March 14, 2019

James Shaw: New Zealand shock over climate change minister attack

James Shaw: New Zealand shock over climate change minister attack Image copyright Hagen Hopkins Image caption Lawmakers of all political stripes expressed shock and concern over the incident. New Zealand's climate change minister has been assaulted in the street while on his way to Parliament House. Green Party co-leader James Shaw was punched in the face early on Thursday in Wellington, though was not seriously injured. PM Jacinda Ardern said: "In New Zealand, you just don't expect these things to happen." It prizes its culture of political openness and this has raised questions about the accessibility of lawmakers. "We have an environment in New Zealand where politicians are accessible, and that's something we should feel proud of," Ms Ardern told reporters. "We are after all, here to serve people. But today's events really show we cannot take that for granted." A 47-year-old man was arrested and will appear in court on Friday, police said. A Green party spokes..
March 14, 2019

Anger over ‘disgusting’ food found in Chinese school kitchen

Anger over 'disgusting' food found in Chinese school kitchen Image copyright Supplied Image caption Rotting bread was among the food found in the kitchen One of China's most prestigious high schools has been the target of public anger after piles of expired mouldy food were found in its canteen kitchen. Mouldy bread, rotting meat and seafood were discovered at the Chengdu No 7 Experimental High School. One parent told the BBC of his horror and disgust, saying the food was "stinky and disgusting" and compared it to pig slop. The school has now apologised, saying it is deeply "embarrassed". Food safety scandals are not uncommon in China and they often leave authorities scrambling to defuse public outrage. How did they discover the food?The scandal first emerged when a small group of parents were on Monday invited to attend a tree planting event at the private high school in Chengdu, the capital city of China's Sichuan province. While at the school, a group of par..
March 14, 2019

Joss Stone performs in North Korea on world tour

Joss Stone performs in North Korea on world tour Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Joss Stone is trying to perform in every country in the world, and was pictured here singing in Havana in January British singer Joss Stone has performed at a bar in North Korea, as part of her effort to play in every country in the world. The artist from Devon was pictured singing in a bar in the capital Pyongyang, and going to various sites around the city. Ms Stone announced the visit as part of her Total World Tour, which has already seen her perform in Syria. She wrote on Instagram that she had learned a Korean song for the trip. "I am learning a song called arrirang which apparently is the national song of Korea as a whole which is nice," the post read. She was referring to Arirang, a Korean folk song which has in the past been included on the Unesco Intangible Cultural Heritage list by both South and North Korea. The singer said that Simon Cockerell, who runs Koryo Tours trips into th..
March 14, 2019

Boeing grounded: What it means for air travel

Boeing grounded: What it means for air travel Image copyright Getty Images The grounding of Boeing's 737 Max fleet is expected to cause little air travel disruption - at least for now. The plane-maker grounded its global fleet of the aircraft as a safety precaution after new evidence emerged about a fatal crash involving the jet. The 737 Max is flown by airlines around the world for short trips. Analysts say the initial impact of the grounded jets will be contained, but may escalate if the fleet is not permitted to fly for a longer period. Boeing grounds entire crash aircraft fleet Ethiopian Airlines crash: Six charts on what we know Which airlines use the Boeing 737 Max 8? How popular is the Max 737? The 737 Max has been the fastest-selling aircraft in Boeing's history, with more than 4,500 ordered by 100 different operators globally. But the model still only accounts for a small proportion of travel around the world. Globally, airlines were scheduled to fly just unde..
March 14, 2019

Kim Jong-nam murder: Malaysia rejects suspect’s release plea

Kim Jong-nam murder: Malaysia rejects suspect's release plea Image copyright Reuters Image caption Doan Thi Huong says she thought she was part of a TV prank Malaysian authorities have rejected a plea to drop the murder case against Doan Thi Huong, the Vietnamese woman accused of killing the half-brother of North Korea's leader. Vietnam had been pushing for her release, and the decision comes days after her Indonesian co-defendant, Siti Aisyah, was unexpectedly freed. Both women insist they are innocent. Kim Jong-nam was assassinated with liquid VX nerve agent at Kuala Lumpur airport in February 2017. Ms Huong says she was tricked into taking part and believed she was part of a TV prank. The women accused of killing Kim Jong-nam The unravelling of Kim Jong-nam's mysterious death The 30-year-old, who could face the death penalty if convicted, sobbed in court when it was announced that her trial would go ahead. She told reporters: "Only God knows that we did not commit t..
March 13, 2019

Australian man blocks arrow shot with mobile phone

Australian man blocks arrow shot with mobile phone Image copyright NSW POLICE Image caption An Australian man's phone was pierced by an arrow Mobile phones truly can be life savers - especially, it seems, when an arrow is hurtling towards you. That was the case for a 43-year-old man in Australia who came under attack by another man, according to police. The incident began when the attacker, carrying a bow and arrow, confronted the man outside his house, police said. The arrow was allegedly fired after the resident raised his phone to photograph the confrontation - only for the device to become an unlikely shield. Police said the arrow pierced the victim's phone, knocking it back into his face. He suffered a small cut but was otherwise unhurt. Image copyright NSW POLICE Image caption The alleged attacker has been charged by police The armed man, 39, was later arrested at the scene. Police said the incident happened in the New South Wales town of Nimbin, about 180km (110 miles..
March 13, 2019

China foreign investment: How doing business will change

China foreign investment: How doing business will change Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Only a handful of delegates at China's People's Congress ever vote against legislation China is rushing through a foreign investment law in an apparent attempt to placate Washington as negotiators try to dig the world's two largest economic powers out of an ongoing trade war. But will it work? The 3,000 or so delegates to China's annual National People's Congress (NPC) will endorse the new law on Friday. They don't oppose legislation. That's not how it is done here. When a vote is taken there are normally only a handful who vote against. Some of them potentially for show, because 100% "yes" votes one after another would look ridiculous. China unveils tax cuts to spur growth A quick guide to the US-China trade war China banks on lending to ease slowdown How worrying is China's slowdown? If there is pushback against a draft bill and amendments mad..
March 13, 2019

What happened at North Korea’s embassy in Spain?

What happened at North Korea's embassy in Spain? Image copyright Reuters Image caption Police were called after a woman reportedly escaped through a second-floor window and screamed for help Spanish investigators are probing an alleged attack on the North Korean embassy in Madrid. On 22 February, a group of 10 assailants reportedly broke into the building, tying up, beating and interrogating eight people inside. The incident took place just days before a key summit between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. And now there are reports US intelligence services were involved. With the US and North Korea striving to improve relations after nearly 70 years of hostility, such allegations could be explosive. The BBC contacted police in Madrid for comment, but has yet to receive a response. So what exactly happened at the embassy? What happened?Local media reports that on the afternoon of 22 February, a group of 10 people broke into North Korea's embass..
March 13, 2019

Chinese students graded on number of WeChat friends

Chinese students graded on number of WeChat friends Image copyright Reuters Image caption WeChat is the equivalent to WhatsApp in China A university professor in China has divided opinion after setting his students an assignment to add as many friends as possible on the messaging app WeChat. Those enrolled on the Internet and New Media course at Henan University of Economics and Law in Central China's Henan Province, have been set the task as part of a social media management module. Students say they need to add at least 1,000 new WeChat friends to pass the assignment, which accounts for 30% of their final grade. WeChat is the equivalent to WhatsApp in China - and with more than one billion monthly users - it is the country's most popular social media platform. Image copyright WeChat/Pear Video Image caption A student contacted China's Pear Video website about the assignment Students at the university began contacting Chinese media about the assignment, with one messag..
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