November 26, 2018

China defends holding fugitive businessman’s US children

China defends holding fugitive businessman's US children Image copyright Friends of Liu Family Image caption US citizens Victor and Cynthia Liu say they have been barred from leaving China since June Chinese officials have defended their decision to bar three US citizens from leaving the country, saying they are suspected of "economic crimes". Victor and Cynthia Liu, children of a fugitive businessman, and their mother, Sandra Han, have been detained since June, the New York Times reported. The US Department of State confirmed to the BBC that they are in "close contact" with the adult Liu children. Their father, Liu Changming, is wanted in a $1.4bn (£1bn) fraud case in China. "As we understand it from the relevant authorities, these people you have mentioned all have legal and valid identity documents as Chinese citizens," Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang told reporters at a news conference, according to the Agence France-Presse. "They are suspected of having commit..
November 26, 2018

Jet Airways offloads India passenger over ‘terrorist’ joke

Jet Airways offloads India passenger over 'terrorist' joke Image copyright Reuters Image caption The passenger had taken the photo to send to a friend A passenger on a domestic Indian flight was offloaded and detained after he photographed himself and used a caption that included the word "terrorist". Yogvedant Poddar had allegedly covered half of his face with a handkerchief and captioned the photo: "Terrorist on flight, I destroy women's hearts". A co-passenger, who glimpsed the photo, alerted the crew on the Jet Airways flight from Kolkata to Mumbai. Mr Poddar was going to send the photo to a friend over Snapchat, police said. The pilot was forced to turn back on the tarmac so that security officials could take the passenger into custody. In a statement, airport officials said they detained Mr Poddar, who is in his 20s, for "mischievous activity on board" as he was found using language "which was inferred as a security threat". Man charged with Mumbai airport bomb..
November 26, 2018

Syrian man stranded in Malaysia airport coming to Canada

Syrian man stranded in Malaysia airport coming to Canada A Syrian man who spent some seven months living in an airport in Malaysia has been granted asylum in Canada. Hassan al-Kontar's plight garnered global attention when he began posting regular videos from Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Mr Kontar, 37, has spent the last two months in a Malaysian detention centre and his Canadian sponsors sought to have his case expedited. He is scheduled to land in Vancouver, Canada on Monday evening local time. Two organisations, the British Columbia Muslim Association and Canada Caring Society, sponsored him to come to Canada as a refugee. Laurie Cooper, a volunteer with Canada Caring Society, told the BBC that they heard on Thursday that he was coming to Canada. "It's a huge sense of relief, still a bit unbelievable," she said. "Until I give him a big hug at the airport it's not really real. It's been a long, long journey with lots of ups and downs." His lawyer also..
November 26, 2018

Chinese charged over Kenya ‘railway scam’

Chinese charged over Kenya 'railway scam' Image copyright AFP Image caption The $3bn Chinese-funded railway is Kenya's biggest infrastructure project since its independence Three Chinese nationals have been charged with attempting to bribe investigators working on an alleged ticketing scam in a massive Kenyan railway project. Some $10,000 (£8,000) a day was being stolen in the scheme, local media say. Officers were allegedly offered a $5,000 bribe, the prosecutor says. The $3bn Chinese-funded and operated railway line is Kenya's biggest infrastructure project since independence in 1963. It has, however, been hit by scandals since it launched in May 2017. Africa Live: More updates on this and other stories The new railway in pictures Kenya's gospel train The three Chinese nationals: Li Gen, head of transport, Li Xiaowu, security manager, and Sun Xin, staff member, work for China Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC). They were arrested on Friday as they attempt..
November 26, 2018

John Allen Chau: ‘Incredibly dangerous’ to retrieve body from North Sentinel

John Allen Chau: 'Incredibly dangerous' to retrieve body from North Sentinel Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionWho are the Sentinelese? Indian officials should abandon efforts to retrieve the body of an American missionary reportedly killed by an endangered tribe in the Andaman and Nicobar islands, a rights group says. Survival International says any attempt is "incredibly dangerous" for both the Sentinelese tribesmen and officials. John Allen Chau was said to have been killed with arrows when he landed on North Sentinel on 17 November. He was trying to convert the protected people to Christianity. Indian authorities struggled to retrieve Chau's body over the weekend, when a police boat faced off with Sentinelese tribesmen but withdrew to avoid confrontation. Who was US man killed in remote islands? What we could learn from remote tribes US man's death puts spotlight on 'tribal tourism' "The risk of a deadly epidemic of flu, measle..
November 26, 2018

Jackie Chan’s daughter confirms marriage to Canadian girlfriend

Jackie Chan's daughter confirms marriage to Canadian girlfriend Image copyright Instagram/UCHUx2 Image caption Andi Autumn (left) and Etta Ng shared the news of their marriage on Instagram on Monday Etta Ng, the estranged teenage daughter of movie star Jackie Chan, has announced that she has married her 31-year-old Canadian girlfriend. The happy couple shared a picture of Ms Ng, 19, and social media personality Andi Autumn with their apparent marriage certificate, dated 8 November. Media reports said the pair registered their marriage in Canada, and are now in Ms Ng's native Hong Kong. The news was celebrated online, and trended on Chinese platform Weibo. Ms Ng is martial arts star Chan's only child with actor and former beauty queen Elaine Ng Yi Lei following an affair the couple had in 1999. She was raised by her mother but local media reports suggest their relationship was fraught with tension in recent years. Image Copyright ettazen ettazen Report "We have all bee..
November 26, 2018

Taiwan’s political earthquake: Does China gain from Tsai Ing-wen’s losses?

Taiwan's political earthquake: Does China gain from Tsai Ing-wen's losses? Image copyright EPA Image caption President Tsai Ing-wen's DPP framed the vote as one between freedom or a Chinese takeover Taiwan is often hit by earthquakes, but over the weekend it was shaken by a political one. In a series of local elections, the ruling pro-independence Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), which came to power in 2016 in a landslide victory, lost more than half the cities and counties it held and is left with only a handful. The China-friendly former ruling party Kuomintang (KMT) made a dramatic comeback, winning 15 of the 22 cities and counties in Taiwan. The result is a major upset for President Tsai Ing-wen, who has resigned as party leader, and could indicate a victory for the KMT in 2020's presidential and parliamentary elections. China has leapt on the outcome, saying voters rejected Ms Tsai's "separatist stance". But the reality is not so straightforward. Tai..
November 26, 2018

Koreas tag-team for wrestling recognition

Koreas tag-team for wrestling recognition Image copyright AFP/Getty Image caption The sport dates back to the fourth century and has some similarities to sumo wrestling Unesco has accepted a joint bid by North and South Korea and granted world cultural heritage status to Korean wrestling. The two countries had initially filed separately, but then decided to try a joint approach - a move the UN agency's head called "unprecedented". The ancient sport is known as Ssirum in the North and Ssireum in the South. Competitors win by making any part of an opponent's body above the knee touch the ground. Wrestlers reportedly start by facing each other in the pit on their knees, holding a sash around the waist and trying to bring their opponent to the floor. "The joint [bid] marks a highly symbolic step on the road to inter-Korean reconciliation," Unesco's director-general Audrey Azoulay said in a press release. Both Koreas agreed to merge their applications after mediation by t..
November 26, 2018

Doubts over Chinese baby-editing claim

China baby gene editing claim 'dubious' Image copyright Getty Images Significant doubts have emerged about claims from a Chinese scientist that he has helped make the world's first genetically edited babies. Prof He Jiankui says the twin girls, born a few weeks ago, had their DNA altered as embryos to prevent them from contracting HIV. His claims, filmed by Associated Press, are unverified and have sparked outrage from the scientists, who have called the idea monstrous. Such work is banned in most countries. Future generations Gene editing could potentially help avoid heritable diseases by deleting or changing troublesome coding in embryos. But experts worry meddling with the genome of an embryo could cause harm not only to the individual but also future generations that inherit these same changes. And many countries, including the UK, have laws that prevent the use of genome editing in embryos for assisted reproduction in humans. Scientists can do gene editing resea..
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