June 7, 2018

Spencer Tunick: Supermarket chain halts artist’s nude shoot

Spencer Tunick: Supermarket chain halts artist's nude shoot Image copyright HEIDY ELAINNE Image caption Thousands of people posed for the artist outside the Sydney Opera House in 2010 Photographer Spencer Tunick has started a petition against a decision by an Australian supermarket chain to halt plans for his latest mass nudes shoot. More than 10,000 people had volunteered to pose for the renowned US artist on a rooftop car park in Melbourne. But supermarket giant Woolworths, which owns the location, said the shoot would inconvenience customers. A local business group has protested against the decision, describing it as "prudish". New York-based Mr Tunick is famed for his pictures of naked crowds, sometimes at global landmarks. A Woolworths spokeswoman said: "The request for the photo was for the weekend, which is the busiest time of the week for shopping in our stores." But Mr Tunick said that his shoot had been scheduled to take place early in the morning to minimise disrupti..
June 6, 2018

Storm over India film on women who ‘smoke, drink and have sex’

Storm over India film on women who 'smoke, drink and have sex' Image copyright Veere Di Wedding/Facebook page Image caption Social media and critics are divided on the film's message A Bollywood summer film that shows female bonding among four hard drinking, foul-mouthed friends has sparked a social media storm. Set in south Delhi, one of India's poshest neighbourhoods, Veere Di Wedding is about a group of school friends who are now grown up independent women. The film is about four BFFs (best friends forever) and a wedding gone wrong. The four friends swear freely, drink and throw up with equal speed, and have flings. They deal with familiar Indian social tropes like the distaste for arranged marriages, weight issues, being judged by friends and relatives, putting up with the pressures of a big fat over-the-top wedding, and balancing parental approval and those of husbands' families. Their open and casual swearing and discussion of their sexual needs seems ..
June 6, 2018

The deadly cost of the US air war in Afghanistan

The deadly cost of the US air war in Afghanistan Image copyright Reuters Image caption An air strike by the Afghan Air Force on 2 April killed 30 children, a UN investigation found The helicopters arrived shortly after midday and sent a rocket hurtling into an area at the back of the crowd where children were sitting. As people began to flee, witnesses said, heavy machine gun fire followed them. It was the latest deadly example of how a ferocious new air campaign against the Taliban has caused a spike in civilian casualties from US and Afghan air operations. This Afghan Air Force attack on 2 April in north-eastern Kunduz province killed at least 36 people and injured 71, the UN says. Although witnesses said Taliban fighters and senior figures were in the crowd, 30 of those killed were children. Hundreds of people had gathered outside a madrassa in the Taliban-controlled district of Dasht-e-Archi to watch a group of students have turbans tied around their heads in a traditional ceremo..
June 6, 2018

A North Korean wishlist: The three things Pyongyang wants

June 6, 2018

Myanmar’s military accused of violence against Kachin people

June 6, 2018

Man drives from Japan to London in a campervan

June 6, 2018

Chinese city gets ‘smartphone zombie’ walkway

Chinese city gets 'smartphone zombie' walkway Image copyright The Paper Image caption Cycle and pedestrian lanes are no longer enough - Xi'an has its own lane for 'smartphone zombies' A city in northern China has introduced a special pedestrian lane on one of its roads, exclusively for slow-walking smartphone users, it's reported. According to the Shaanxi Online News, the pavement along the Yanta Road in Xi'an has now got itself a special lane for "phubbers" - people who stare at their phones and ignore everything else around them. The lane is painted red, green and blue, and is 80cm wide and 100m long. Pictures of smartphones along the route distinguish it from an ordinary pedestrian lane. Shaanxi Online says that a large shopping mall, which looks onto the street, had been pushing to have the lane for a month. It says that cars often come onto the pavement, which is a busy channel for pedestrians who might not be paying attention to their surrou..
June 6, 2018

Pakistan relief after abducted journalist Gul Bukhari is freed

Pakistan relief after abducted journalist Gul Bukhari is freed Image copyright Gul Bukhari Image caption Gul Bukhari is a vocal critic of the military A Pakistani journalist who has openly criticised the military was briefly kidnapped by masked men in Lahore. Gul Bukhari was freed several hours after being abducted, her family said. There had been outrage from colleagues. She had been on her way to work when she was stopped late at night in the city's army-controlled cantonment area. A colleague said men in "army uniforms" were present at the abduction, along with others in plainclothes. It comes after a spate of similar kidnappings. Pakistan is one of the most dangerous countries for journalists, who face threats ranging from assault to abduction and murder. Fears over freedom of expression have risen ahead of a general election due this summer. Ms Bukhari, who has dual Pakistani-British nationality, had been on her way to television studios to record a show on which she appears..
June 6, 2018

India zoo animals beat the heat with fruit ice lollies

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