice Image caption She became pregnant after she was raped when she was 14 years old A woman is raped in India every 13 minutes, according to the country's crime statistics but convictions are few and far between. Here is how an investigation by BBC Hindi's Sarvapriya Sangwan led to the first arrest in a two-year-old rape case. Lalitha (name changed on request) is 16 years old but her life is unlike that of most girls her age. She has a one-and-half-year-old son. She became pregnant in 2016 after she was allegedly raped by a friend of her family. Born in a poor Dalit (formerly untouchable) family in a village in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, she is the second of two daughters. Her father, an illiterate daily wage labourer, is a widower. The accused, a 55-year-old friend of her father, allegedly offered to take her to state capital Lucknow in early 2016 to apply for a government scheme that would help pay for her weddi..
July 1, 2018

Afghanistan blast: Sikhs among 19 dead in Jalalabad suicide attack

Afghanistan blast: Sikhs among 19 dead in Jalalabad suicide attack Image copyright EPA Image caption Nearby buildings were damaged by the force of the blast A suicide bombing in the eastern Afghan city of Jalalabad has killed at least 19 people, most of them members of the country's Sikh minority. Police said they had been travelling in a vehicle to meet President Ashraf Ghani, who is visiting Nangarhar province, when the bomber struck. Among those killed was the only Sikh candidate who had planned to contest October's parliamentary elections. The Islamic State (IS) group said it carried out the attack. Hours earlier, Mr Ghani had opened a hospital in Jalalabad during his two-day visit to Nangarhar. Officials said he was not in the area when the suicide blast occurred. The Indian embassy in Kabul condemned the "cowardly terrorist" attack. It confirmed that Awtar Singh Khalsa, the only Sikh candidate running in the 20 October elections, was among the dead. Militants '..
July 1, 2018

India: Extended family found hanged in Delhi house

India: Extended family found hanged in Delhi house Image caption The family were well-known in the local community Eleven members of the same family have been found dead in a house in India's capital, Delhi - 10 of them hanging from the ceiling, police say. At least two of the dead were children. A 77-year-old woman was the only one found lying on the floor. Most were blindfolded, gagged and with their hands tied behind the back. Police say handwritten notes suggested some "mystical practice". However, they have not ruled out murder as the motive. Only a pet dog was found alive in the family house in northern Delhi's Burari area. Post-mortem examinations have begun. Country profileBBC correspondents have reported a sense of panic in the area. The Bhatia family, originally from Rajasthan in north-western India, had lived in Delhi for over 20 years. They ran two shops on the ground floor of the three-storey building. Image caption Gurcharan Singh discovered the bodies when g..
July 1, 2018

Hong Kong pro-democracy protests draw low turnout

Hong Kong pro-democracy protests draw low turnout Image copyright EPA Image caption Students wore facemasks with crosses to protest against China's grip on Hong Kong An annual pro-democracy protest in Hong Kong saw one of its lowest turnouts in history on Sunday, amid sweltering heat in the administrative region of China. Protesters were marking the 21st anniversary of the former British colony's return to Chinese rule. Organisers said 50,000 protested, while police put the figure at 9,800 - the lowest recorded by both camps. Hong Kong's pro-democracy movement has been weakened in the past year, with prominent activists jailed. Image copyright AFP Hong Kong was returned to China in 1997. Under the so-called "one country, two systems" formula, Hong Kong enjoys a high degree of autonomy but not full democracy. Massive street demonstrations erupted in 2014 against Beijing. Protesters accused mainland China of encroaching more and more on the region. Hundreds of police wer..
July 1, 2018

Thai cave: Divers advance in effort to save trapped boys

Thai cave: Divers advance in effort to save trapped boys Image copyright EPA Image caption Divers are about 3km (2 miles) from where they think the missing boys might be Thai navy divers have reached closer to a flooded cave in northern Thailand where 12 boys and their football coach have been trapped for more than a week. They have been helped by falling water levels inside the cave, and there are plans to pump water out. Rescuers say they hope the boys aged 11 to 16 and their coach have reached a rock mound in an underground chamber. No contact has been made with them since they went to explore the Tham Luang caves in Chiang Rai province. Heavy rain has led to fears that the boys and their coach might not survive. Their plight has gripped the country and led to an outpouring of support and hope. Drones, dogs, drilling and desperation Thais show their love for lost cave boys What to do to survive underground Rear Admiral Apakorn Yuukongkaew, commander of the Thai Navy Seals, said hi..
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