September 12, 2018

Afghanistan attack: Nangarhar suicide blast toll soars

Afghanistan attack: Nangarhar suicide blast toll soars Image copyright EPA Image caption The death toll from Tuesday's suicide bombing soared overnight A suicide bombing in east Afghanistan has killed at least 68 people, officials say, in one of the deadliest insurgent attacks in recent months. The bomber struck in a crowd of people protesting against a local police chief in Nangarhar province near Pakistan. The death toll from Tuesday's blast soared overnight. Another 165 people were injured - local hospitals struggled to cope with the casualties. Hundreds have died in a wave of recent attacks. Elections are due in October. No group has said it carried out the suicide bombing in the crowd of protesters in Nangarhar's Momand Dara district, but Islamic State militants are active in the province. Earlier, five people were injured in two bomb attacks near a school in the same province. The violence follows recent diplomatic efforts to end the lengthy war between the Afgh..
September 12, 2018

James Stannard: UK tourist cleared of assaulting rugby star

James Stannard: UK tourist cleared of assaulting rugby star Image copyright PA Image caption Sam Oliver has been cleared over a late-night confrontation in Sydney A British tourist has been found not guilty of assaulting Australia's former Rugby Sevens captain James Stannard. Sam Oliver, 23, had been accused of knocking Stannard to the pavement with a single punch, leaving him with a fractured skull. The confrontation took place outside a Sydney kebab shop in the early hours of 30 March. Mr Oliver, from Newcastle, argued that he had acted in self-defence. On Wednesday, Magistrate Richard Funston found Mr Oliver not guilty of recklessly causing grievous bodily harm. "I have come to the view that I am not satisfied beyond reasonable doubt that this very serious charge can be made out," Magistrate Funston said. He said "alcohol played a huge part" in the "unfortunate incident" and both men had been heavily intoxicated at the time. Witnesses had also been intoxicated and relayed inco..
September 12, 2018

Vietnamese capital Hanoi asks people not to eat dog meat

Vietnamese capital Hanoi asks people not to eat dog meat Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Over 1,000 stores in Hanoi still sell dog and cat meat Officials in Vietnam's capital Hanoi are urging residents to stop eating dog meat as it could hurt the city's reputation and lead to diseases like rabies. The Hanoi People's Committee said the practice could tarnish the city's image as a "civilised and modern capital". The city office added that consuming the meat could lead to the spread of diseases like rabies and leptospirosis. Over 1,000 stores in Hanoi still sell dog and cat meat. The committee also urged residents to stop eating cat meat, which is less popular but still available. It highlighted the fact that many of the animals were cruelly killed. There are an estimated 490,000 dogs and cats in Hanoi - the majority of which are pets. What is rabies? The controversial Chinese dog meat festival Can you eat dogs in the UK? A growing number of people in ..
September 12, 2018

Lynette Dawson: Police begin dig in podcast-highlighted mystery

Lynette Dawson: Police begin dig in podcast-highlighted mystery Image copyright SUPPLIED Image caption Lynette Dawson, a mother of two, was last seen in 1982 Australian police have begun digging at the former home of a Sydney woman whose disappearance in 1982 has recently attracted global attention. Lynette Dawson, a mother of two, vanished without a trace. Her husband, Chris Dawson, said she had left the family - perhaps for a religious group. Mr Dawson has denied murdering his wife after two coroners' inquests found she had been killed by a "known person". A popular podcast, The Teacher's Pet, has brought wide attention to the case. On Wednesday, police said they had begun a five-day forensic search of the couple's former home in the suburb of Bayview. "This is all about getting justice for Lyn," said Supt Scott Cook from New South Wales Police. Supt Cook said police would pursue charges against Mr Dawson regardless of the outcome of the search. Previous investigat..
September 12, 2018

India thieves ‘ate from stolen royal gold lunchbox’

India thieves 'ate from stolen royal gold lunchbox' Image caption The gold lunchbox is worth millions of dollars Thieves who stole a gold, diamond-studded lunchbox that belonged to a former royal family were using it to eat their meals, Indian police say. The lunchbox, stolen last week, was recovered along with a ruby and gold teacup, saucer and teaspoon. Two men from the southern city of Hyderabad have been arrested. The items, valued at $7m (£5.4m), once belonged to Mir Osman Ali Khan, the last Nizam (king) of Hyderabad and once the richest man in the world. Police allege the two men had fled to the western city of Mumbai in the hopes of finding a buyer for the stolen goods where they lived a "fancy life" in a five-star hotel for a few days. However, they were unable to find a buyer and returned to Hyderabad were they where arrested after a massive manhunt. Talks over Maharajah's millionsThe 'unlucky' building spooking an Indian ministerOfficers had initia..
September 11, 2018

Pro-whaling nations block plan to create sanctuary

Pro-whaling nations block plan to create sanctuary Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Commercial whaling is banned from whale sanctuaries A proposal to create a whale sanctuary in the South Atlantic Ocean has been defeated at an International Whaling Commission (IWC) meeting in Brazil. Japan and several other pro-whaling countries voted against the proposal, causing it to fall short of the two-thirds majority it needed to pass. Brazil's Environment Minister, whose country proposed the creation of the sanctuary, said he was "disappointed". Environmental campaigners are outraged at the outcome. The proposal was backed by 39 countries, with 25 countries voting against, including commercial whaling countries Iceland, Norway and Russia. Were Romans the first whale hunters? Whale spotted pushing dead calf for days But this is not the first time the proposal to build a whale sanctuary in the South Atlantic Ocean has failed. A similar proposal, tabled by Brazil, was defeated ..
September 11, 2018

How Facebook ‘became a beast’ in Myanmar

How Facebook 'became a beast' in Myanmar Image copyright Getty Images Image caption More than 700,000 Rohingya Muslims have fled Myanmar Decades of ethnic and religious tensions, a sudden explosion of internet access, and a company that had trouble identifying and removing the most hateful posts. It all added up to a perfect storm in Myanmar, where the United Nations says Facebook had a "determining role" in whipping up anger against the Rohingya minority. "I'm afraid that Facebook has now turned into a beast, and not what it originally intended," Yanghee Lee, UN special rapporteur on human rights in Myanmar, said in March. The company admits failures and has moved to address the problems. But how did Facebook's dream of a more open and connected world go wrong in one south-east Asian country? Enter Facebook"Nowadays, everyone can use the internet," says Thet Swei Win, director of Synergy, an organisation that works to promote social harmony between ethnic groups ..
September 11, 2018

Serena Williams: Herald Sun front page defends cartoon

Serena Williams: Herald Sun front page defends cartoon Image copyright Reuters Image caption Serena Williams, pictured after losing to Naomi Osaka during the US Open, was the subject of a newspaper cartoon widely criticised as racist and sexist An Australian newspaper which found itself at the centre of a race row over its cartoonist's depiction of Serena Williams has doubled down on its support for the artist. The Herald Sun has hit out at those who criticised Mark Knight's drawing, which shows Williams jumping over a broken racquet next to a baby's dummy. Critics said the cartoon used racist and sexist stereotypes. But that did not stop the newspaper reprinting the image on its front page. Underneath the headline "Welcome to PC world", the newspaper wrote: "If the self-appointed censors of Mark Knight get their way on his Serena Williams cartoon, our new politically correct life will be very dull indeed". Skip Twitter post by @damonheraldsun Tomorrow's @theherald..
September 11, 2018

Speeding India bus plunge kills 53

Speeding India bus plunge kills 53 Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Officials said the bus was overcrowded At least 53 people were killed and several others injured when a packed bus went off a road in the southern Indian state of Telangana. Officials told BBC Telugu the speeding bus veered off the narrow village road after the driver lost control. They added that 86 people were travelling on the bus although it was only meant to take 60. Road accidents are frequent in India, with one taking place every four minutes. The injured have been taken to a nearby hospital. Can India really halve its road deaths? Probe after 24 children die in India school bus plunge Locals, who rushed to the spot to help with rescue efforts, said people had fallen on each other inside the overcrowded bus. Some of the passengers were Hindu pilgrims on their way to a temple town, which was one of the designated stops. The chief minister of Telangana, K Chandrashekhar Rao, has announced that famili..
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