April 10, 2019

Cate Faehrmann: Why a lawmaker admitted to taking MDMA

Cate Faehrmann: Why a lawmaker admitted to taking MDMA Image copyright Cate Faehrmann Image caption Cate Faehrmann is a state lawmaker in New South Wales, Australia Australian Cate Faehrmann may be the world's first politician to admit to having used the illicit drug MDMA. The reaction in Australia, and globally, has surprised her, she tells Gary Nunn in Sydney. Ms Faehrmann's admission, made in January, has come amid a fierce debate about introducing "pill testing" services in New South Wales (NSW). Five music festival-goers have died from suspected drug overdoses in NSW since September. It has prompted passionate calls for action - but state lawmakers are divided on what should be done. Ms Faehrmann, 48, from the Greens party, argues that her opponents have a "limited understanding of the people they're needing to connect with". She says she has taken MDMA (known as ecstasy when in pill form) "occasionally" since her 20s. "I'm sitting here as a politician with m..
April 10, 2019

CentralWorld: Deadly blaze at Bangkok shopping complex

CentralWorld: Deadly blaze at Bangkok shopping complex Image copyright Reuters Image caption Hundreds of people were evacuated from the shopping centre and hotel At least two people have died after a fire broke out at a major Bangkok shopping centre complex on Wednesday. The fire, which has now been brought under control, reportedly started on the building's eighth floor at about 17:40 local time (10:40 GMT). At least one of those who died had fallen from the building, local reports and witnesses say. Videos on social media showed hundreds of Thais evacuating from the large shopping complex. Other clips showed emergency services struggling to get through gridlocked rush-hour traffic to get to the scene. Skip Twitter post by @Kyletay60 Central World Bangkok fire @bccworldnews pic.twitter.com/QqZPGPml3S — Kyle Taylor (@Kyletay60) April 10, 2019 Report End of Twitter post by @Kyletay60 At least 17 people have also been also injured, the Erawan Medical Emergency centre told AFP. Th..
April 10, 2019

China outcry over video of mum kicking girl

Social outcry over video of mum kicking daughter Image copyright BEIJING NEWS Image caption The mum was filmed on 8 April in China's eastern city of Hangzhou A mother has apologised after a video showing her kicking her daughter led to a wave of criticism online in China. The video has been viewed by more than 22 million people and many voiced their outrage. A lawyer from the women's federation in the city of Hangzhou said the act was "suspected domestic violence". A baby care company revealed the child to be Niu Niu, a well-known clothes model with whom they work. Niu Niu's mother has issued an apology saying the incident was "absolutely not child abuse" and tens of thousands of people have been discussing her response. It is unclear who shared the original video, which was filmed on 8 April, but it has been widely shared by the newspaper Beijing News. You may also be interested in: Burger King remove 'racist' chopsticks ad Do celebrities deserve private..
April 10, 2019

Hong Kong opens first public facility for early-term foetuses

Hong Kong opens first public facility for early-term foetuses Image copyright Hong Kong Food and Environmental Health Department Image caption People can apply for a plot in the Garden of Forever Love from 11 April The Hong Kong government has approved the first public facility for the memorial of miscarried or aborted foetuses that have been lost before reaching 24 weeks' development, it's reported. According to public broadcaster RTHK, the Garden of Forever Love was opened today (10 April) in response to increased demand for a public columbarium - a place for the respectful storage of funeral urns - for foetuses. Located in Fan Ling in the New Territories East constituency, the facility is surrounded by flowers and has space for plots for 300 early-term foetuses, stands for flowers and cards, and a wall for commemorative plaques. Memorial services are also offered, free of charge. Only two such services have existed before in Hong Kong, but both are private: one is stri..
April 10, 2019

Xiaomi’s founder Lei Jun receives £735m bonus

Xiaomi's founder Lei Jun receives £735m bonus Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Lei Jun has said he will give the giant bonus to charity The founder of Xiaomi has been given a "reward" worth more than £735m by the Chinese smartphone-maker. The payment was confirmed in the firm's 2018 annual report. The company had previously said it intended to make the share-based bonus to Lei Jun in recognition of his eight years of "devotion" to the company. Lei in turn has promised to donate the sum to "charitable purposes" once taxes have been deducted from the compensation package. The 636.6 million shares involved were worth 7.54bn Hong Kong dollars ($962.0m; £735.6m) based on their closing price on Tuesday after they rose 1% over the course of the day. The amount is not far behind the 8.6bn yuan ($1.3bn; £980m) figure declared as Xiaomi's adjusted net profit for the year. The share transfer is in addition to other payments the company made to Lei including a salary and ..
April 10, 2019

Modi biopic’s release blocked by India election commission ahead of voting

Modi biopic's release blocked by India election commission ahead of voting Image copyright Reuters Image caption The biopic was scheduled to be released ahead of polling, which starts on Thursday India's election commission has ruled that a film about PM Narendra Modi's life cannot be released ahead of elections due to begin on Thursday. A trailer released last month elicited a furious reaction from the opposition. Mr Modi's ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) had said stopping its release would be against freedom of expression. But the commission said the film, which contains fictional elements, posed a "serious threat" to ensuring a level playing field for all candidates. It said such a film "may create an impression of truthfulness of content" and could therefore not be displayed on any electronic media or at the cinema. The Bollywood factor in India's election A really simple guide to India’s general election 900m voters, 39 days: 11 things about India p..
April 10, 2019

Christchurch shootings: New Zealand MPs vote to change gun laws

Christchurch shootings: New Zealand MPs vote to change gun laws Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionNew Zealand's PM announced the gun law changes six days after the attack New Zealand's parliament has voted to ban all types of semi-automatic weapons and assault rifles following the Christchurch attacks. The gun reform bill passed 119-1 after the final reading in parliament. It is expected to become law within the next few days after receiving royal assent from the governor general. PM Jacinda Ardern announced changes to the law after 50 people were killed last month by a suspected lone gunman at two mosques in Christchurch. Australian Brenton Tarrant, a self-proclaimed white supremacist, faces 50 murder charges and 39 attempted murder charges. What will change and how soon?"Six days after this attack, we are announcing a ban on all military style semi-automatics (MSSA) and assault rifles in New Zealand," Ms Ardern said in a news conference last mont..
April 10, 2019

Tasmania makes it optional to list gender on birth certificates

Tasmania makes it optional to list gender on birth certificates Image copyright Getty Images Tasmania has become Australia's first state to make it legally optional to list gender on birth certificates. The landmark bill was approved in the state's lower house on Wednesday, meaning it will become law. It had already been passed in the upper house. The bill also removes a condition that had required transgender people to have surgery before their gender was recognised. The state government fiercely opposed the bill in its current form. However, opposition political parties combined to secure enough votes to pass the legislation after a lengthy debate. "This is indeed a historic occasion," said House of Assembly Speaker Sue Hickey, who voted for the legislation. "This is not a win for any particular political party, but rather the dignity of the transgender community." You may also be interested in: The trans teen who helped change Australia 'Put Aboriginal back on birth ..
April 10, 2019

Taiwan doctor finds four sweat bees living inside woman’s eye

Taiwan doctor finds four sweat bees living inside woman's eye Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Sweat bees sometimes land on people to imbibe perspiration A Taiwanese woman was found by doctors to have four small sweat bees living inside her eye, the first such incident on the island. The 28-year-old woman, identified only as Ms He, was pulling out weeds when the insects flew into her eyes. Dr Hong Chi Ting of the Fooyin University Hospital told the BBC he was "shocked" when he pulled the 4mm insects out by their legs. Ms He has now been discharged and is expected to make a full recovery. Sweat bees, also known as Halictidae, are attracted to sweat and sometimes land on people to imbibe perspiration. They also drink tears for their high protein content, according to a study by the Kansas Entomological Society. 'They were all alive' Ms He was weeding around her relatives' graves when the insects flew into her left eye. She was visiting the grave as part ..
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