March 13, 2019

Japan Sega game sales halted after cocaine arrest

Japan Sega game sales halted after cocaine arrest Image copyright Sega Image caption Pierre Taki plays a Yakuza boss in the game Judgment Games firm Sega is to stop sales of its video game Judgment in Japan, after actor Pierre Taki, who appears in it, was arrested for alleged drug use. Mr Taki, who plays a gangster in the game, was arrested on Tuesday night on suspicion of using cocaine. Judgment had been on sale in Japan since December 2018, and is due to be published worldwide later this year. As well as halting shipments and digital sales, Sega has said it will delete tweets relating to the game. The 51-year-old actor, whose real name is Masanori Taki, is reported to have admitted using a small quantity of cocaine in Tokyo, according to the Japan Times. This followed a search by authorities of Mr Taki's car and home, and a subsequent arrest after traces of cocaine were found in a urine test. Japan has strict drug laws, and possession of cocaine can carry a sentence of up to..
March 13, 2019

India election 2019: Modi channels his inner Bollywood

India election 2019: Modi channels his inner Bollywood Image copyright Instagram/ Karan Johar Image caption Some of Bollywood's biggest stars posed for a selfie with the prime minister Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a prolific tweeter, but even by those standards he really upped the ante on Wednesday. He unleashed a barrage of tweets targeted at several prominent personalities. But the light-hearted tweets could well be part of a much more ambitious plan, says the BBC's Ayeshea Perera in Delhi. The message was simple: use your influence to get more people to vote. But each tweet - posted roughly every two minutes for a full hour - was customised into a pert, motivational motto, depending on whom it was targeted at. So a tweet targeted at badminton players PV Sindhu, Saina Nehwal and Kidambi Srikanth read: "The core of badminton is the court and the core of democracy is the vote. Just like you smash records, do also inspire a record-breaking voter turnout. I request y..
March 13, 2019

Jung Joon-young: K-pop star quits over secret sex videos

Jung Joon-young: K-pop star quits over secret sex videos Image copyright VCG via Getty Images Image caption Singer Jung Joon-young admits he filmed women he had sex with, and shared the footage in mobile chats without their consent A second K-pop star has dramatically quit the music business, in a growing industry sex scandal. Jung Joon-young, 30, admitted to secretly filmed himself having sex with women and sharing the footage. "I admit to all my crimes," said Jung in a statement. He also promised to drop all his TV and music work. It comes a day after superstar Seungri from the group Big Bang quit the industry after he was charged with sex bribery. Jung, who is accused of taping 10 or more women, is due to be questioned by Seoul Metropolitan Police on Thursday. "I filmed women without their consent and shared it in a chatroom, and while I was doing so I didn't feel a great sense of guilt," said Jung in the statement released late on Tuesday. It came after South Korean broadcas..
March 13, 2019

India election 2019: Trinamool Congress uses star power to lead the way for women

India election 2019: Trinamool Congress uses star power to lead the way for women Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Ms Banerjee has often butted heads with Mr Modi India has entered full election mode: voting is due to begin on 11 April, with the final ballot cast more than five weeks later on 19 May. Everyday, the BBC will be bringing you all the latest updates on the twists and turns of the world's largest democracy. The latest from the campaign trailMamata Banerjee leads the way with women What is happening? West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has released her party's list of candidates and 41% are women. And it's a starry list - it has two top regional actresses, Mimi Chakraborty and Nusrat Jahan. Moon Moon Sen, a former actress who won in the 2014 election, will also be contesting again. The All India Trinamool Congress (TMC), which has been in power in the state since 2011, will be putting up women in 17 of its 41 seats. "I am so happy. This is a..
March 12, 2019

Couple stranded in Singapore need £140k to bring baby to UK

Couple stranded in Singapore need £140k to bring baby to UK Image copyright Caters Image caption Chloe Wilkinson and Patraic Walsh-Kavanagh were going to tell their parents about baby Lorcan once they arrived home A British couple stranded in Singapore are trying to raise £140,000 to bring their premature baby home. Ex-teaching assistant Chloe Wilkinson went into labour at 24 weeks pregnant while travelling back from Australia with her partner Patraic Walsh-Kavanagh. She gave birth to son Lorcan, who weighed 1.9lbs (0.86kg), while waiting for a connecting flight home. They have been handed a Singaporean medical bill estimated at £140,000. They say their travel insurance, which was taken for the duration of their trip before they left the UK, does not cover pregnancy. Laws in Singapore mean they are unable to seek work to support themselves. Image copyright Caters Image caption Baby Lorcan is in intensive care Baby Lorcan is in intensive care, and the couple are now looking to crowdfu..
March 12, 2019

Why Pakistan’s Bollywood ban may backfire

Why Pakistan's Bollywood ban may backfire Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Many in Pakistan grew up watching movies starring Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan When India conducted an air strike in Pakistani territory, Pakistan didn't just retaliate with force: it also banned Indian film and television. It's an easy punishment, but may just hit the wrong target, as the BBC's Ilyas Khan and Shumaila Jaffrey report. India and Pakistan have long been at loggerheads since 1947, but their shared love of Bollywood has somehow survived through Partition and beyond. Despite this, Bollywood has all too often found itself the easy target of governments hoping to make a point - most recently following the deadly attack by militants on Indian soldiers in Indian-administered Kashmir, which ended with India launching air strikes against what it said was a militant camp in Pakistan, and Pakistan downing an Indian fighter jet. A case of survivalPakistan's Association of ..
March 12, 2019

North Korea rebuilding rocket sites: What does this mean?

North Korea rebuilding rocket sites: What does this mean? Image copyright KCNA Image caption Is Kim Jong-un getting ready for a return to rockets? Hey, North Korea - what's up? What are you doing? As the correspondent for the Koreas, I find myself asking those questions a lot, no more so than now after the much-anticipated Hanoi summit ended without reaching a deal on denuclearisation. Most of the world's media have no free access to North Korea, and Kim Jong-un's Ryongsong Residence isn't really taking calls from journalists. The best any analyst or correspondent can do is read the signals coming from Pyongyang. And in the past week we've had a flurry of them. This has led many to believe that Kim Jong-un is reaching for the stars and is getting ready to launch a satellite. Is he? And if he is, surely that would send a very different message to the charm offensive of the last year which led to several historic summits. It started with reports from the South ..
March 12, 2019

US refuses to ground Boeing 737 Max crash aircraft

US refuses to ground Boeing 737 Max crash aircraft Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Investigators examine wreckage from the Ethiopian Airlines plane crash The US Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) has said it will not suspend Boeing 737 Max aircraft despite mounting pressure from senators and workers' unions. The FAA said a review showed "no systemic performance issues" and there is no basis for grounding the aircraft. An Ethiopian Airlines plane crashed on Sunday killing all 157 people on board, in the second fatal accident involving the 737 Max 8 model in five months. A wave of countries and blocs have banned the plane from their airspace. They include the UK, China, the European Union and Australia. Which airlines use the 737 Max 8? The UK victims of Ethiopian Airlines crash Ethiopian Airlines: Flight recorders recovered from crash site Ted Cruz, a Republican senator who chairs a subcommittee on aviation and space, said: "I believe it would be prudent for the US like..
March 12, 2019

George Pell: Australia court jails cardinal for six years

George Pell: Australia court jails cardinal for six years Image copyright Getty Images Image caption George Pell is the most senior Catholic ever to be convicted of sexual abuse Cardinal George Pell has been given a maximum six-year jail sentence after being convicted of sexually abusing two boys in Australia. The former Vatican treasurer is the most senior Catholic figure ever to be found guilty of sexual offences against children. Pell abused the choir boys in Melbourne in 1996, a jury ruled last year. The cardinal, 77, maintains his innocence and is appealing against his convictions. In sentencing Pell on Wednesday, a judge said the cleric had committed "a brazen and forceful sexual attack on the two victims". "Your conduct was permeated by staggering arrogance," said Judge Peter Kidd. In December, a jury unanimously convicted Pell of one charge of sexually penetrating a child under 16, and four counts of committing an indecent act on a child under 16. His conviction has rocked the..
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