Center Africa Broadcasting Network Corporation presents Sounds of Light Concert
SUKINA DOUGLAS, Poetic Pilgrim, Award Winning World Class Hip Hop Hijabbi Champion from the UK
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#poeticpilgrim is sure going to be exhilarating and inspiring.
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Sukina Douglas, together with Muneera Rashida, is part of the British spoken word and hip hop duo Poetic Pilgrimage. She tours worldwide and has led poetry workshops in countries including the United Kingdom, the United States, South Africa, Sweden, Morocco and Belgium. Her goal is to inspire people through the power of words. She makes regular guest appearances in foreign media and in 2015 the international television network Al Jazeera made the controversial documentary Hip Hop Hijabis about her and Poetic Pilgrimage. In the 2016-17 season, Sukina made her acting debut in KVS’s successful production Malcolm X. KVS also asked her to lead the Rise Up poetry workshops. This ambitious project took the unique approach of bringing Brussels residents from a range of different backgrounds into dialogue with one another through poetry.


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DATE - December 6th, 2018
TIME - 4:30 PM
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