February 8, 2019

Thailand’s king condemns bid by sister to become PM

Thailand's king condemns bid by sister to become PM Image copyright AFP Image caption Princess Ubolratana Mahidol pictured in 2010 Thailand's King Vajiralongkorn has denounced as "inappropriate" his sister's unprecedented bid to run for prime minister. Princess Ubolratana Mahidol, 67, has been nominated as a candidate for a party allied to divisive former PM Thaksin Shinawatra. Such a move would break with the tradition of the Thai royal family publicly staying out of politics. Thailand's election is due to take place on 24 March. It is being closely watched as the first chance for Thailand to return to democracy after five years under military rule. In a palace statement read out on all Thai TV networks, the king said: "Involvement of a high-ranking member of the royal family in politics, in whatever way, is an act that conflicts with the country's traditions, customs, and culture, and therefore is considered extremely inappropriate." Hours earlier, Princess ..
February 8, 2019

New Zealand has been left off an Ikea map

New Zealand has been left off an Ikea map Image copyright Jibbles666 Image caption Reddit user Jibbles666 spotted the offending map at an Ikea outlet in Washington DC By forgetting to include New Zealand on a world map the furniture chain Ikea has become the latest to make the mistake in a long line of offenders. An eagle-eyed Reddit user spotted that the shop is currently selling a map with a blank space where the country should be. User Jibbles666 spotted the mistake while shopping at an an Ikea outlet in Washington DC, USA. He posted the picture of the map to sub-Reddit MapsWithoutNZ, a forum dedicated to collating the frequent instances where the country is omitted by careless cartographers. BBC News has contacted Ikea for comment. You may also like: WATCH: Can you pass the UK citizenship test? Which countries eat the most meat? US runner suffocates cougar after attack Image copyright Reuters Image caption New Zealand's prime minister has got involved in the issue In fact th..
February 8, 2019

Australia and US make record crystal meth bust

Australia and US make record crystal meth bust Image copyright Australian Federal Police Image caption The stash discovered in California was supposedly equivalent to 17 million "hits" of crystal meth Australian police have arrested six people in Victoria and New South Wales after the biggest seizure of crystal methamphetamine in US history. Authorities say the 1,728kg (3,800lb) stash - the largest ever intercepted drug shipment to Australia - was found in January at a port in California. The haul is said to be equivalent to 17 million doses and worth an estimated A$1.29bn ($910m; £705m). Three of those arrested appeared at Melbourne Magistrates Court on Friday. Among the suspects are two Americans: a 52-year-old man and a 46-year-old woman. Australian Federal Police (AFP) say they were found with "hundreds of thousands of dollars of proceeds of crime" during a raid in Melbourne. They are believed to be involved with a US-based crime syndicate that tried to smuggle the drugs in contai..
February 8, 2019

Tasman Glacier: Huge ice chunks break off New Zealand glacier

Tasman Glacier: Huge ice chunks break off New Zealand glacier Image copyright Richard Bottomley Huge chunks of ice have broken off the Tasman Glacier, New Zealand's largest. They have filled up at least a quarter of the meltwater lake at the foot of the glacier in the Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park, reports say. The lake started to form in the 1970s as the glacier rapidly retreated - a phenomenon thought to have been largely caused by global warming. One guide says the chunks resemble huge skyscrapers lying on their side in the water. "We've got skyscraper-size icebergs floating around on the lake," Glacier Kayaking owner Charlie Hobbs told Radio New Zealand. Image copyright Richard Bottomley Image caption The chunks filled about a quarter of the glacier's meltwater lake Another two local guides were alerted to the event early on Wednesday morning. The falling ice chunks led to some "chaos" on the water, Anthony Harris, a guide at Southern Alps Guiding, told the stuff ..
February 8, 2019

Hampi: Four arrested for vandalising India monument

Hampi: Four arrested for vandalising India monument Image caption In the video, three men are seen shoving vandalising the monument Four men have been arrested for vandalising a Unesco World Heritage site in the southern Indian town of Hampi after a video emerged recently. In the clip, three of them are seen shoving a pillar, which then toppled and broke apart. The video went viral earlier in the week and prompted widespread outrage on social media. Hampi, famous for its 16th century ruins and temples, is a popular tourist spot in India. The beautiful ruins of HampiIn addition to the three men who pushed the pillar, which was located outside a temple, a fourth person who was filming the incident has also been arrested. Image Copyright @s_maanju @s_maanju Report Image Copyright @s_maanju @s_maanju Report Image Copyright @ASIGoI @ASIGoI Report Image Copyright @ASIGoI @ASIGoI Report The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), which looks after heritage sites in the country, registered a..
February 8, 2019

Princess Ubolratana: The royal upending Thai politics

Princess Ubolratana: The royal upending Thai politics Image copyright Reuters Thai politics has taken many bizarre turns in recent years. The submission of King Vajiralongkorn's elder sister as a prime ministerial candidate is one of the strangest, and turns politics on its head. Former Princess Ubolratana Rajakanya Sirivadhana Barnavadi is the candidate for the Raksa Chart party, which is closely linked to former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra. Mr Thaksin's opponents have long accused him and his allies of being anti-royal. In one stroke, the pro-Thaksin side has disarmed that charge, and gained a photogenic royal personality to adorn its campaign posters. Ms Ubolratana is one of the more colourful members of the royal family. She has starred in movies, sung on stage with a top Thai pop group, and is flamboyantly fashionable. Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The princess at a film festival in South Korea She is more down-to-earth and accessible than other r..
February 8, 2019

India capital Delhi enjoys unusual hail storm

India capital Delhi enjoys unusual hail storm Image copyright PTI Image caption Many people compared the unusual sight to scenes from Chicago or London India's capital Delhi was hit by a strong hailstorm on Thursday, turning the city white and leaving people stunned and delighted. Pictures and videos posted on social media show cherry-sized ice balls and streets covered in white. Many people compared the unusual sight to scenes from Chicago or London. Hailstorms "are not rare for Delhi, but their occurrence is infrequent," according to US website Accuweather's senior meteorologist Jason Nicholls. The severe weather also forced more than 30 flights to be diverted during the early hours of the evening. However, the hail and rain storm did have an upside. Apart from delighting Delhi's residents, it also helped improve the city's notoriously toxic air quality. Skip Twitter post by @kanchan_bhatia Hail storm in noida pic.twitter.com/macnuYsfiJ — Kanchan Bhatia (@ka..
February 8, 2019

Australia parliament hit by cyber-hack attempt

Australia parliament hit by cyber-hack attempt Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The attempted breach is the latest in a number of known attacks on the Australian government Authorities in Australia say they are investigating an attempt to hack into its parliament's computer network. Lawmakers said there was "no evidence" that information had been accessed or stolen, but politicians' passwords have been reset as a precaution. Local cyber-security experts have suggested the hack likely came from a foreign state. Australian PM Scott Morrison said he didn't intend to comment in depth on "the source or nature of this". He said there was "no suggestion" that government agencies or departments had been targeted. MPs and their staff use the parliament network to store emails, among other data. Australia defence data in 'extensive' hack 'Spies hacked' Australia weather bureau China denies Australia weather 'hack' Earlier, senior lawmakers ..
February 8, 2019

Japanese Fortnite pro ‘ashamed’ for age fake

Fortnite: Pro gamer RizArt 'deeply sorry' for faking age Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Epic Games pledged $100m (£77.2m) to fund prize pools for Fortnite competitions in 2019 A Japanese pro gamer has said he is "truly ashamed" after faking his age to gain YouTube subscribers. Known to his followers as RizArt, the gamer gained notoriety after beating a Fortnite world record in November, despite being only 12 years old. The number of subscribers to his YouTube channel more than doubled to 187,000 after his feat made international news. Then, this month, RizArt revealed he had been lying about his age. "I'm very sorry to have not been telling everyone the truth," he said in a video. "I am truly ashamed for having lied to all of you." RizArt revealed that he is 16 years old. Far from being at elementary school as he had claimed, he is now in his first year of high school. He said that it began when other gamers assumed he was younger than he was because of his ..
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