June 6, 2018

Might Dennis Rodman at the Trump-Kim summit just work?

Might Dennis Rodman at the Trump-Kim summit just work? Image copyright AFP Image caption Mr Kim and Rodman enjoy years of what they call friendship Right now analysts will believe anything about the summit where Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un are set to meet, so when the New York Post reported that basketball star Dennis Rodman may also turn up, it didn't seem so far-fetched. But basketball diplomacy might just work with North Korea, explains Michael Madden. Dennis Rodman has the strange distinction of being the first American to have met both Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un. He has twice been a contestant on Mr Trump's reality television show Celebrity Apprentice and has travelled to North Korea five times. He even claims to have given Mr Kim a copy of The Art of the Deal, the Trump guide to hustle and deal-making in big business. Rodman's also offered his wisdom on the two men. Last August, he said the exchange of fiery rhetoric and brinkmanship filled with nuclear threat..
June 6, 2018

Facebook and Twitter replacement sought by Kim Dotcom

Facebook and Twitter replacement sought by Kim Dotcom Image copyright Getty Images Internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom has announced that he would like to build a new social network. He described Facebook and Twitter as "deep state conspirators" and said it was "time for something better". Writing on Twitter, he also invited CIA whistleblower Edward Snowden, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange and the German hacker association Chaos Computer Club (CCC) to join him. Mr Dotcom is currently fighting extradition to the US from New Zealand. He is wanted there to stand trial for copyright infringement and fraud, which he has consistently denied. "All it takes is a real alternative with real privacy protection and zero censorship from a trusted source and Twitter will become the next MySpace, an online ghost town," he tweeted. Mr Dotcom conducted a Twitter poll asking his 732,000 followers whether Twitter was "in bed with the deep state" and 89% of just under 20,000 voters responded yes. Cyber-se..
June 6, 2018

Facebook confirms data-sharing agreements with Chinese firms

Facebook confirms data-sharing agreements with Chinese firms Image copyright Getty Images Facebook has confirmed it has a data-sharing partnership with Chinese firms including Huawei, a company US intelligence previously flagged as a security threat. The agreements gave the Chinese firms some access to users' data to help them build Facebook "experiences" on their own platforms. Facebook said all the data collected remained on users' phones not servers. The company is already under scrutiny over how it uses members' information. Facebook has been blocked in China since 2009 but the company has been trying to find other ways to access the massive potential market. 'Legitimate concerns'The New York Times reported earlier this week that Facebook had given at least 60 device-makers access to users' data - and that of their Facebook friends - without obtaining explicit consent and that in some cases the details were stored on the firms' own servers. Face..
June 5, 2018

James Sutherland: Cricket Australia chief executive quits

James Sutherland: Cricket Australia chief executive quits Image copyright Getty Images Image caption James Sutherland says his decision was not affected by a ball-tampering scandal Cricket Australia chief executive James Sutherland has announced that he will step down. Mr Sutherland said the "time is right" for him to depart his position, which he has held for 17 years. He denied that his resignation had been hastened by a ball-tampering scandal that has rocked Australia and prompted the suspensions of three players, including former captain Steve Smith. Mr Sutherland will stay on for up to 12 months until his replacement is found. "I feel very comfortable that this is the right time for me and a good time for the game," he said on Wednesday. "It is something that I have been thinking about for a long time... We have had some big, big things to deal with over the course of the last 12 months." He named a lucrative television rights deal and negotiations over pay for male and female cr..
June 5, 2018

Trump-Kim summit to be held on Singapore’s Sentosa island

Trump-Kim summit to be held on Singapore's Sentosa island Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The five-star Capella will play host to the landmark summit The much-anticipated meeting between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un will take place at a hotel on the Singaporean island of Sentosa, the White House has confirmed. The historic summit is scheduled to take place on 12 June, but many details are still unconfirmed. It will be the first meeting between a North Korean leader and a sitting US president. Mr Trump said on Tuesday that plans were "moving along very nicely". "A lot of relationships being built, a lot of negotiations going on before the trip," he told reporters. "It's very important - it'll be a very important couple of days." Skip Twitter post by @PressSec UPDATE: The venue for the Singapore summit between @POTUS and Leader Kim Jong Un will be the Capella Hotel on Sentosa Island. We thank our great Singaporean hosts for t..
June 5, 2018

Pomegranate contamination kills woman in Australia

Pomegranate contamination kills woman in Australia Image copyright EPA Image caption Australian authorities have linked 24 hepatitis A cases to a frozen pomegranate product An Australian woman has died after contracting hepatitis A from a packet of frozen pomegranate. The 64-year-old died in South Australia last week in a "rare and tragic" case, state health authorities said. Local officials issued a warning about the Australian-owned Creative Gourmet product in April. It has been linked to 24 cases of hepatitis A nationally. Australians have been urged to check their freezers and discard packets of the frozen fruit. About 2,000 packets of the Egyptian-grown pomegranate arils were sold. Fresh pomegranate and locally grown products were not affected, authorities said. "The woman's death is the only death linked to this recalled product nationally to date," South Australia chief medical officer Prof Paddy Phillips said. Most other people affected had made a full recovery and no fur..
June 5, 2018

India’s disabled dancers rocking the bhangra

June 5, 2018

Tesla to build Shanghai ‘gigafactory’

Elon Musk fends off challenge to Tesla control Image copyright Getty Images Elon Musk has survived a bid to strip him of a key role at Tesla as shareholders re-elected three directors to the electric car maker's board. One investor wanted to strip the Tesla founder and chief executive of his other role as chairman. The two positions are often held by the same person in US companies, unlike in UK firms. That proposal was voted down at Tesla's annual meeting in Mountain View, California, on Tuesday. The company used the meeting to reveal that its newest "gigafactory" would be built in Shanghai, with an announcement about the Chinese factory coming "really soon", Mr Musk said. The bid to strip him of the chairmanship was the strongest challenge yet to Mr Musk's control of Tesla, in which he holds a 20% stake. Some investors have been unnerved by the company's struggle to speed up production of its more affordable Model 3 car, which is crucial to the company's lo..
June 5, 2018

Kim Jong-un: The new kid on the diplomatic block

Kim Jong-un: The new kid on the diplomatic block Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Are we witnessing the making of Kim Jong-un as a new international statesman? Kim Jong-un has suddenly become the new popular leader in the political class of 2018. After years in isolation, he has emerged as a powerful player. Leaders from China, Russia, Syria, South Korea and the US have all met or are due to meet Mr Kim this year. They are literally lining up. Vladimir Putin has just extended an invitation for him to come to Vladivostock in September and Syria's President Assad has said he would also like to visit Pyongyang. "We are witnessing the making of 'Kim Jong-un, international statesman'," said Jean Lee, the former Associated Press bureau chief in Pyongyang. "This is such a different international debut than we saw in 2010, when Kim Jong-un stepped forward as the unknown, baby-faced heir apparent. "Now, with a proven intercontinental ballistic missile under his belt, K..
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