April 30, 2018

India says all villages have electricity

India says all villages have electricity Image copyright Getty Images Image caption India is the world's third largest producer and consumer of power. All villages in India now have access to electricity, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced. This was achieved on Saturday when a remote village in the north-eastern state of Manipur became the last to be connected to the grid. A village is considered electrified if 10% of its homes and all public buildings are connected to the grid. World Bank figures show around 200 million people in India still lack access to electricity. Mr Modi said all of nearly 600,000 villages in India have now been given electricity connection. Correspondents say it's a great achievement for Asia's third largest economy. However, some people said on Twitter that their villages had yet to get access to electricity despite government claims. India is the world's third largest producer and consumer of power. But poor distribution has be..
April 30, 2018

Japan’s gripping manhunt ends in capture

Japan's gripping manhunt ends in capture Image copyright Matsuyama prison Image caption Catch me if you can. Eventually the police were lucky Japanese police have captured a fugitive who had eluded authorities for weeks in a bizarre drama that gripped the country. Tatsuma Hirao, 27, had made a run for it from an open prison in the town of Imabari. Police deployed more than 6,000 officers on the small island of Mukaishima, using everything from dogs to helicopters and drones. He was caught at a train station in Hiroshima, about 50km (30 miles) away. Hirao was not considered a dangerous criminal. Serving five and a half years for theft, he was being held at a facility where inmates are free to walk about without walls or fences. The system did not work in the case of Hirao. The first clues following his getaway were on Mukaishima. On the face of it, the 57 sq km (22 sq mile) island of 22,000 people should not have been an easy place to hide. Image copyright Kyodo News Image capti..
April 30, 2018

Four held over India molestation viral video

Four held over India molestation viral video Image copyright Getty Images Image caption There is growing anger in India against rape and sexual assault of women Police in the eastern Indian state of Bihar have arrested four men for allegedly molesting a woman and uploading a video of the incident on social media. The video shows seven men attacking the woman on a public road in Jahanabad district. Police told the BBC that a manhunt had been launched to arrest the three others. They added that the case was registered after the video went viral. The video shows the men groping and abusing the woman as she pleads with them to let her go. Onlookers can be seen filming the incident but they don't intervene to help her. Inspector General of Police Naiyar Hasnain Khan told BBC Hindi's Manish Shandilya that it was unclear if the incident happened on Saturday or Sunday. He added that the woman in the video was yet to be identified. How do Indian parents talk to their children a..
April 30, 2018

Kabul bombings: Photographer Shah Marai among 25 dead

Kabul bombings: Photographer Shah Marai among 25 dead Image copyright Reuters Image caption The second explosion targeted those at the scene of the first At least 25 people have been killed in two explosions in the Afghan capital Kabul, including several journalists documenting the scene. AFP said its chief photographer, Shah Marai, had been killed. The first explosion was carried out by an attacker on a motorbike. A second followed about 15 minutes later after a crowd, including several reporters, had gathered at the scene. The Islamic State group (IS) said it had carried out the attack. In a tweet, the AFP news agency said the second blast had deliberately targeted the group of journalists. Skip Twitter post by @AFP #UPDATE Agence France-Presse's chief photographer in Kabul, Shah Marai, has been killed. He died in a blast that was targeting a group of journalists who had rushed to the scene of a suicide attack in the Afghan capital pic.twitter.com/rOa4rg24x9 — AFP news agency ..
April 30, 2018

North Korea: Chinese foreign minister to visit Pyongyang after historic talks

North Korea: Chinese foreign minister to visit Pyongyang after historic talks Image copyright AFP Image caption The two Korean leaders have agreed to begin "a new age of peace" Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi is to visit North Korea this week, after historic talks between the North and South last Friday. The trip comes amid a flurry of diplomatic activity following the landmark day on the peninsula. China is North Korea's only remaining economic ally, but this will be its highest level visit there in years. North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is expected to meet US President Donald Trump in the coming weeks. South Korea has already spoken to the leaders of US and Japan. According to Beijing, Mr Wang's visit on Wednesday and Thursday is being made at the invitation of the government in Pyongyang. In March, Mr Kim made a surprise visit to Beijing to see Chinese President Xi Jinping, his first international trip since taking office, underlining the importance to Pyongyang of i..
April 29, 2018

Ostracised and fetishised: The perils of travelling as a young black woman

Ostracised and fetishised: The perils of travelling as a young black woman Ashley Butterfield, 31, has been around the world - but a visit to India brought home the particular challenges of being a lone black female tourist. "Are blacks better in bed because of genetics or diet?" the middle-aged Indian restaurant owner asked me earnestly as I finished the dinner he had prepared. Although not a question that one typically expects when requesting the bill, I was not unsettled. Having worked in international development for the past seven years and having travelled in 30 countries, mostly alone, I have grown accustomed to hearing things that most people would find jarring. However, I didn't feel defiant, upset or even threatened by him. This was not the first time I'd experienced this sort of thing. Once I fell asleep on a bus in north India and woke up to a man, inches away from me, videoing me on his phone. "What are you doing?" I asked, alarmed. He simply replied: "Instagr..
April 29, 2018

North Korea: ‘Real opportunity’ for nuclear deal, Pompeo says

North Korea: 'Real opportunity' for nuclear deal, Pompeo says Image copyright DigitalGlobe Image caption A satellite image of the Punggye-ri nuclear test site in North Korea US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says there is a "real opportunity" for a deal when President Trump meets the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. Interviewed by ABC News, he said North Korea must take "irreversible" steps to get rid of its nuclear arms programme. Mr Pompeo met Mr Kim secretly in Pyongyang earlier this month as CIA director. Details only emerged later. Mr Trump is expected to meet the North Korean leader next month to discuss denuclearising the Korean peninsula. Mr Pompeo said Mr Trump had clearly told him to raise the issue of a verifiable mechanism to make sure North Korea does denuclearise. He also raised the topic of US citizens held by the North Koreans. Separately, new US National Security Advisor John Bolton told Fox News that an agreement with Libya on eliminating its weapons of..
April 29, 2018

Thailand protesters in rare rally over Chiang Mai development

Thailand protesters in rare rally over Chiang Mai development Image caption Environmental protesters wore green ribbons at the rally Protesters in Thailand have staged one of the country's biggest demonstrations since the 2014 military coup as they campaign against a luxury housing development on forested land. More than 1,000 people gathered in the northern city of Chiang Mai. They rallied against a housing project being built for judges and officials in the foothills of a sacred mountain. The march went ahead in defiance of a ban on public gatherings imposed by the junta, which seized power in 2014. "Around 1,250 people took part in the protest," Police Colonel Paisan, deputy commander of Chiang Mai Police, told Reuters news agency. "The protesters were focused on environmental issues and not politics, and they cleaned the street afterwards." Image caption Demonstrators held a placard showing an aerial view of the development Demonstrators, many wearing green ribbons, demande..
April 29, 2018

Fuller: Intricate map artist circles Beijing

Fuller: Intricate map artist circles Beijing Image copyright Fuller Maps Image caption Fuller said when he tells locals he has walked Beijing's six rings roads by foot they "look very bemused" A UK artist known for his intricate maps has walked hundreds of miles in circles in Beijing to document the Chinese capital. Fuller said he was inspired after a cycling tour of the Great Wall of China in 2014 and "felt compelled" to move to the "Chinese mega city" last year. He said he "underestimated" Beijing's scale after walking 861 miles (1.386km) in nine months around its ring roads. Fuller - pen name of Gareth Wood - has also drawn maps of Bristol and London. Image copyright Fuller Maps Image caption The Temple of Shopping is nestled in the busy commercial district of Sanlitun and the flags of various embassies "fly above an official building like an inkwell", Fuller said He said Beijingers had been "very positive about the art" and he has also created a group on Chinese social..
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