April 7, 2019

India election 2019: Has India’s BJP government kept its promises?

India election 2019: Has India's BJP government kept its promises? Image copyright AFP The election campaign in India is in full swing, with voting due to get under way on 11 April. It is by a considerable margin the largest democratic process in the world, with around 900 million people eligible to take part. Five years on from his victory in 2014, the prime minister Narendra Modi wants a fresh mandate to continue what he says is his mission to transform India. But the main opposition Congress Party says he's failed in key areas. So how has this government matched up to its promises? BBC Reality Check has been taking a look at the issues, using available data to evaluate the claims made by the main parties. Keeping India secureAt the end of February, security became a major issue after an attack in Indian-controlled Kashmir, in which 40 soldiers were killed. The government presented itself as the true guardian of the country's security, after launching retaliatory str..
April 7, 2019

Huawei’s ‘shoddy’ work prompts talk of a Westminster ban

Huawei's 'shoddy' work prompts talk of a Westminster ban A top cyber-security official has said Huawei's "shoddy" engineering practices mean its mobile network equipment could be banned from Westminster and other sensitive parts of the UK. GCHQ's Dr Ian Levy told BBC Panorama the Chinese telecom giant also faced being barred from what he described as the "brains" of the 5G networks. The UK government is expected to reveal in May whether it will restrict or even ban the company's 5G technology. Huawei said it would address concerns. Last month, a GCHQ-backed security review of the company said it would be difficult to risk-manage Huawei's future products until defects in its cyber-security processes were fixed. It added that technical issues with the company's approach to software development had resulted in vulnerabilities in existing products, which in some cases had not been fixed, despite having being identified in previous versions. In his f..
April 7, 2019

The pressure to be beautiful in Bangladesh

The pressure to be beautiful in Bangladesh Image copyright Habiba Nowrose "As women we are often compelled to portray our beautiful selves," says Habiba Nowrose, a 29-year-old photographer documenting the pressures on women in Bangladesh to be attractive. "In that path to avail beauty we are made to strip off our individuality, stories and traumas." "We become anonymous even to ourselves and our identities remain concealed." The women in Habiba's photos look bright and colourful but their faces are entirely covered, representing a loss of the inner self even though outwardly the women have made great efforts to look beautiful. Habiba wants to draw attention to how much of themselves Bangladeshi women have to compromise to make others happy. Image copyright Habiba Nowrose Speaking to BBC Bengali, Habiba said the idea for the series came after a "very bitter personal experience". Image copyright Shams Jerin Image caption Ms Nowrose says she has had to battle other people's ex..
April 7, 2019

Pakistan accuses India of plotting fresh military attack

Pakistan accuses India of plotting fresh military attack Image copyright STR/AFP/Getty Image caption Pakistan shot down an Indian fighter jet in February amid high tensions following a car bomb attack in Indian-administered Kashmir Pakistan says it has "reliable intelligence" India is planning a military attack this month, something India dismissed as "war hysteria". Foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi made the comments on Sunday. Already tense relations between the two deteriorated this year when Pakistan-based militants killed dozens of Indian troops in Indian-administered Kashmir. India responded with air strikes on Pakistani territory and soon after Pakistan shot down an Indian jet. Pakistan's dilemma over militants 'War' and Modi's muscular strongman image The aerial attacks in February across the Line of Control (LoC) dividing Indian and Pakistani territory in Kashmir were the first since a war in 1971. Both nuclear-armed nations claim all of Muslim-majori..
April 7, 2019

Ghosn: Bail conditions revealed by lawyer

Ghosn: Bail conditions revealed by lawyer Image copyright AFP Image caption Carlos Ghosn strongly denies any wrongdoing The lawyer for former Nissan chief Carlos Ghosn has revealed the terms his client had to meet to secure his initial release from custody on bail. Conditions the 65-year-old had faced included using a sole computer, in his lawyer's office, and one mobile phone. A 24-hour surveillance camera also had to be installed at the entrance of his court-approved permanent residence. Mr Ghosn was re-arrested in Tokyo last week, pending trial over claims of financial misconduct. He has been detained over suspicions that he tried to enrich himself at the carmaker's expense. In a statement, Mr Ghosn - who denies any wrongdoing - said his re-arrest was "outrageous and arbitrary". Internet recordsMr Ghosn's lawyer, Takashi Takano, issued a blog post (in Japanese) over the weekend where he outlined his client's bail conditions after he was released from custody on ..
April 7, 2019

North Korea: Tourists swell Pyongyang marathon turnout

North Korea: Tourists swell Pyongyang marathon turnout Image copyright AFP Image caption International runners cross the starting line, waving to the crowds at Kim Il Sung stadium Twice the number of foreign runners are competing in Sunday's marathon in the North Korean capital Pyongyang compared to last year, tour firms say. About 950 westerners entered the annual race, up from 450 in 2018. Political tensions have eased in recent months leading to an increase in tourism, although the regime remains one of the world's most oppressive. A US travel ban to North Korea is still in place following the death of a student in 2017. Why would visitors want to run a marathon in North Korea?The marathon is part of the celebrations marking the birth of the founder of North Korea, Kim Il Sung, in 1912. Tourists run through the strictly controlled capital city, cheered on by North Koreans lining the streets. Image copyright AFP Image caption A foreign competitor talks to a child on t..
April 6, 2019

India eco-school: Is this the greenest campus on Earth?

India eco-school: Is this the greenest campus on Earth? Image caption The school's surrounding mountainous landscape is almost devoid of vegetation as it is above the tree line Secmol is a school pioneering practical green education in one of the world's harshest environments. Its campus is perched nearly 11,000ft (3,350m) up in the pre-Himalayan mountains along the Indus River in Ladakh, in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. The teenage pupils at Secmol (Students' Educational and Cultural Movement of Ladakh) lack wi-fi and almost all phone coverage, in an area only accessible by air during the long harsh winter when deep snow renders roads out of the province impassable. The surrounding mountainous landscape is almost devoid of vegetation as it is above the tree line. Image copyright Sumedh Chaphekar The school even sets its own time zone to maximise sunlight, which also reminds every student and visitor that when they pass the gates they are entering a different..
April 6, 2019

Maldives election: Early results show victory for president’s party

Maldives election: Early results show victory for president's party Image copyright Reuters Image caption Mohamed Nasheed returned from exile following the election of his deputy as president President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih's party is on course to win a landslide victory in the Maldives parliamentary election, early result show. The Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) is projected to win almost 60 seats in the 87-seat parliament, local media report. Final results are expected to be declared on Sunday. An MDP win would solidify the comeback of the country's former president and MDP leader Mohamed Nasheed, who was in exile until late last year. Footage posted on the party's official Twitter account shows supporters hugging each other and dancing. Skip Twitter post by @MDPSecretariat Raeesuljumhooriyya @ibusolih baiverive vadaigannavaa MDP ah Majlis19 Inthihaabuga libunu kaamiyaabee faahaga kurun Henveyru Lonuziyaaraiykolhuga kuriah dhanee pic.twitter.com/JdY4b6l1d0 — MD..
April 6, 2019

Thailand election: Future Forward’s Thanathorn faces sedition charges

Thailand election: Future Forward's Thanathorn faces sedition charges Image copyright Reuters Image caption Scores of supporters greeted Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit in Bangkok The leader of a new political party that did well in Thailand's election last month has appeared at a police station to face charges of sedition. Scores of supporters greeted Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit, the leader of Future Forward, at the Bangkok offices. Mr Thanathorn says an allegation, from 2015, that he aided a protest leader is politically motivated. The ruling military and an opposition coalition are both vying to form the next government following the polls. Thailand election: Full vote count in but no winner yet Quick guide to the post-coup polls Who is Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit?At 40, he is the young and charismatic head of the Future Forward Party, which has appealed strongly to young voters and opposes the military government, which has been in charge of Thailand since 2014. Futur..
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