April 9, 2019

Dalai Lama, 83, taken to hospital in India

Dalai Lama, 83, taken to hospital in India Image copyright Reuters Image caption China sees the Dalai Lama as a dangerous separatist and claim the right to choose his successor The Dalai Lama has been admitted to hospital in the Indian capital, Delhi, with a chest infection, but is reported to be in a stable condition. His private aide Tenzin Taklha said he was flown to Delhi from his hill town base after complaining of discomfort. The 83-year-old Tibetan spiritual leader fled to India 60 years ago after a failed uprising against Chinese rule. The Nobel peace laureate is a hugely popular speaker but has cut down his global engagements in recent years. "Doctors have diagnosed him with a chest infection and he is being treated for that. His condition is stable now. He will be treated for two-three days here," Tenzin Taklha told Reuters news agency. China took control of Tibet in 1950 and sees the Dalai Lama as a dangerous separatist. Who will succeed the Dalai Lama when he dies remains ..
April 9, 2019

Wreckage of crashed Japanese F-35 fighter jet found

Wreckage of crashed Japanese F-35 fighter jet found Image copyright AFP Image caption The country has now grounded its 12 remaining F-35 fighter jets The wreckage of a Japanese F-35 stealth fighter jet has been found, a day after it disappeared from radar over the Pacific Ocean. The pilot of the plane, however, is still missing, Japanese military officials said. Parts of the plane have been recovered during search operations at sea. It is not known why the plane, which is less than a year old, lost contact and crashed. The fighter jet went missing at 19:27pm (10:27 GMT) on Tuesday as it was flying 135km (84 miles) east of Misawa, a city in north-eastern Japan. It lost contact about 30 minutes after taking off from the Misawa Air Base. No problems with the aircraft had previously been reported, according to Japan's public broadcaster NHK. Rescue teams are continuing their search for the male pilot who is in his 40s, according to news site Kyodo. Japan has been deploying F-35s, ..
April 9, 2019

Pakistan PM Khan: Kashmir issue ‘cannot keep boiling’

Pakistan PM Khan: Kashmir issue 'cannot keep boiling' Image caption The leader sat down with the BBC and other international media on Tuesday Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has told the BBC that peace with India over the disputed territory of Kashmir would be "tremendous" for the wider region. Mr Khan, a former cricketer who became leader eight months ago, said the nuclear-armed neighbours could only settle their differences with dialogue. The comments come as India prepares to vote in a general election, weeks after an upsurge of violence in Kashmir. A suicide attack against Indian forces triggered cross-border air strikes. Asked what message he wanted to send to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his country, Mr Khan told the BBC's John Simpson that the Kashmir issue "has to be settled" and "cannot keep boiling like it is". From cricket hero to Pakistani PM A really simple guide to India's elections 'War' and Modi's strongman image "The n..
April 9, 2019

India election 2019: Five dead in Chhattisgarh attack

India election 2019: Five dead in Chhattisgarh attack Image copyright Map At least five security personnel have died in an attack on a convoy belonging to an election candidate in the central Indian state of Chhattisgarh. Bheema Mandavi, a state legislator from the governing Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), was in the convoy when it was attacked by suspected Maoist rebels. Local media reports say his whereabouts are currently unknown. Chhattisgarh is due to vote in the first phase of India's general elections on 11 April. The mineral-rich state has witnessed an armed conflict for more than three decades and attacks by Maoist rebels on security forces are common.
April 9, 2019

Burger King remove ‘racist’ chopsticks ad

Burger King remove 'racist' chopsticks ad Image copyright Burger King/Instagram Image caption The Burger King advert has been described as racist by some Twitter users Burger King has removed an advert which shows western people trying to eat a burger with oversized red chopsticks following criticism on social media. The advert for a new Vietnamese burger in New Zealand has sparked a debate over whether the advert is harmless fun or culturally insensitive and racist. A clip of the advert posted to Twitter by Maria Mo, a Korean woman living in New Zealand, has been viewed more than 2.9M times. Skip Twitter post by @mariahmocarey So this is the new Burger King ad for a “Vietnamese” burger ok coolcoolcoolcoolcool CHOPSTICKS R HILARIOUS right omg etc 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃 pic.twitter.com/zVD8CN04Wc — 마리아. Maria. (@mariahmocarey) April 4, 2019 Report End of Twitter post by @mariahmocarey In her subsequent thread she berates Burger King's attempts to make fun of how Asians eat and descri..
April 9, 2019

Carlos Ghosn says ‘backstabbing’ behind his arrest

Carlos Ghosn says 'backstabbing' behind his arrest Image copyright Carlos Ghosn Nissan ex-boss Carlos Ghosn has accused former executives at the firm of "backstabbing" and said he is innocent of all charges against him. He said he was victim of a "conspiracy" and appealed to have a fair trial in a pre-recorded video released at a news conference held by his legal team. Mr Ghosn was arrested for a fourth time last week while out on bail awaiting a trial . He faces charges of financial misconduct and breach of trust. In the video message, the 65-year-old, who was first arrested in November, maintained his denial of any wrongdoing or misconduct. "This is about a plot, this is about conspiracy, this is about backstabbing - that's what we are talking about," Mr Ghosn said. "It happened because there was first a fear that the next step of the alliance... would in a certain way threaten some people or eventually threaten the autonomy of Nissan." Mr Ghosn was the architect o..
April 9, 2019

Australia ‘egg boy’ clash: Senator cleared as teenager handed caution

Australia 'egg boy' clash: Senator cleared as teenager handed caution Image copyright Reuters Image caption Senator Fraser Anning retaliated after a teenager squashed an egg on his head An Australian senator acted in self-defence when he physically retaliated against a boy who had smashed an egg on the lawmaker's head, police have ruled. Video of last month's clash involving Senator Fraser Anning went viral and sparked debate in Australia over who - if anyone - should face police action. Police cautioned the 17-year-old boy, but said neither would face charges. The incident happened after Mr Anning caused fury by blaming the New Zealand mosque attacks on Muslim migration. Last week, the Senate censured Mr Anning for his comments which he made on the day that dozens of Muslims were killed by a gunman in Christchurch. The egg incident happened in the wake of the controversy when the teenager, Will Connolly, walked up behind the senator during a televised press confer..
April 8, 2019

Hong Kong ‘Umbrella protestors’ found guilty

Hong Kong 'Umbrella protestors' found guilty Nine pro-democracy activists have been found guilty of public nuisance charges for their involvement in mass rallies which called for greater autonomy from China. Among them are three prominent activists who are seen as the faces of Hong Kong's pro-democracy movement. They could be jailed for up to seven years for their part in the "Umbrella" protests in 2014. Thousands marched demanding the right for Hong Kong to choose its own leader. Those found guilty include the "Occupy trio", consisting of sociology professor Chan Kin-man, 59, law professor Benny Tai, 54, and Baptist minister Chu Yiu-ming, 74. "No matter what happens today... we will persist on and do not give up," Mr Tai had told reporters ahead of the verdict.
April 8, 2019

Carlos Ghosn ‘held hostage’ by Japan legal system, says lawyer

Carlos Ghosn 'held hostage' by Japan legal system, says lawyer Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Mr Ghosn and his wife were subject to a "brutal" experience when he was re-arrested, the family's lawyer says Carlos Ghosn's family lawyer has said the former Nissan boss is being "held hostage" by the Japanese legal system. Jessica Finelle told the BBC Mr Ghosn's "arbitrary detention" violated his right to a fair trial and says a complaint has been filed with the UN. She said the standard of his treatment did not meet international norms. His wife, Carole Ghosn, was also a victim of the "brutal" manner in which his re-arrest was conducted, she added. Mrs Ghosn said she felt "in danger" and has now returned to France to ask the government there to intervene on her husband's behalf. 'Pressurised'The former boss of Nissan was first detained in November, and has since been charged with several transgressions including under-reporting his pay pa..
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