June 13, 2018

Trump Kim summit: Imagine a North Korean family

Trump Kim summit: Imagine a North Korean family Image copyright Hajung Lim After his landmark meeting with leader Kim Jong-un, US President Donald Trump said he would consider dropping sanctions against North Korea, once it's made progress on nuclear disarmament. But how might this economic change make its way through to ordinary people in the impoverished country long shut off from the outside world? What would it mean for an average North Korean family? With the help of some experts, the BBC has tried to imagine life for a hypothetical North Korean family, the Lees. This is their story. The father has to risk his life to fishFor starters, it's hard to talk about an "average" North Korean family. There are many social classes and regional differences - and we simply don't know much about life inside the country. But our father, Mr Lee, like many North Koreans officially relies on the mining industry for work. Mining has been a crucial pillar of North Korea's exp..
June 13, 2018

Rebel Wilson: Court slashes actress’s record defamation payout

Rebel Wilson: Court slashes actress's record defamation payout Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Rebel Wilson was originally awarded the largest defamation payout in Australian history A magazine publisher has successfully appealed against the size of a record defamation payout awarded to actress Rebel Wilson in Australia. Last year Wilson won a case against publisher Bauer Media over articles that she said had wrongly portrayed her as a serial liar. A court had ordered Bauer to pay her A$4.5m (£2.7m; $3.6m) - a record for an Australian defamation case. On Thursday, the Supreme Court of Victoria reduced the sum to A$600,000. The size of the original payout had generated discussion in Australia over whether it could stifle future journalism that is in the public interest. Wilson, an Australian star of Hollywood films including Pitch Perfect and Bridesmaids, has vowed to give her compensation to charity. In court last year, she successfully argued that eight articles publ..
June 13, 2018

Saiga antelopes: the Ice Age survivors now in peril

Scientists hope to save the saiga, a Central Asian antelope which survived the Ice Age, but is now in peril.
June 13, 2018

Chef Atul Kocchar sacked for Priyanka Chopra terrorism tweet

Chef Atul Kocchar sacked for Priyanka Chopra terrorism tweet Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Atul Kocchar was the second Indian-born chef to receive a Michelin star Michelin-starred chef Atul Kocchar has been fired for a tweet claiming Muslims have "terrorised" Hindus for thousands of years. The JW Marriott Marquis Hotel in Dubai dropped the chef after he posted the comments, aimed at Indian actress Priyanka Chopra. Ms Chopra has come under fire for a recent episode of her US TV show Quantico, featuring a plot about Hindu nationalists. The chef has apologised for the tweet. In full, Mr Kocchar tweeted on Sunday: "It's sad to see that you [Chopra] have not respected the sentiments of Hindus who have been terrorized by Islam over 2000 years. Shame on You." He has since deleted the message, and has pinned an image to his Twitter feed expressing his regret. Skip Twitter post by @atulkochhar There is no justification for my tweet, a major error made in the heat of the mome..
June 13, 2018

University of New Hampshire to accept Chinese exam results

University of New Hampshire to accept Chinese exam results Image copyright Reuters Image caption Nearly 10 million people took the Gaokao exam in China last week A US university will begin accepting the Chinese university entrance exam known as the Gaokao in an effort to attract more Chinese students. The University of New Hampshire will be the first state university in the US to accept the standardised placement test. China is the largest exporter of students to the US, with 377,000 currently enrolled in US universities, according to government data. An estimated 10 million students took the nine-hour test in China last week. The exam - which takes place over two days in June each year - is taken by nearly every Chinese pupil and plays a crucial role in determining a person's career and future prospects. A 'life-defining' testHoward Zhang, BBC Chinese Service Editor Gaokao literally means High Exam. It refers to the annual National Higher Education Entrance Exam in Ch..
June 13, 2018

Why North Koreans were last to learn of Trump-Kim summit

June 13, 2018

Sereno: Our democratic way of life hangs in the balance

June 13, 2018

India stork with beak shut by stopper is rescued near Delhi

India stork with beak shut by stopper is rescued near Delhi Image copyright Manoj Nair Image caption The black-necked stork had been able to drink but not eat Indian birdwatchers have rescued a rare stork near Delhi which they feared would starve to death because a piece of rubber had trapped shut its beak. The black-necked stork is being fed fish by hand after the rubber was removed and kept under observation before being released into the wild. Conservationists had been trailing the bird since it was spotted in wetland near the capital on 7 June. It had been able to drink water but could not open its beak further to eat. The stork was rescued about 9am on Wednesday and what was thought to be a plastic ring shutting its beak turned out to be a rubber stopper with holes. "When we found it, it was very weak. It was lying on the ground," said Pankaj Gupta, a bird watcher and member of the Delhi Bird Foundation, who was involved in the rescue mission. He said its condition had rapidly ..
June 13, 2018

Trump Kim summit: What happens next?

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