February 18, 2019

Zara advert gets China asking: Are freckles beautiful?

Zara advert gets China asking: Are freckles beautiful? Image copyright Zara/Sina Weibo Image caption Some asked whether Zara wanted to "uglify" the Chinese public by featuring a freckled model A fierce row has broken out in China - and it is all down to some freckles. Li Jingwen, professionally known as Jing Wen, has attracted considerable attention for her freckled appearance in a campaign for a new range of cosmetics for Spanish fashion retailer Zara. Chinese daily Global Times says that her freckles have made her appearance "iconic". But they have sparked debate in Chinese social media, as it is rare for Chinese people to have them. Some say her appearance in the campaign "uglifies" the Chinese people, but others have leapt to her defence, and are calling on more to be done in the country to help people embrace their natural beauty. 'I really hated them'Jing Wen, who is from the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou, has become a recognisable face in the modelling world ov..
February 18, 2019

Kashmiris offered shelter amid threats

Indians open their homes to Kashmiris after violence Image copyright Rex Features Image caption People attend a vigil in front of the India Gate war memorial in Delhi Indians from across the country have taken to social media to offer shelter to people from Indian-administered Kashmir after a suicide bomber killed more than 40 paramilitary police in the north India state. The attack took place on the Srinagar-Jammu highway about 20km (12 miles) from the main city in Srinagar. A Pakistan-based group said a member in Kashmir carried out the attack but some people directed their anger at innocent Kashmiris living and working across India. There have been cases of Kashmiri students and businessmen being targeted across the country, with reports of some Indian students even demanding the expulsion of their Kashmiri peers from universities. In response, Indian social media has been flooded by locals using the hashtags #UnHateNow and #SafeHaven to open up their "homes and hearts" to Kashmiri..
February 17, 2019

Huawei risk can be managed, say UK cyber-security chiefs

Huawei risk can be managed, say UK cyber-security chiefs Image copyright Reuters Image caption Huawei has said it is independent and gives nothing to Beijing, aside from taxes Any possible security risk posed to the UK by Chinese telecoms giant Huawei can be managed, cyber-security chiefs have said. The UK's National Cyber Security Centre's decision undermines US efforts to persuade its allies to ban the firm from 5G communications networks. The Chinese government is accused of using Huawei as a proxy so it can spy on rival nations. But Huawei has said it gives nothing to Beijing, aside from taxes. Timeline: What's going on with Huawei? Should we worry about Huawei? Huawei and 5G: Decision time Australia, New Zealand, and the US have already banned Huawei from supplying equipment for their future fifth generation mobile broadband networks, while Canada is reviewing whether the company's products present a serious security threat. Most of the UK's mobile compa..
February 17, 2019

Saudi Arabia signs $20bn in deals with Pakistan

Saudi Arabia signs $20bn in deals with Pakistan Image copyright Getty Images Saudi Arabia has signed investment deals worth $20bn (£15.5bn) with Pakistan, as the south Asian country looks to bolster its fragile economy. It comes as part of a high-profile Asian tour by the kingdom's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Pakistan urgently needs to address a balance of payments crisis and is looking to international backers for support. The deals include an $8bn oil refinery in the key port city of Gwadar. Other agreements centred on the energy and mining sector, according to reports. "It's big for phase one, and definitely it will grow every month and every year, and it will be beneficial to both countries," the crown prince said. Pakistan is desperate for cash. The central bank has only $8bn left in foreign reserves and faces a balance of payments crisis. Prime Minister Imran Khan has been seeking help from friendly countries in order to cut the size of the bailout package hi..
February 16, 2019

UK minister’s visit to China not going ahead

Chancellor Philip Hammond's visit to China not going ahead Image copyright AFP A visit to China by Chancellor Phillip Hammond has been called off amid reports a speech by the UK's defence secretary angered Beijing. There were plans for trade talks between Mr Hammond and senior Chinese government figures during the brief visit next week. But a Treasury spokesperson said: "No trip was ever announced or confirmed." Earlier this week, Gavin Williamson had indicated the UK's intention to send an aircraft carrier to the Pacific. Unconfirmed newspaper reports claimed the Chinese government was unhappy about Mr Williamson's speech on Monday. In it he announced the HMS Queen Elizabeth would be deployed to the region, as well as the Middle East and the Mediterranean, on its maiden voyage. China is currently involved in a dispute over territorial claims in the Pacific. Six countries have competing claims over the South China Sea islands, but tensions have increased in recen..
February 16, 2019

India high speed train breaks down on first trip

India high speed train breaks down on first trip Image copyright Reuters Image caption PM Narendra Modi flagged off the Vande Bharat Express on Friday India's fastest train has broken down on its first trip, a day after it was inaugurated by Prime Minister Modi. The Indian-built semi high-speed Vande Bharat Express was returning to the capital Delhi from the city of Varanasi after its first outing when brakes in a carriage reportedly jammed. Indian media quoted a railways spokesperson as saying the train may have struck cattle on the line. The train reached a speed of 180km/hr (110mph) during trials. India rail minister mocked for train video Train delay due to 'drunk' station master How India's single time zone is hurting its people Soon after the brakes failed, the drivers noticed smoke in the last four coaches and power was lost in all compartments. Those on board, mostly railway officials and journalists, had to take another train to get back to Delhi. Desp..
February 15, 2019

Cash-strapped Pakistan rolls out red carpet for Saudis

Cash-strapped Pakistan rolls out red carpet for Saudis Image caption Pakistan needs Saudi money to stave off a huge IMF bail-out - but this is not a one-way relationship For a country running out of foreign reserves, facing a yawning current account deficit and fighting to secure its financial future, Pakistan is putting on quite a show for Saudi Arabia's most powerful man - Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. And it's easy to see why: Prime Minister Imran Khan needs money, and he needs it fast. MBS, as he's known, is coming to town promising billions - with Pakistan the first stop on a four-country Asian tour that also includes Malaysia, Indonesia and India. But money is just one dimension of a relationship that goes much deeper. How lavish is the visit?The last time a Saudi royal visit was marked with this much fanfare was in 2006, when then Saudi ruler King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz toured the nuclear-armed nation. And security is being taken seriously - with Imran Khan ..
February 15, 2019

Family acquitted over Italy woman’s Pakistan ‘honour killing’

Family acquitted over Italy woman's Pakistan 'honour killing' Image copyright Instagram/Sana_Cheema2014 Image caption Sana Cheema was born in Pakistan, but was an Italian citizen A court in Pakistan has acquitted the father, brother and uncle of a woman who died in a suspected honour killing last year. Sana Cheema, 26, lived in Italy but died while visiting her family in Gujrat in April 2018. She was originally buried without an autopsy - but when exhumed a cause of death was identified as strangulation. It was widely reported that she had been brought back to Pakistan for an arranged marriage, but refused. Her friends also alleged Ms Cheema had wanted to marry a Pakistani-Italian man in Italy - a match her family objected to. Ms Cheema was born in Pakistan, but lived in the northern Italian city of Brescia for most of her life. After she died during a visit back to her home country, her family blamed natural causes and buried her locally. Karachi teen lovers 'we..
February 15, 2019

Chinese actor quits doctorate over plagiarism admission

Chinese actor quits doctorate over plagiarism admission Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Zhai Tianlin enjoys the red carpet, here at the 2018 Bazaar Men of the Year in Beijing Zhai Tianlin - also known as Ronald Zhai - is a well-known actor in China who is used to the limelight. With more than 11 million followers on the social media website Sina Weibo, he's more accustomed to positive comments and praise from fans. However, this week he has received extra attention, for all the wrong reasons. At first, he was jubilant after being accepted into Peking University, one of the country's most prestigious institutions, to study for a doctorate at the Guanghua School of Management. He posted his admittance letter confirming his place saying: "A new journey, please cheer for little Zhai!" Image copyright Sina Weibo Image caption Zhai's acceptance letter from the Peking University This had 48,000 shares, and 79,000 comments. It led to a number of people searching..
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