November 3, 2018

Afghanistan: US soldier killed in ‘insider’ attack in Kabul

Afghanistan: US soldier killed in 'insider' attack in Kabul One US soldier has been killed and another injured in an apparent insider attack in Afghanistan, the Nato-led mission in the country says. Initial reports suggest the assailant in Kabul was a member of the Afghan armed forces and he was "immediately killed" by fellow soldiers, it says. The injured US soldier is stable. This is being seen as the latest so-called "green-on-blue" attack, in which members of the Afghan forces have killed US or coalition soldiers. No group has so far claimed responsibility for Saturday's attack. Last month, US Gen Scott Miller escaped unhurt when a bodyguard opened fire on a group of US and Afghan officials in the southern Kandahar province. The local police chief was killed in that attack, which was later claimed by the Taliban. In August, a suicide bomber killed three Czech Nato soldiers in eastern Afghanistan. Taliban militants said they carried out the attack. US Defence Secret..
November 3, 2018

French PM visits site of Vietnam 1954 Dien Bien Phu battle

French PM visits site of Vietnam 1954 Dien Bien Phu battle Image copyright AFP Image caption Mr Philippe lit incense at a war memorial France's prime minister has visited the site of the 1954 battle of Dien Bien Phu in Vietnam, which led to the end of French presence in Indochina. Édouard Philippe is the second French leader to travel there, after then-President François Mitterrand in 1993. Mr Philippe laid flowers at memorials for the dead on both sides, and called for France and Vietnam's "common past" to be remembered "in a peaceful way". The Dien Bien Phu battle raged for 56 days between March and May in 1954. The outnumbered French troops, trapped in a remote valley north of Hanoi, were crushed by pro-independence Vietnamese fighters. Could Vietnam have been nuked in 1954?The battle led to the 1954 Geneva peace accord, which divided Indochina - until then a French colony - between the communist north, and a pro-US regime in the south. Image copyright Getty Images Image..
November 3, 2018

Leicester City owner Vichai’s funeral starts Thailand

Leicester City owner Vichai's funeral starts Thailand Image copyright Reuters Image caption Relatives took part in a procession with royal soldiers ahead of the funeral The funeral of Leicester City's owner who died in a helicopter crash outside the club's stadium is under way. Royal soldiers, monks and Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha's relatives took part in a procession ahead of the ceremony in Bangkok, Thailand. The funeral began with Buddhist bathing rituals and will be followed by recitation ceremonies over seven days. The Leicester City players are due to fly out to Thailand for the funeral after their game against Cardiff later. Thai billionaire Mr Vichai died along with two members of his staff, the pilot and a passenger when the helicopter came down in a car park moments after taking off from the King Power Stadium on 27 October. Image copyright Reuters Image caption Royal soldiers in Mr Vichai's funeral procession Image copyright Reuters Image caption Mon..
November 3, 2018

Asia Bibi: Lawyer flees Pakistan in fear of his life

Asia Bibi: Lawyer flees Pakistan in fear of his life Image copyright EPA Image caption Protesters have been demanding Asia Bibi's death penalty be reinstated The lawyer representing a Christian woman acquitted of blasphemy after eight years on death row has fled Pakistan in fear for his life. Saif Mulook told news agency AFP he had to leave so he could continue to represent Asia Bibi, whose conviction was overturned by judges on Wednesday. Officials have since agreed to bar Ms Bibi from leaving Pakistan in order to end violent protests over the ruling. Campaigners blasted the deal as akin to signing her "death warrant". Asia Bibi was convicted in 2010 of insulting the Prophet Muhammad during a row with neighbours, and many are calling for the reinstatement of the death penalty following her acquittal. Mr Mulook told the BBC earlier this week she would need to move to a Western country for her own safety. A number of attempts have previously been made on her life. Several countrie..
November 3, 2018

India man-eating tiger killed after huge hunt

India man-eating tiger killed after huge hunt Image copyright AFP Image caption India is home to 60% of the world's tigers A tiger in India who is said to have killed 13 people has been shot dead after a major hunt, officials say. The six-year-old tigress had evaded capture in the jungles of the western state of Maharashtra for two years. Last month wildlife officials deployed perfume in a bid to lure the animal. Activists had campaigned to save the tiger, but India's Supreme Court said it would not interfere if forest rangers were forced to shoot it. Senior wildlife official Sunil Limaye has confirmed to the BBC that the tigress has been killed. Can Calvin Klein scent catch a 'killer' tiger? Why India should not get complacent over its tiger population In August the tigress and her two nine-month-old cubs killed three people in the area around the town of Pandharkawada in Yavatmal district and left more than 5,000 residents fearing for their lives. Farmers and gra..
November 2, 2018

Chinese dissident Badicuao’s Hong Kong show cancelled over ‘threats’

Chinese dissident Badicuao's Hong Kong show cancelled over 'threats' Image copyright AFP Image caption Badiucao was going to use this restraining chair of the type reportedly used by Chinese police in his show An exhibition by a dissident Chinese-Australian cartoonist in Hong Kong has been cancelled by its organisers over what they said were threats from China. Badiucao's work focuses on rights abuses and satirises President Xi Jinping. His show was part of events examining free speech in Hong Kong since the 2014 pro-democracy "umbrella" protests. The cancellation comes as pro-democracy activists say Hong Kong's freedoms are being eroded by Beijing. The Chinese dissident memorialised in social art Beijing's struggle to win Hong Kong's young hearts Young and unhappy in Hong Kong In a statement, Free Expression Week organisers Hong Kong Free Press, Amnesty International and Reporters Without Borders said Badiucao's first solo show "Gongle" had bee..
November 2, 2018

Ramachandra Guha: How the right wing hounded out a Gandhi biographer

Ramachandra Guha: How the right wing hounded out a Gandhi biographer Image copyright Getty Images Three years ago, Ramachandra Guha, a historian and one of India's most respected public intellectuals, told an interviewer that India was "becoming a more intolerant country" than before. A 50-year-old Muslim man had been killed in a mob lynching allegedly over rumours that his family had been storing and consuming beef at home. A beef ban had been enforced by Narendra Modi's Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government. Two leading and outspoken rationalists had recently been murdered elsewhere in the country. "It is important to recognise that there was never a golden age in our history as an independent nation of complete tolerance or freedom of speech," Guha said. "There have always been curbs and pusillanimity by politicians and governments. But we are certainly becoming more intolerant, there is more violence." 'Intolerant India': Is criticism against Modi's BJP ..
November 2, 2018

Raymond Chow: Hong Kong film mogul who discovered Bruce Lee dies at 91

Raymond Chow: Hong Kong film mogul who discovered Bruce Lee dies at 91 Image copyright Reuters Image caption Chow is known as the "godfather" of the Hong Kong film industry The Hong Kong film producer Raymond Chow - who introduced martial arts legend Bruce Lee to the world - has died at the age of 91. Their first film together, 1971's The Big Boss, set new box office records at the time. Chow also had success in the 1980s with films featuring another kung fu star, Jackie Chan. Known as the "godfather" of Hong Kong film, Chow produced more than 600 films before retiring in 2007. Tributes have poured in, with Bruce Lee's daughter Shannon thanking Chow for "taking a chance" on her father. Skip Twitter post by @brucelee Our condolences go out to Raymond Chow’s family. Thank you Raymond for taking a chance on a young Bruce Lee and helping him to realize his dream. Rest in peace, Raymond. ...#BruceLee #RaymondChow — Bruce Lee (@brucelee) November 2, 2018..
November 2, 2018

Asia Bibi: Deal to end Pakistan protests over blasphemy case

Asia Bibi: Deal to end Pakistan protests over blasphemy case Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionAsia Bibi's escape from Pakistan death row Pakistan's authorities have struck a deal with a hard-line Islamist party to end a protest over the acquittal of a Christian woman convicted of blasphemy. As part of the deal, the government will begin proceedings to bar Asia Bibi from leaving the country, despite warnings her life is in danger. Asia Bibi was convicted in 2010 of insulting the Prophet Muhammad, but was acquitted earlier this week. But the ruling enraged some in the majority-Muslim country. Pakistan's 'historic' Asia Bibi ruling Why Pakistan's Christians are targeted Blasphemy laws around the world Hardliners who support Pakistan's blasphemy laws have been taking to the streets since Wednesday's ruling. What's in the deal?It was reached between the government and the Tehreek-i-Labaik (TLP) party, which led the ma..
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