April 30, 2018

South Korea to take down North-facing propaganda speakers

South Korea to take down North-facing propaganda speakers Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Enjoy the silence; no more propaganda and K-pop South Korea is to begin taking down loudspeakers placed along its border with North, which were used to blast propaganda towards Northern soldiers. The dismantling is part of a string of symbolic gestures from both sides days after a historic summit between the two Koreas. North and South on Friday agreed to work on denuclearising the peninsula. North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is also expected to meet with US President Donald Trump to discuss the issue. Will historic Koreas summit lead to peace? Five key moments from an extraordinary day North Korea crisis in 300 words The speakers were first set up in the 1960s and since have blasted everything from Korean pop music to news reports across the border. Seoul had already turned off the speakers ahead of the Friday talks. The Yonhap news agency quoted a South Korean military official sa..
April 30, 2018

Cardinal Pell: Decision due over whether to hold trial

Cardinal Pell: Decision due over whether to hold trial Image copyright AFP Image caption Cardinal Pell, 76, is Australia's most senior Catholic figure An Australian court is due to rule over whether Cardinal George Pell will stand trial on charges of historic sexual assault. Cardinal Pell, the Vatican treasurer, is Australia's most senior Catholic and one of the most powerful officials in the Vatican. He has denied all charges against him. In June last year, police in the state of Victoria charged the 76-year-old cleric with sexual offence allegations made by "multiple complainants". Following a month-long hearing in Melbourne, magistrate Belinda Wallington is now due to decide whether there is sufficient evidence for the case to proceed. Cardinal Pell has rejected the accusations, saying last year: "I am innocent of these charges, they are false. The whole idea of sexual abuse is abhorrent to me." His lawyer previously said that he would plead not guilty to all charges. He ..
April 30, 2018

China shuts down Player Unknown cheat code gang

China shuts down Player Unknown cheat code gang Image copyright PUBG Corporation Image caption The game is won by the player who survives the longest Chinese police have arrested 15 people suspected of creating cheat programs for the popular Player Unknown Battleground (PUBG) game. The cheats helped people survive longer, aim more accurately and spot foes in the competitive shooting game. The 15 suspects have also been fined about 30m yuan (£3.45m) for profiting from the cheats. Chinese police are expected to make more arrests as they break up the gang that made and sold the programs. Safe havenNews about the arrests was posted to the PUBG forum pages on the Steam game network by Ryan Rigney, a spokesman for the PUBG Corporation that makes the game. In that post, Mr Rigney said the action against the gang was part of the company's efforts to tackle cheating. Mr Rigney said "major suspects" were arrested during the raid. They have been charged with developing, hosting and selling..
April 30, 2018

Peppa Pig blocked from China’s Douyin video platform

Peppa Pig blocked from China's Douyin video platform Image copyright Getty Images/Rob Stothard Image caption Peppa Pig is the latest subject of China's censors A popular British cartoon has been removed from one of China's most popular social media platforms, with state media saying that the character is being used subversively. Social media users in the country noticed video clips of the cartoon were being removed on Saturday, and on Monday, state newspaper Global Times said that the #PeppaPig hashtag had been removed from the Douyin video website, while searches for "Peppa Pig" on the site produced no results. Many papers also note that the platform appears to have added "Peppa Pig" to its list of blacklisted content. The Peppa Pig cartoon is hugely popular in China, but despite being targeted at a pre-school audience, it has found mass appeal with Chinese adults in recent months. Its characters have become a common feature in memes, including sexually suggestive con..
April 30, 2018

Just asking! Trump seeks opinions on Twitter for Korea meeting

Just asking! Trump seeks opinions on Twitter for Korea meeting Image copyright EPA Image caption The border village of Panmunjom, which Donald Trump has suggested as a location for a summit Donald Trump has tweeted to suggest the North-South Korea border for his feverishly anticipated summit with Kim Jong-un, before adding: "Just asking!" The US president is preparing for historic talks with his North Korean counterpart. "Numerous locations" were still being considered, he said. But Peace House, on the border between the Koreas, would be a "Representative, Important and Lasting" venue, he mused. The house hosted the recent summit between North and South Korea leaders. Skip Twitter post by @realDonaldTrump Numerous countries are being considered for the MEETING, but would Peace House/Freedom House, on the Border of North & South Korea, be a more Representative, Important and Lasting site than a third party country? Just asking! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) April 30, 2018 Report..
April 30, 2018

BBC reporter Ahmad Shah killed in Afghanistan attack

BBC reporter Ahmad Shah killed in Afghanistan attack Image caption The BBC said Ahmad Shah was a respected and popular journalist A BBC reporter has been killed in an attack in the eastern Afghan province of Khost. Ahmad Shah, 29, had been working for the BBC Afghan service for more than a year. In a statement, BBC World Service Director Jamie Angus said Shah was a "respected and popular" journalist. "This is a devastating loss and I send my sincere condolences to Ahmad Shah's friends and family and the whole BBC News Afghan team," he said. "We are doing all we can to support his family at this very difficult time." Khost police chief Abdul Hanan told BBC Afghan that Shah had been shot by unidentified armed men. He said police were investigating the motive. Locals told the BBC that Shah had been on his bicycle when the attack happened. He was taken by locals to hospital, where he died of his injuries. The hell of losing loved ones in Afghanistan Remembering photographer Shah Ma..
April 30, 2018

Prom dress prompts ‘cultural appropriation’ row

Prom dress prompts 'cultural appropriation' row Image copyright @daumkeziah/Twitter A high school student's prom pictures have generated a furious debate online after some social media users accused the 18-year-old of "cultural appropriation". Twitter user Keziah, who is not Chinese, posted pictures of herself wearing a cheongsam, or qipao - a traditional Chinese dress - for her prom. In a widely-shared response to the pictures, one Twitter user, Jeremy Lam, tweeted: "My culture is not your... prom dress". The original tweet, and Lam's criticism, have attracted hundreds of thousands of likes, tens of thousands of retweets, and thousands more comments as supporters and critics clashed over the concept of cultural appropriation - the adoption of minority cultures, typically by dominant cultures. Image copyright @daumkeziah Mr Lam explained on Twitter why he found the photos troubling. He said the qipao began as a formless gown for house cleaning and was turned into a..
April 30, 2018

New Zealand campervan buyers in meth lab warning

New Zealand campervan buyers in meth lab warning Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Who knows who's owned your campervan before you? Owners of second-hand campervans in New Zealand are being warned that they may have inadvertently purchased a former drug laboratory. In a turn of events not out of place in the TV series Breaking Bad, it's emerged that people buying old campervans are at risk of serious illness, owing to the trace chemicals used in the illegal manufacture of methamphetamine, otherwise known as meth, Radio New Zealand reports. Speaking to Radio NZ, Detective Sergeant Rhys Wilson warned potential campervan buyers that some criminals have used the vans as portable labs in the same way Breaking Bad's fictional Walter White did. "The poor person that ends up subsequently buying one has obviously no idea of what it's been used for and what sort of contamination is in it," he said. Image copyright AFP Image caption 'Cooking' meth is extre..
April 30, 2018

In pictures: Remembering photographer Shah Marai

In pictures: Remembering photographer Shah Marai Shah Marai, the chief photographer for Agence France-Presse (AFP), has been killed in a bombing in the Afghan capital, Kabul. Here we present a small selection of his work documenting his homeland. Image copyright Shah Marai / AFP Image caption Marai regularly photographed the site of suicide bombings. Here, residents inspect one outside a voter registration centre on 22 April this year Image copyright Shah Marai / AFP Image caption An Afghan man digs a grave for one of the victims of a suicide attack this year that killed nearly 60 people including children Image copyright Shah Marai / AFP Image caption Two Afghan women weep for their relatives at a hospital following explosions at a cultural centre in Kabul in 2017 Image copyright Shah Marai / AFP Image caption Marai also covered political events in the country. Here then Afghan President Hamid Karzai and US Senator John Kerry were pictured laughing during a press conference at the pr..
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