June 26, 2018

New Zealand man shot after ‘flying to US to attack teenager’

New Zealand man shot after 'flying to US to attack teenager' Image copyright Police handout Image caption US police say they know nothing of Mr Skinner's background A New Zealand man flew to the US state of Virginia and was shot after trying to break into the home of a teenage girl whom he met online, police say. Troy George Skinner, 25, was shot in the neck by the girl's mother after smashing his way through a glass door. Goochland County Sheriff James Agnew said the man was also armed with a knife, duct tape and pepper spray. He travelled over 8,000 mile (13,000km) after the girl stopped speaking to him online, police say. "This was not random, not spontaneous, this was something very planned," Sheriff Agnew said on Monday, describing Mr Skinner's two days of travel. "It's a new world," he added. Image copyright CBS Image caption Mr Skinner was carrying a camouflage folding knife, duct tape, and pepper spray Image copyright CBS Image caption A landsc..
June 26, 2018

Papua New Guinea polio outbreak declared

Papua New Guinea polio outbreak declared Image copyright Reuters Image caption Polio remains endemic in Pakistan, Nigeria and Afghanistan, say global health officials An outbreak of polio has been confirmed in Papua New Guinea, 18 years after the country was declared free of the disease. The World Health Organization (WHO) says the virus was detected in a six-year-old boy in April. The same strain of the virus has now been detected in other healthy children in the same community, making it officially an outbreak. Polio has no cure and can lead to irreversible paralysis. It mainly affects children under the age of five, and can only be prevented by giving a child multiple vaccine doses. A history of polio What must Pakistan do to beat polio? "We are deeply concerned about this polio case in Papua New Guinea, and the fact that the virus is circulating," said Pascoe Kase, Papua New Guinea's heath secretary. "Our immediate priority is to respond and prevent more children from be..
June 26, 2018

Japan unveils Hello Kitty-themed bullet train

Japan unveils Hello Kitty-themed bullet train Image copyright AFP Image caption The rail firm hopes the train's eye-catching design will attract tourists It is enough to wake the tired eyes of the groggiest commuter. A striking white and pink bullet train themed around the Japanese cartoon character and marketing phenomenon Hello Kitty. The bespoke train will begin a three month run between the western cities of Osaka and Fukuoka on Saturday. It was unveiled by the West Japan Railway firm which hopes the use of a famous local export will boost tourism. Hello Kitty branding features on the windows, seat covers, and flooring. Meet Hello Kitty's biggest fan Image copyright AFP In line with the firm's aim to attract tourists, the first carriage will have no seats but will offer passengers the chance to buy regional goods and foods from western Japan. Another carriage will have a large Hello Kitty doll - adorned in a unique crew uniform - where fans can pose for photos. Ima..
June 26, 2018

South Korea revenge porn: Sora.net owner arrested

South Korea revenge porn: Sora.net owner arrested Image copyright AFP Image caption South Korean women have been demonstrating against sexual abuse Police in South Korea have arrested one of the owners of a notorious revenge porn site banned in 2016. Sora.net had more than a million users and hosted thousands of videos taken and shared without the knowledge or consent of the women featured. Korean police say the website's owners made money from illegal brothel and gambling ads on the site. But the suspect, surnamed Song, has denied this, saying the site's users created the illegal content. Producing and disseminating pornography is illegal in South Korea. Song has been charged under the Children and Juvenile Sex Protection Law. She is one of four people, including her husband, who ran the site from 1999 to 2016, using overseas servers, the Korea Herald reports. The other three, who have foreign passports, remain at large. Two suspects have already been arrested in connecti..
June 26, 2018

Thai teenage football team trapped in cave may be ‘still alive’

Thai teenage football team trapped in cave may be 'still alive' Image copyright AFP Image caption Navy divers armed with oxygen tanks and food continued their search for the missing teenagers on Tuesday Thailand's deputy PM has said he is optimistic a group of young footballers trapped inside a cave are still alive, as the search enters a third day. The boys, aged between 11 and 16, and their coach entered the cave in Chiang Rai province on Saturday. Navy divers sent into search resumed their efforts on Tuesday after rising waters halted the search. They had reportedly seen fresh footprints inside the cave complex, raising hopes for the group's safety. "We are still optimistic they are all alive," Deputy Prime Minister Prawit Wongsuwon said on Tuesday. "Even though they may not have anything to eat, they should have water to drink." The Tham Luang Nang Non cave is a tourist attraction which runs for many kilometres underground. The boys and their 25-year-old c..
June 26, 2018

Most expensive city for expats revealed

Most expensive city for expats revealed Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Hong Kong has some of the most crowded housing on the planet Hong Kong is back in top spot as the most expensive city to live in the world as an expat, according to research. The city of skyscrapers had dropped to second place last year behind Luanda, the capital of Angola. But it now heads the Asia-dominated list again, according to the 24th annual cost of living survey carried out by advisory firm Mercer. The survey covers costs ranging from housing and clothes to bread and beer. It examines the cost of 200 items in each location, including accommodation, transport, clothes, food and entertainment, comparing prices such as a cinema ticket, a pair of jeans, a litre of water, a cup of coffee, a litre of petrol and a litre of milk. In this year's rankings, Tokyo is the second most expensive city followed by Zurich and Singapore, with Seoul in fifth. This means that four out of five of the world&#039..
June 26, 2018

Philippine President Duterte calls God ‘stupid’

Philippine President Duterte calls God 'stupid' Image copyright Reuters Image caption Mr Duterte is known for being outspoken in his views Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has called God "stupid", sparking anger in the largely Catholic country. In a televised speech, he slammed the story of Adam and Eve's fall from grace in the Bible and the logic behind the Christian concept of original sin. Mr Duterte is well known known for his outrageous statements and unfiltered attacks on his rivals. While the church and many citizens condemned his remarks, his office said he was expressing personal beliefs. The president has in the past also criticised the Pope in crude language and has racked up a string of other statements widely deemed as highly offensive, cruel or misogynist. His latest comments came at a speech in Davao, the city he governed as a major before running as president. Skip Twitter post by @kaesuin Duterte has crossed the line when he gave that statemen..
June 25, 2018

Cockatoo identified in 13th Century European book

Cockatoo identified in 13th Century European book Image copyright BIBLIOTECA APOSTOLICA VATICANA Image caption The cockatoo belongs to either the triton or yellow-crested species, researchers say Researchers have discovered the oldest-known European illustrations of an Australasian cockatoo, in a manuscript from the 13th Century. Four drawings of the white bird were found in a falconry book once owned by Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II. The book is now in the Vatican Library. They pre-date other European depictions of cockatoos by 250 years. Researchers say the images in the book, dated between 1241-1248, provide insight into medieval trade routes. "The fact that a cockatoo reached Sicily during the 13th Century shows that merchants plying their trade to the north of Australia were part of a flourishing network that reached west to the Middle East and beyond," said co-author Dr Heather Dalton, from the University of Melbourne. The bird was either a yellow-crested or a triton cockatoo,..
June 25, 2018

Benazir Bhutto assassination: ‘Most wanted’ in murder resurfaces

Benazir Bhutto assassination: 'Most wanted' in murder resurfaces Image caption Ikramullah is thought to have been a back-up suicide bomber, should the first have failed A militant alleged to have been part of the cell that murdered former Pakistani PM Benazir Bhutto has appeared in a Taliban video denying his involvement. Ikramullah is believed to have been a back-up suicide bomber, who was meant to detonate his explosive vest if the first attacker did not succeed. But officials say he walked away after the other bomber blew himself up, killing Ms Bhutto and at least 20 others at rally in Rawalpindi in 2007. A senior Bhutto aide said he was lying. In his first public statement on the case, Ikramullah appears in a video produced by a splinter group of the Pakistani Taliban which was obtained by the BBC. It is believed to have been filmed in eastern Afghanistan, where the militants are based. Obituary: Benazir Bhutto How Benazir Bhutto's assassination was covered up De..
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