May 11, 2018

Trump-Kim summit: Iran deal pull-out casts shadow

Trump-Kim summit: Iran deal pull-out casts shadow over talks Image copyright Reuters Image caption Mr Trump says his policy of "maximum pressure" led to the summit with North Korea Following a second surprise visit to Pyongyang by now Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, planning is complete for the historic meeting between President Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un in Singapore on 12 June. Setting the stage for the meeting, Mr Kim released three Americans from custody. And Mr Trump withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal. One risk in the US president's decision, which he forecast over several months, is sending the wrong message to the North Korean leader that the United States can't be trusted to honour its commitments. That's not as big a deal as it appears - there is little trust of Washington in Pyongyang to begin with, and North Korea itself has a long history of cheating. But Mr Trump's rationale for withdrawal from the Iran deal - it was "defective at its core" because ..
May 11, 2018

US offers to help rebuild N Korea economy if it denuclearises

US offers to help rebuild N Korea economy if it denuclearises Image copyright EPA Image caption Mike Pompeo said there could be "a future brimming with peace and prosperity" for the North America will help rebuild North Korea's economy if it agrees to give up its nuclear weapons, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has said. The US would be "prepared to work with North Korea to achieve prosperity on the par with our South Korean friends", he told reporters on Friday. Mr Pompeo, who has just returned from Pyongyang, said he had "good" talks with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. Mr Kim and President Donald Trump will meet in Singapore on 12 June. The two leaders, who had previously exchanged insults and threats, made the announcement after landmark talks between North and South Korea in April. How does North Korea's Kim Jong-un travel? The political gamble of the 21st Century What did Mr Pompeo say?"If chairman Kim chooses the right path, there is a future brimming with peace an..
May 11, 2018

Philippines and Kuwait sign agreement on workers’ rights

Philippines and Kuwait sign agreement on workers' rights Image copyright AFP Image caption The Philippines banned workers from travelling to Kuwait amid allegations of abuse A bitter dispute between Kuwait and the Philippines over the treatment of domestic workers is set to end with the signing of a new agreement. Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte had banned workers travelling to Kuwait amid allegations of abuse. Public outrage followed the murder of a young maid whose body was found in a Kuwaiti apartment freezer in February. The resulting diplomatic row resulted in the expulsion of an ambassador and the arrest of embassy employees. About 260,000 Philippine citizens live and work in Kuwait, most as domestic servants. The housemaid's tale: I ate dog food to survive The country training people to leave A copy of the agreement seen by AFP news agency reportedly includes the right for workers to keep their passports and mobile phones, which are routinely confiscated by emplo..
May 11, 2018

India rape: Third teenager attacked and burned in a week

India rape: Third teenager attacked and burned in a week Image copyright AFP Image caption Schoolgirls staged a protest rally on 8 May after the first two rape and burning attacks A teenage girl in India has been raped and burned alive by her attacker - the third instance of such an attack in the same week. The 16-year-old girl died after being soaked in fuel and set on fire at her home in the Sagar district of Madhya Pradesh. Police said she was killed after telling her attacker she would inform her family about the rape. Two other similar attacks, one fatal, took place in Jharkhand this week. A 17-year-old girl remains in critical condition after being set on fire by a suspect who allegedly said he wanted to marry the victim, but had been rejected. The earlier case involved a 16-year-old who was burned alive after her parents complained to village elders about her rape. The accused had been ordered to do sit-ups and pay a fine as punishment, prompting them to beat the girl's pa..
May 11, 2018

India man kills self over $13,000 electricity bill

India man kills self over $13,000 electricity bill Image caption Jagannath Shelke's family alleges officials did not help him although he approached them An Indian vegetable seller allegedly killed himself on Thursday after receiving an electric bill of nearly $13,000 (£9570) in the western state of Maharashtra. Jagannath Shelke, 36, left behind a suicide note in which he said that the bill was "very high", his family told BBC Marathi. Officials said the actual bill was just 2,800 rupees ($41.6). His family alleges officials did not help him although he approached them. They say he had made multiple trips to the state-run electricity board. Police have lodged a complaint against an official of the electricity board for sending an incorrect bill. The board also suspended him after Shelke's note was widely circulated on social media. Why are India's housewives killing themselves? Can suicide rates be reduced to zero? Shelke had been charged for "61178" units of electr..
May 11, 2018

Japan’s single women a burden on the state, MP says

Japan's single women a burden on the state, MP says Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Last year just 941,000 children were born in Japan An MP from Japan's governing party has been accused of sexism after he said young Japanese women should have more children or face being a burden on the state. Speaking at an LDP party meeting, Kanji Kato said young women should have at least three children. He has since retracted his remark, local media reported. Last year the percentage of children in Japan fell to its lowest level since records began more than 100 years ago. Financial and other incentives to encourage bigger families have had little impact. Mr Kato said that when he gives wedding speeches he tells the bride and bridegroom to produce at least three children. "We need three or more children from those people to make up for couples who cannot bear a child no matter what they do," he said. His comments were reported by the Asahi Shimbun newspaper. The 72-year-old f..
May 11, 2018

India woman beaten to death over child abduction rumours

India woman beaten to death over child abduction rumours Image caption It is unclear whether any children have gone missing amid escalating abduction rumours More than 30 people have been arrested over lynching of a 55-year-old woman in southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The killing happened amid rumours and false WhatsApp messages over kidnapping of children in the state. Police say local people beat the woman to death and attacked her family after seeing them give sweets to children. It is not clear when and how the rumours started. India has seen sporadic incidents of mob justice and vigilantism in the past. Mob attacks on people over rumours of abduction of children have been reported from Tamil Nadu in recent weeks. Last month, a man was beaten to death by a mob that mistook him for a child trafficker after he was seen aimlessly wandering the streets. Why stopping India's vigilante killings will not be easyThe Indian woman who hunts the witch huntersThe latest incident t..
May 11, 2018

Himanshu Roy: Top India policeman kills himself

Himanshu Roy: Top India policeman kills himself Image copyright INDRANIL MUKHERJEE One of India's most senior police officials has killed himself in the western city of Mumbai, senior officials have confirmed. Himanshu Roy, 55, who was the head of the anti-terrorism squad in Maharashtra state, shot himself at his home. Mr Roy had been on a long medical leave as he was suffering from cancer. He is credited with solving some of India's most sensational cases, including the assassination of a senior journalist by a mob boss. Other high-profile cases he solved include the murder of Bollywood actress Laila Khan, whose disappearance had created headlines. A former state minister told BBC Marathi that he had met Mr Roy on Thursday, where he had told him that "chemotherapy has its limitations". His death has caused shock in India, where he was popularly referred to as "super cop". Skip Twitter post by @DrKumarVishwas The loss of Supercop Himanshu Roy is a shock for us. He had a..
May 11, 2018

Marvel get its first official Chinese superheroes

Marvel get its first official Chinese superheroes Image copyright NetEase Comics Image caption Iron Man who? Meet Lin Lie, the star of Warriors of Three Sovereigns The first ever Chinese superheroes have officially entered the Marvel universe. Aero and Lin Lie are just two of a batch of Chinese characters making their debut in graphic novels this week. Co-authored by Marvel and NetEase, one of China's biggest online comic platforms, they are a clear push by Marvel to attract more fans across the lucrative Chinese market. We may even see them interacting with Marvel heroes like Hulk and Iron Man. Who are these new superheroes?Lin Lie is the main protagonist in one of the new comics, which loosely translates as Warriors of Three Sovereigns. The story revolves around the 18-year-old boy who picks up an ancient sword to fight against Chiyou - a reincarnated villain intent on destroying mankind. The second comic, which translates to Cyclone, features Aero also known as Lei Ling - sh..
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