September 16, 2018

Inside Arabia Launches #SaveYemen Campaign, Calls Upon UN to Stop the War

Washington D.C. – September 15, 2018-Inside Arabia announced today that it is launching #SaveYemen, a massive, public awareness campaign in New York City designed to call […]
August 18, 2018

Former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan and Nobel Peace Laureate dies at 80

(CABNC)-Kofi Annan, who was born in Ghana in 1938, between 1997 to 2006 he served as the seventh United Nations Secretary General. The Kofi Annan Foundation […]
June 29, 2018

Reality Check: The Brexit challenge for Irish trade

Reality Check: The Brexit challenge for Irish trade The future of the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland is proving to be a massive challenge in the Brexit negotiations, and talk of "no deal" is making a lot of people nervous. But it's not just in the UK that this matters, because the Republic of Ireland depends on trade with the United Kingdom for its economic well-being. There's been a lot of talk about north-south trade across the border with Northern Ireland, and the need to avoid any border checks. But in purely economic terms, east-west trade across the Irish Sea between Ireland and Great Britain is far more important. The vast majority of freight traffic leaving the Republic of Ireland is exported from Dublin, with the busiest routes to ports such as Liverpool and Holyhead. Counting containers How much trade are we talking about? One way of measuring it is to look at the data on roll-on roll-off freight containers, many of them carrying fo..
June 29, 2018

Brexit: Barnier warns ‘huge’ differences remain in talks

Brexit: Barnier warns 'huge' differences remain in talks Image copyright AFP "Huge and serious" differences remain between the UK and EU in Brexit talks, the EU's chief negotiator has warned. Michel Barnier invited UK negotiators back to Brussels next Monday, warning: "The time is very short." Talks continue over the terms of the UK's withdrawal from the EU in March next year. What happens to the Irish border remains a sticking point. The UK says agreement on vital security co-operation after Brexit is being blocked by EU negotiators. Arriving on the second day of the European Council meeting on Friday, Mr Barnier said: "We have made progress but huge and serious divergence remains, in particular on Ireland and Northern Ireland." May warns EU: Put citizens' safety first Laura Kuenssberg: Can May persuade EU to relax its red lines? EU reaches migration deal in crunch talks Bank warning for EU over Brexit progress He also said he hoped to see "workable and real..
June 29, 2018

Gruelling EU migration talks end in draw

Europe migrant crisis: Gruelling EU match ends in a draw Image copyright AFP Image caption After the first day of talks Mrs Merkel said differences between states remained The threat of an Italian veto on all agreement at this EU summit concentrated minds - but they were very tired minds by 04:30 local time (02:30 GMT). The England vs Belgium football match provided an all too brief respite. The migration deal may be enough to defuse German Chancellor Angela Merkel's quarrel with her Bavarian CSU allies, who threaten to impose new German border controls. A CSU meeting on Sunday should decide whether her ruling coalition survives. Illegal migration is probably Europe's most divisive issue and the marathon talks reflect that difficulty. The still rather vague wording of the deal reveals how domestic politics is skewing EU policy in this area. Could the migration crisis finish the EU? Reality Check: Is Italy taking in thousands of migrants? Merkel's Bavarian ally threate..
June 29, 2018

‘Treated like dogs’: Italy’s Roma minority on society’s fringe

'Treated like dogs': Italy's Roma minority on society's fringe Image caption Many of Italy's Roma live in unlicensed camps on the outskirts of cities "I feel 100% Italian, but I regret being born here. We are being treated like dogs, and it's not fair," says Zanepa Mehmeti, who is 23. She belongs to the Roma (Gypsy) community, Italy's largest ethnic minority that numbers up to 180,000. But lately the whole idea of what it means to be Italian for people like her has been called into question. The new Interior Minister, Matteo Salvini, pledged this month to carry out a census of the Roma people, to find out "who and how many are here". Italy's most prominent right-wing populist went on to joke: "Unfortunately, those who have Italian citizenship, we have to keep - because we can't expel them." Why census idea is so controversialMr Salvini's proposal sparked outrage within Italy and beyond, with many warning that it evoked Italy's d..
June 29, 2018

Migrant crisis: EU summit leaders reach migration deal after marathon talks

Migrant crisis: EU summit leaders reach migration deal after marathon talks Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionWhy is the Aquarius migrant rescue ship empty? European Union leaders have reached an agreement on migration after nearly 10 hours of talks at a summit in Brussels. Italy - the entry point of thousands of migrants, mainly from Africa - had threatened to veto the conclusions of the group's entire agenda if it did not receive help on the issue. Talks continued into the early hours of Friday before a compromise was reached. Leaders said that new migrant centres could be set up in EU countries on a "voluntary" basis. These centres would process migrants to determine which are genuine refugees and which are "irregular migrants, who will be returned", the text of their agreement says. European Council President Donald Tusk confirmed that a joint communique had been reached in a tweet on Friday morning. Skip Twitter post by @eucopresident EU28 leaders ..
June 28, 2018

Deutsche Bank’s US unit fails Fed’s stress test

Deutsche Bank's US unit fails Fed's stress test Image copyright AFP/Getty Image caption The Federal Reserve administers annual "stress tests" on the largest banks operating in the US Deutsche Bank's US division has failed the second round of the Federal Reserve's annual two-stage stress tests, designed to assess how well the sector could withstand another financial crisis. The German lender suffered from "widespread and critical deficiencies" in parts of its business, the Fed said. Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley were only granted "conditional" passes. But 31 of the 35 banks tested were given the all-clear. Stress tests were introduced in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis and every year America's central bank, the Federal Reserve, puts the country's banks, including foreign subsidiaries operating in the country, through their paces. The Fed measures whether banks are holding sufficient capital to cope with a recession and in the second part of the ..
June 28, 2018

Brexit: May urges EU leaders to put citizens’ safety first

Brexit: May urges EU leaders to put citizens' safety first Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionTheresa May arrives at the European Council summit in Brussels Citizens could be less safe if the UK has to leave key policing agreements after Brexit, Prime Minister Theresa May has warned EU leaders. The UK says EU negotiators are blocking agreement on tracking terrorists and sharing information after March 2019. The EU says once the UK becomes a "third country" it cannot have the same access to policing initiatives. Mrs May urged EU leaders to "consider what is in the best interests of the safety of your citizens and mine." Speaking at a dinner in Brussels the prime minister said obstructing UK participation in law enforcement schemes would mean their ability to fight terrorism would be reduced. "We would no longer be able to share real-time alerts for wanted persons, including serious criminals," she said. Could the migration crisis finish the EU? Merkel: Defi..
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