June 28, 2018

Five dead as light aircraft crashes in Mumbai

Five dead as light aircraft crashes in Mumbai Image copyright Kunal Kotak Image caption The plane crashes in a residential area A chartered plane has crashed in India's financial capital Mumbai, killing at least five people, officials have confirmed. It crashed into a building that was under construction in Ghatkopar, a residential area in eastern Mumbai. Fire officials told BBC Marathi that the dead included four people on the flight and one person on the ground. Initial reports say the plane crashed while the pilot was attempting to land. It burst into flames immediately after. The plane was sold to a private individual by the government of the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, a senior police official told the BBC.
June 28, 2018

Thai cave: Rising water stops divers searching for missing boys

Thai cave: Rising water stops divers searching for missing boys Rising water levels have interrupted efforts to find 12 teenagers and their football coach trapped in a cave in northern Thailand. Pumping was halted and with the entrance flooded, Thai navy divers had to stop their search. The boys aged 11 to 16 and their 25-year old coach entered the cave on Saturday and there has been no contact with them since. The rescue operation is now focusing on finding another way into the cave. Thai authorities said they planned to drill a narrow shaft into the mountain to create an alternative entry point. Skip Twitter post by @pakhead Miserable conditions at the entrance to #Thamluangcave. Thai navy divers have stopped searching - water levels have risen to fill most caves. Pumping has stopped - too much rain. Authorities say they will rethink strategy for finding missing boys. pic.twitter.com/gWFeFgj7xD — Jonathan Head (@pakhead) June 28, 2018 Report End of Twitter post by @pakhead It is ..
June 27, 2018

Apple and Samsung end patent fight after seven long years

Apple and Samsung end patent fight after seven long years Image copyright Getty Images Image caption An Apple iPhone and one of Samsung's Galaxy S phones Apple and Samsung have finally settled a seven-year-long patent dispute, bringing to an end the long-running battle over the design of their rival smartphones. The terms were not disclosed. But it comes weeks after a US jury ordered Samsung to pay Apple $539m (£403m) in damages for copying features of the original iPhone. The fight started in 2011, when Apple sued its South Korean competitor, seeking more than $2bn in damages. The suit was the first of many that saw the two companies square off in courts around the world. In 2012, a US jury awarded California-based Apple $1.05bn in damages for the copied features, which included design elements like the screen that displays icons in a grid. Samsung appealed part of that award, taking its case all the way to the Supreme Court, arguing that damages should be limited since patent ..
June 27, 2018

China won’t give up ‘one inch’ of territory says President Xi to Mattis

China won't give up 'one inch' of territory says President Xi to Mattis Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Mr Mattis (L) met with President Xi during his three day trip to China China is committed to peace but will not give up "even one inch" of territory, President Xi Jinping has said, after talks with visiting US Defence Secretary James Mattis. Tensions between both countries are mounting over trade hostilities and China's increasingly assertive claims to territory in the South China Sea. Mr Mattis is the first Pentagon chief to visit China since 2014. It's part of a trip across Asia, meeting several regional US allies. Mr Mattis said his talks with Mr Xi in Beijing and other officials on Wednesday had been "very, very" good, adding that the US was assigning a "high degree of importance to the military relationship" with China. Mr Xi added that China had peaceful intentions, but reasserted his view that there would be no concessions from China abou..
June 27, 2018

Is India really the most dangerous country for women?

Is India really the most dangerous country for women? Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Protests demanding justice for rape victims were held in many parts of India A survey conducted by the Thomson Reuters Foundation has ranked India as the world's most dangerous country for women, ahead of Afghanistan, Syria and Saudi Arabia. But is this really true? The poll surveyed 548 experts on six different indices - healthcare, discrimination, cultural traditions, sexual and non-sexual violence, and human trafficking. They were first asked to name the five most dangerous countries from the list of 193 United Nations member states. And then they were asked to name the worst country in each of the above categories. India topped three - cultural traditions, sexual violence and human trafficking. A similar poll seven years ago had ranked India fourth, with Afghanistan top of the list. The new survey has been criticised in India, with many questioning how countries like Saudi Arabia..
June 27, 2018

World Cup 2018: Mexico fans celebrate South Korean ‘brothers’

World Cup 2018: Mexico fans celebrate South Korean 'brothers' Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionEcstatic Mexico fans wave the flag of South Korea Mexican football fans have been wildly cheering another team - South Korea. The Asian side's 2-0 victory over 2014 winners Germany on Wednesday - a major upset secured in stoppage time - ensured Mexico progress to the knockout stage of the World Cup despite being thrashed by Sweden in their final group game. Large crowds celebrated Mexico's progression at the South Korean embassy in Mexico City, chanting that Koreans were their "brothers". Images of hybrid South Korea-Mexico flags, tweeted statements of friendship and gratitude, and even vows from fans to begin listening to K-Pop were posted online by droves of Mexico supporters. Skip Twitter post by @ByJamesWagner That’s the Korean consul general to Mexico, Byoung-Jin Han, celebrating with grateful Mexican fans outside the Korea embassy here. One ..
June 27, 2018

How to survive if you’re trapped in a cave

Thailand cave rescue: How would you survive in a cave? Image copyright AFP/Getty Image caption The teenagers and their coach have been trapped in the Thai cave for days A group of 12 teenagers have been trapped underground in Thailand with their football coach for the last four days. Heavy rain has flooded the cave system, hindering the authorities' attempts at a rescue. But what are the best ways to survive in a cave? We spoke to cavers, who emphasised the need to stay warm, keep hydrated, and stay out of danger when trapped underground. What to do if you're trappedAnmar Mirza, national co-ordinator of the US National Cave Rescue Commission, says the first thing to do is make sure you're not in any immediate danger. Rockfalls pose a risk, but the major worry is flooding. "You want to seek the highest point in the cave," Mr Mirza said. His advice is to try to guess where water had risen to in previous floods. "There's a number of ways to determine that point - loo..
June 27, 2018

Can India become an AI hub for the developing world?

Can India become an AI hub for the developing world? Image copyright Getty Images Image caption India is the latest country to join the race to lead in AI A recent report on artificial intelligence (AI) by an Indian government think tank foresees the country as an AI hub for the developing world. Research analyst Shashank Reddy writes about the possibility of that happening. India is the latest country to join the race to lead the AI revolution, which is still in the making. The world's richest - and most powerful - countries have long been in this competition. It cuts across all spheres of national power, from the economy to the military, because the idea is that leadership in AI will enable global dominance. The two biggest powers so far have been the United States and China, with each investing heavily in AI and its applications. So does India stand a chance? Yes, according to a report released this month by think tank Niti Aayog. Why automation could be a threat to India&#03..
June 27, 2018

Australian police acknowledge 27 deaths as probable hate crimes

Australian police acknowledge 27 deaths as probable hate crimes Image copyright Reuters Image caption Police say confirmed and suspected gay hate led to the deaths of 27 men in Sydney in previous decades The killings of 27 men in Australia between 1976 and 2000 were most likely homophobic hate crimes, police say. A New South Wales police taskforce has spent three years reviewing 86 cases in Australia's most populous state. It was prompted by a report from the Australian Institute of Criminology that questioned whether police had investigated some cases sufficiently. On Wednesday, police acknowledged that they had previously played a part in "marginalising" the LGBT community. "[New South Wales Police] acknowledges without qualification both its and society's acceptance of gay bashings and shocking violence directed at gay men, and the LGBT community between 1976 and 2000," it said in a statement. It added: "There were certainly people murdered because of their sexuality duri..
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