January 11, 2019

Carlos Ghosn: Ex-Nissan chair faces ‘two new charges’

Carlos Ghosn: Ex-Nissan chair faces 'two new charges' Image copyright Getty Images Prosecutors in Japan have indicted former Nissan chairman Carlos Ghosn with two fresh charges, according to local media. Mr Ghosn, who has been detained since November, was charged with aggravated breach of trust and understating his income. He had already been indicted on a separate charge of underreporting his pay over five years. Mr Ghosn, whose detention has drawn some criticism, denies all wrongdoing. His lawyers said they would apply for bail, but experts say this request is very unlikely to be granted. The new charges will likely keep Mr Ghosn in prison until his first trial, according to his lawyers. One of the charges involves allegations that Mr Ghosn shifted lofty personal investment losses on foreign exchange dealings to Nissan. The 64-year-old was the architect of the Renault-Nissan alliance, and brought Mitsubishi on board in 2016. Renault, which kept him on as chairman afte..
January 11, 2019

Hitachi says ‘no decision’ made on UK nuclear plant

Hitachi says 'no decision' made on UK nuclear plant Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The original Wylfa Nuclear power station was decommissioned in 2015 Hitachi said "no formal decision" has been made over the future of a UK nuclear plant following a report it would halt construction. The Nikkei Asian Review reported the firm's board would likely decide to suspend all work on the Wylfa Newydd plant next week. Shares in the Japanese company jumped 8% after the report. In December, the firm said it would do its utmost to ensure the nuclear power facility went ahead. It followed mounting speculation that Hitachi was considering scrapping the project due to potential increases in construction costs. On Friday, the firm said suspension of the project remained an option. "No formal decision has been made in this regard currently, while Hitachi has been assessing the Horizon Project including its potential suspension and related financial impacts in terms of econom..
January 11, 2019

Python covered with over 500 ticks rescued in Australia

Python covered with over 500 ticks rescued in Australia Image copyright Gold coast and brisbane snake catcher/facebook Snake catchers in Australia have rescued a carpet python which was found covered in hundreds of ticks. Video posted online showed the reptile, which was believed to be ill, coated in the parasites in a backyard swimming pool on the Gold Coast in Queensland. A professional handler removed the snake and took it for treatment at a wildlife clinic. Vets removed more than 500 ticks, snake catcher Tony Harris told the BBC, and it is expected to recover. 'Like holding a bag of marbles'Mr Harris said he believed the snake had been trying to drown the ticks in the pool. "Obviously, [the snake] was extremely uncomfortable," he said. Image copyright Gold coast and brisbane snake catcher/facebook "Its whole face was swollen and blooming and it was completely overwhelmed by the ticks breeding on him." He said removing the tick-laden snake had felt like "holding a bag ..
January 10, 2019

Craig McLachlan: Actor charged with assault and sex offences

Craig McLachlan: Actor charged with assault and sex offences Image copyright Getty Images Image caption McLachlan is a veteran of the Australian entertainment industry Australian actor Craig McLachlan has been charged with one count of common assault and eight counts of indecent assault by police. The former Neighbours star was accused of sexual misconduct by three women who worked with him in a 2014 production of the Rocky Horror Show. The 53-year-old star was accused of inappropriate touching and harassment. He denied all allegations, saying they were "perhaps made for financial reasons [or] to gain notoriety". McLachlan is due to appear at Melbourne Magistrates' Court on 8 February.
January 10, 2019

The men who stay awake so Indians can sleep

The men who stay awake so Indians can sleep Image caption Ranjit Singh goes on foot patrols every night with his torch On a dimly-lit street, they look like lone warriors against unknown threats. From afar, their shadows loom over suburban Noida, a newly-gentrified satellite city on the outskirts of India's capital, Delhi. Heavy silence blankets the area, broken only by the occasional shrill blast from a whistle. Two men, dressed in dark blue jackets and caps with the word "security" sewn in bright yellow, have just begun their nightly patrol. "I have stopped thieves from stealing cars," 55-year-old Khushi Ram, who goes by a first name only, says with pride. "And then I handed them over to the police." He and Ranjit Singh, 40, are security guards. But they are not protecting banks, brightly-lit jewellery stores or corporate offices. They protect more than 300 posh homes every night - and they do this by going on foot patrol for hours. "I like my job because I feel like I&#03..
January 10, 2019

Brexit: Japan’s PM says ‘wish of whole world’ to avoid no-deal

Brexit: Japan's PM says 'wish of whole world' to avoid no-deal Image copyright PA Image caption Mr Abe was speaking during a visit to London The "whole world" wants the UK to avoid a no-deal Brexit, Japan's PM has claimed, after talks with Theresa May. Shinzo Abe pledged "total support" for the withdrawal agreement she has negotiated with the EU, which faces a crunch vote in the Commons on Tuesday. Mrs May has been speaking to Labour MPs and union leaders in a bid to try to get her deal through the Commons, where scores of her own MPs oppose it. It comes as Honda UK announced a six-day post Brexit shut down. The Japanese-owned car giant said the move was to ensure it could adjust to "all possible outcomes caused by logistics and border issues". Laura Kuenssberg: What could change Brexit vote dynamics? May calls union chiefs over Brexit deal Honda plans six-day shutdown post-Brexit Mrs May said leaving the EU provided "an unprecedented opportunity" for the countrie..
January 10, 2019

Grace Millane: Murdered backpacker’s funeral held in Essex

Grace Millane: Murdered backpacker's funeral held in Essex Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionMembers of Grace Millane's family carried her coffin The funeral service of murdered of British backpacker Grace Millane has taken place near her home in Essex. The 22-year-old was last seen at a hostel in Auckland, New Zealand on 1 December. Her body was found a week later on the outskirts of the city. A 26-year-old man has been charged with her murder and remains in custody. Hundreds of mourners gathered for the Requiem Mass at Brentwood Cathedral on what Miss Millane's family has called "Grace's Day". Miss Millane had been travelling alone in New Zealand for two weeks, following a six-week group trip through South America. Her family in Wickford became concerned when the University of Lincoln graduate failed to respond to birthday messages on 2 December. Image copyright Lucie Blackman Trust Image caption The University of Lincoln graduate arrived..
January 10, 2019

Nepal woman and children die in banned ‘menstruation hut’

Nepal woman and children die in banned 'menstruation hut' Image copyright AFP Image caption "Chhaupadi" huts are outlawed but the practice continues in many rural areas (file pic) A Nepali mother and her two children have been found dead after the woman was banished to a "menstruation hut". The woman had lit a fire to keep her and her two young sons warm in bitter winter temperatures. All three are suspected to have died in their sleep due to smoke inhalation, officials told BBC Nepali. The traditional practice of exiling menstruating women from the family home is banned in Nepal but it is still widely practised in rural areas. This case is not the first tragedy to have occurred when women have been sent to sleep in the huts - a practice, known as chhaupadi, that was criminalised in 2017. There have been several cases of suffocation and at least one teenage girl has died after being bitten by a snake. Under the ancient practice, linked to Hinduism, women who have their peri..
January 10, 2019

Rahaf al-Qunun: Unpicking the tweets that may have saved her life

Rahaf al-Qunun: Unpicking the tweets that may have saved her life Image copyright Reuters Image caption She was afraid for her life and Twitter came to her rescue On the evening of Saturday, 5 January, a desperate situation began to unravel on a newly created Twitter account. Fleeing her family in Kuwait, Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun, 18, sent out a series of tweets pleading for help from an airport hotel room in Bangkok. At the time she had 24 followers. "I'm the girl who ran away to Thailand. I'm now in real danger because the Saudi embassy is trying to force me to return," her first-ever tweet in Arabic read. Skip Twitter post by @rahaf84427714 اسمي رهف محمد، و سأقوم بنشر اسمي الكامل على الملاء إذا لم تتوقف عائلتي والسفاراة السعودية، ورجل السفارة الكويتية عن مطاردتي. — Rahaf Mohammed رهف محمد (@rahaf84427714) January 5, 2019 Report End of Twitter post by @rahaf84427714 Then she said something that would be hard to ignore: "I'm afraid. My family will kill me." People..
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