June 5, 2018

Kim Jong-un: The new kid on the diplomatic block

Kim Jong-un: The new kid on the diplomatic block Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Are we witnessing the making of Kim Jong-un as a new international statesman? Kim Jong-un has suddenly become the new popular leader in the political class of 2018. After years in isolation, he has emerged as a powerful player. Leaders from China, Russia, Syria, South Korea and the US have all met or are due to meet Mr Kim this year. They are literally lining up. Vladimir Putin has just extended an invitation for him to come to Vladivostock in September and Syria's President Assad has said he would also like to visit Pyongyang. "We are witnessing the making of 'Kim Jong-un, international statesman'," said Jean Lee, the former Associated Press bureau chief in Pyongyang. "This is such a different international debut than we saw in 2010, when Kim Jong-un stepped forward as the unknown, baby-faced heir apparent. "Now, with a proven intercontinental ballistic missile under his belt, K..
June 5, 2018

The Wiltshire B&B that is famous in Japan

June 5, 2018

Asus ‘phone with a fan’ among weird gadgets at Computex

Asus 'phone with a fan' among weird gadgets at Computex Image copyright Asus Image caption The ROG gaming phone has a clip-on fan A gaming phone with a removable fan, and a dual-screen laptop are among the new gadgets on show at the Computex conference in Taiwan. Computer giant Asus revealed a powerful handset designed for gamers that comes with a clip-on fan to keep it cool during "strenuous gaming sessions". It also showed off new laptops with dual screens, which it plans to sell in 2019. But rival Lenovo was criticised for over-hyping its "all screen" phone. One for gaming fansAsus's gaming phone is the first Android-powered smartphone to be produced under the Republic of Gamers brand. Its screen is capable of displaying 90 frames per second (fps) - more than regular phones - to make games play more smoothly. There is also a range of accessories, including clip-on controllers that are vaguely reminiscent of the Nintendo Switch console. Image copyright Asus Image cap..
June 5, 2018

Ben Lecomte’s bid to be the first to swim the Pacific Ocean

June 5, 2018

Police officer pulls king cobra from minivan in China

June 5, 2018

India policewoman praised for breastfeeding abandoned baby

India policewoman praised for breastfeeding abandoned baby Image caption Archana, the policewoman, recently gave birth to her own child An Indian policewoman is being praised for breastfeeding an abandoned newborn and possibly saving his life in the southern Indian state of Karnataka. "I just couldn't bear it," she said. "I felt like my child was crying and I had to feed the baby." Authorities said they received a call from a local shopkeeper, who spotted the newborn near a construction site in the capital city of Bangalore. The newborn has been hailed by local residents as the "government's baby". The policewoman, who has only given her first name, Archana, told BBC Hindi's Imran Qureshi that she recently gave birth to a son and felt connected to the abandoned newborn at first sight. Her colleagues are full of praise for her quick actions, which, they said, probably saved the baby's life. 'Second life' for Indian baby girl left on the streets to die Wher..
June 5, 2018

Australian beaches covered with rubbish from lost sea cargo

Australian beaches covered with rubbish from lost sea cargo Image copyright EPA Image caption Plastic jars, packaged food and nappies have washed up in Australia Large amounts of rubbish have washed ashore in Australia after 83 shipping containers fell from a vessel in the Tasman Sea. The cargo tumbled off a Taiwanese-owned ship in a heavy swell off the coast of New South Wales on Thursday. Locals have complained that rubbish continues to wash up on usually pristine beaches. Authorities say the debris is not toxic, but it may take some time to clear. "There has been mountains and mountains of rubbish and debris washing in," one volunteer involved in the clean-up, Julie Simms, told Nine News. "It is plastic, car parts, lolly wrappers, drink bottles - just plastic and more plastic." Material from the containers began washing up on Sunday, after the vessel YM Efficiency was struck by bad weather about 30km (19 miles) from shore. Media playback is unsupported on your device Media caption..
June 5, 2018

Australia objects to China ‘pressure’ in Qantas decision

Australia objects to China 'pressure' in Qantas decision Image copyright AFP/Getty Images Image caption Qantas has bowed to Chinese pressure over Taiwan Australia has criticised China for pressuring Qantas to list Taiwan as a Chinese territory on its website. Qantas said on Monday that it would comply with the request from China, which considers self-ruling Taiwan a breakaway province. China made the same request to more than 40 other airlines, a move the US has called "Orwellian nonsense". Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said Qantas alone should decide how it runs its website. "Private companies should be free to conduct their usual business operations free from political pressure of governments," she said in a statement on Tuesday. Ms Bishop's comment comes amid diplomatic tensions between the nations over proposed new Australian laws designed to prevent foreign interference. 'Taking time'In April, Beijing set a deadline of 25 May for the foreign ai..
June 5, 2018

India football team delivers after fans respond to appeal

India football team delivers after fans respond to appeal Image copyright AFP Image caption Sunil Chhetri ha splayed 100 international games for India India football captain Sunil Chhetri scored a double against Kenya to delight his fans who had thronged the stadium after his appeal. The hosts beat the tourists 3-0 at a packed Mumbai Football Arena on Monday. Chhetri, who was playing his 100th international match, thanked his fans for responding to his plea to support football in India. He had made the appeal on social media after only 2,569 fans turned up to watch the national team play last week. All 7,000 tickets were sold out for Monday's match after his video appeal went viral. The Blue Tigers, who are coached by former Millwall boss Stephen Constantine, are now on top of the table in the Intercontinental Cup, a four-team tournament that also features New Zealand and Chinese Taipei. Chhetri dedicated the win to his fans. Skip Twitter post by @chetrisunil11 We promise you th..
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