January 4, 2019

Sri Lanka police arrest two for bribing life-size cutout

Sri Lanka police arrest two for bribing life-size cutout Image copyright Vavuniya Police Image caption The man in this clip and his friend who filmed it have been released on bail Sri Lankan police have arrested two people who posted a Facebook video showing one of them pretending to give a bribe to a traffic police cutout. In the footage, a motorcyclist is seen offering money to the life-size figure of an officer with a speed gun in the northern town of Vavuniya. The man in the video and his friend who filmed it have been released on bail. They are charged with damaging public property, and humiliating and creating a bad public image of the police. The cardboard cutout, which police say had its head damaged, is one of many which were placed on main roads last year to deter speeding and dangerous driving. Jayasuriya responds to corruption charges Son of Sri Lankan ex-leader arrested Sri Lanka profile A few months ago, local police arrested two youths who had taken one home. 'Sati..
January 4, 2019

Huawei staff punished after official tweet posted ‘via iPhone’

Huawei staff punished after official tweet posted 'via iPhone' Image copyright Reuters Image caption Chinese companies have been encouraging the use of Huawei products Two Huawei employees who sent a message from the Chinese telecom firm's Twitter account using an iPhone device have been punished, a memo says. The tweet, posted on New Year's Day, wished followers a "Happy #2019" while displaying "via Twitter for iPhone". Chinese companies have been trying to steer employees toward Huawei products and away from US rival Apple. Last year, Huawei overtook Apple in the number of handsets shipped worldwide, making it second only to Samsung. On Friday, a report by Reuters news agency - citing an internal company memo - said that the Huawei staff involved in the Twitter blunder had been demoted and would be receiving reduced salaries. The new year message was quickly removed from Huawei's official Twitter feed but was shared by users of the social media site. Skip ..
January 4, 2019

Regan King: Ex-Scarlets star ‘tricked us out of thousands’

Regan King: Ex-Scarlets star 'tricked us out of thousands' Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Regan King enjoyed two successful spells with the Scarlets An international rugby player has been accused of tricking ex-partners out of thousands of pounds to fuel a gambling addiction. Former All Blacks and Llanelli Scarlets centre Regan King, 38, recently left Welsh Premiership side Neath after playing across Europe and New Zealand. Two women told BBC Wales they loaned him "thousands" after he pleaded for help with cash flow problems, but failed to pay them back. Mr King declined to comment. BBC Wales has been shown messages and emails from Mr King to several former partners which appear to show him admitting he owes them thousands of Australian dollars, which he promised to pay back. Diana Stalteri, 40, from Perth, in Western Australia, said she met Mr King online in late 2017 and after they had been going out for several months he started asking to borrow sums of money...
January 4, 2019

Thailand Pabuk: Tourist spots hit by worst storm in decades

Thailand Pabuk: Tourist spots hit by worst storm in decades Image copyright EPA Image caption Tens of thousands have been asked to evacuate from seaside towns and villages Tropical storm Pabuk has begun pelting southern Thailand with rain and wind, in what is expected to be the worst storm to hit the region in 30 years. The storm made landfall at 12:45 local time (05:45 GMT) in the province of Nakhon Si Thammarat, the meteorological department said. It is expected to move across southern Thailand, hitting several popular tourist spots. Thousands of people have left Koh Samui, Koh Tao and Koh Phangan islands. Tourists stranded on Koh Samui have told the BBC the island is seeing heavy rain, wind and waves and there have been short power outages so far. People also say they have been recommended to stay indoors after 16:00 until Saturday morning. Content is not available While storms are common in the Gulf of Thailand at this time of year, Pabuk is thought to be the worst in decades t..
January 4, 2019

Hobart’s sky turns ‘apocalyptic’ as distant bushfire burns

Hobart's sky turns 'apocalyptic' as distant bushfire burns Image copyright Tamania Fire Service Image caption Distinctive clouds covered the city of Hobart on Friday A bushfire raging in a wilderness area has turned skies orange and black over the city of Hobart, Australia. Clouds of smoke blanketed Tasmania's state capital on Friday, despite the city lying about 100km (60 miles) south-east of the fire's location. The blaze in the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area prompted safety warnings for nearby communities, but no injuries had been reported. Australia's southern states experienced extreme heat on Friday. Hobart's skies were described as "apocalyptic" and "ominous" by people on social media. Image Copyright @brentcostelloe @brentcostelloe Report Image Copyright @brentcostelloe @brentcostelloe Report Skip Twitter post by @CityByrne Greeted by this scene on way back from surfing #CliftonBeach with my daughter. Apocalyptic skies in #Hobart #w..
January 4, 2019

US and China to hold trade talks in Beijing next week

US and China to hold trade talks in Beijing next week Image copyright Getty Images A US delegation will visit China next week for talks aimed at defusing the trade war between the world's two largest economies. The closely watched meeting follows a dismal week for US markets, with losses fuelled partly by trade fears. Last year, China and the US imposed tariffs on more than $300bn (£237bn) worth of each other's goods. It will be the first face-to-face meeting since the two countries agreed not to impose new tariffs for 90 days. US President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping agreed to the temporary truce on 1 December on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Argentina. On its website, China's commerce ministry said the goal of the upcoming talks, to be held in Beijing on 7 and 8 January, will be "implementing the important consensus" reached by the two leaders. The US team will be led by Deputy Trade Representative Jeffrey Gerrish, the ministry said. US-Ch..
January 4, 2019

Japanese monks: ‘I can do this in monk’s robes’ videos shared online

Japanese monks: 'I can do this in monk's robes' videos shared online Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Japanese monks are now showing off how agile they can be while dressed in their robes Japanese monks have been skipping, skating and juggling to show how unrestrictive their traditional attire is. It comes after a monk was fined by police for driving while wearing a kimono because it "could affect safe driving", according to the Yomiuri Shimbun. He has refused to pay the traffic ticket of 6,000 yen ($55; £43). And the Buddhist community has come out to show its support online. Monks have been posting videos of themselves on Twitter doing agile acts with the hashtag "I can do this in monks' robes". Skip Twitter post by @zuiho_yokoyama あった。 回数微妙ですが二重跳び。#僧衣でできるもん pic.twitter.com/heMgVnv1wM — 横山瑞法(Zuiho Yokoyama) (@zuiho_yokoyama) December 30, 2018 Report End of Twitter post by @zuiho_yokoyama Skip Twitter post by @henmority これだけできるんだから、運転ぐらい困ることはないよね。#僧衣ででき..
January 3, 2019

The women who banned alcohol

The women who banned alcohol Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Women at an anti-alcohol rally in northern India In the world's largest democracy, politicians are finding that they need to listen to women if they want power. In northern India, some women had long complained that they were fed up with their husbands being drunk. An alcohol ban brought in at their request has affected 100 million people in the state of Bihar. The domestic violence, petty crime and wasted income that had long plagued their region fell soon after, the state government claims. Women-centric campaigns are playing an even bigger role in India's upcoming national election, in a country of 1.3bn people. Politicians offering free girls' education, money to newlywed brides, and special women's police stations scored highly in the recent regional polls. The reason? In India's male-dominated, conservative society, women voters are rapidly gaining ground. Women voters Image copy..
January 3, 2019

What does China want to do on the Moon’s far side?

What does China want to do on the Moon's far side? Image copyright CNSA/AFP Image caption The first close up pictures of the far side of the Moon What will China's Chang'e-4 mission learn about the far side of the Moon? Here are a few things the mission is designed to do. Learn about the Moon's historyNo space mission has ever explored the far side from the surface. As such, it's the first chance to explore a mysterious region of Earth's natural satellite. The "face" that's never seen from Earth has some key differences to the more familiar "near side". The far side has a thicker, older crust that is pocked with more craters. There are also very few of the "maria" (dark basaltic "seas" created by lava flows) that are evident on the near side. Chang'e-4 has reportedly landed at a site known as Von Kármán crater, a 180km depression located in the far side's southern hemisphere. But Von Kármán lies within a much bigger hole punched in the Moon..
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